Soundwave Tattoos

These Soundwave Tattoos will completely change the way you perceive tattoos. Choosing a tattoo is an incredibly meticulous process when you want it to represent something special.

Some people might spend weeks trying to find the right design that will best represent the right feeling, emotion, person, or event.

These soundwave tattoos take tattoos to a whole new level and add a new sense to this art, quite literally. With this new technology, you can not only see but also hear the ink in your skin.

The combination of tattoos, sound, and technology is a brainchild of Skin Motion. The app that makes hearing the tattoos possible and the network of tattoo artists who create such tattoos share the same name.

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Soundwave Tattoos

Basically, you can take any sound message that is up to one minute long and have it tattooed onto your skin.

It can be a voice message from a loved one, a piece of music, a quote from a movie, and anything else you can imagine. The soundwave gets transferred onto your skin with ink which requires the ultimate level of precision.

Soundwave Tattoos

The magic happens when you combine the tattoo with the Skin Motion app. After several moments of scanning, you can finally hear what the soundwave you wear on your skin sounds like.

Soundwave Tattoos

The whole concept sounds so cool and futuristic that even though you might’ve never thought of a tattoo in your life, you might consider a soundwave tattoo. 

Soundwave Tattoos

Especially, if you don’t consider yourself “artsy” enough to choose the right design and would rather carry a special sound right on your skin.

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