World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight

The World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight inspired by iconic 40 S&W rounds and is as tiny as a bullet and will forever change the portability issue that a lot of regular flashlights have faced.

It’s always wise to have a flashlight around as you can never know where it might come in handy. Before you say anything about a flashlight app available on every smartphone, think about the way they devour your battery life.

Not the most practical solution. Even less practical is carrying a bulky flashlight with you wherever you go. Well, this dilemma has been efficiently solved by Bullet 02.

Bullet 02 truly is tiny, weighing only 5 grams and still being the most resistant small every day carry flashlight. 

You can attach it to virtually anything from your keys to your clothes and beyond. It’s smaller than a chapstick and is closer in length (26mm) to a paperclip than any other flashlight.

World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight

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Speaking of its resistance. The world’s smallest EDC flashlight is also waterproof and won’t even cough if you run it over with an SUV. Don’t know why you would try doing that, but the point is that it wouldn’t cause your little companion any harm.

World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight

Despite its small size, Bullet 02 is as luminous as any other flashlight and produces 20 lumens of light. The LED light bulb is shatter-resistant and will last you over 150,000 hours.

Even you might have to replace the battery sometime in the distant future, you won’t have to worry about replacing the lightbulb, that’s for sure. 

World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight

The bottom line is that if you prefer to have a practical approach towards life or enjoy camping, exploring, and adventuring, then you have to have this tiny flashlight in your arsenal

World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight

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