Ultimate Smallest EDC Flashlight

The Bullet 02, a.k.a. the World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight, will change how you prepare for unexpected darkness! It’s tiny and only weighs up to 5 grams. The shape of this mini flashlight certainly will intrigue every gun enthusiast! The design takes inspiration from the 40 S&W bullet. And even if you dislike guns, this is still a nifty item to own in emergencies. Do not underestimate its size because it packs enough light to brighten your day!

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You never know when an emergency will strike. And when that happens out of nowhere, you will be thankful that you have the World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight in your pocket!

I believe that the Bullet 02 is the perfect backup flashlight for everyday carry. It is super lightweight and will not take up a lot of space. These two characteristics are the main criteria when you are choosing EDC items. 

World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight
Perfect Backup Flashlight

The Bullet 02 is only 5 grams and about an inch in length. And yet, it can produce around 20 lumens of light, which is good enough for emergencies! It is also waterproof so you can use it in the rain or even slightly submerge it. Even though it is the world’s smallest, this flashlight offers maximum value and functionalities.

I especially love how this mini flashlight will disappear seamlessly inside my pocket and purse. Thanks to the compact design, I can carry it comfortably, as it won’t weigh me down. 

World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight
Tiny, Bright, Essential

When there is an unexpected blackout, I can just whip it out of my pocket for an emergency illumination. The Bullet 02 has enough light to guide me to the switch or my main flashlight. To power this little guy up, you only need ‎3 LR44 batteries.

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Every time I go hiking or camping, I always bring a Bullet 02 as a backup. And I only get an extra for my car’s glove box. And have I mentioned that this flashlight has a keyring? So, I attached one to my car key, too. 

World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight
Pocket-Sized Illumination

And speaking of cars, you can run over this mini flashlight with an SUV and it won’t crack! It’s extremely durable, thanks to the anodized aluminum frame. It also features a shatterproof micro LED that will last for up to 150,000 hours, which is practically forever. 

In any case, do not underestimate the World’s Smallest EDC flashlight because it has a lot of firepower that completes your arsenal! It may be tiny but it can handle emergencies finely!

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