Taking a Peek at the Latest Generation of Futuristic Flying Car Designed by Klein Vision

Driving a car that can also fly is no longer a dream from the last century. You can now own a land transportation unit as well as a plane in one package. Amazingly, Klein Vision has successfully built a futuristic flying car that can actually lift off and maneuver around the atmosphere.

The breath-taking AirCar, the name of the flying car designed by Klein Vision, would look like a futuristic sports car when you drive it on land. Unsuspecting people would be surprised to know that AirCar has a retractable wing folded inside its frame.

Klein Vision was able to test the AirCar for a real demonstration. The team was able to take off and land safely on a runway.

When you want the car to fly, you can just transform the AirCar into an airplane just by pushing some buttons. The transformation sequence, from a normal road car into an airplane, would remind you of a scene from Transformers or Iron Man movies. There is nothing cooler than watching a flying car change its form.

Just under three minutes, you can instantly switch the functionality of AirCar. The car would retract its tail and then the folded wings would come out of its body. After activating the propeller at the back of the car, the AirCar is ready to fly. Now, instead of driving on a jammed road, you can fly around and taste the sky!

Hybrid Flying Car Klein Vision

To control the AirCar when it is in flying mode, the steering wheels will become your plane controller. Then, after you are done flying, the AirCar can touch down very smoothly. You can fold the wings back into the car’s frame and you are ready to ride on normal roads.

When you are not using the AirCar to fly, you can drive it around on normal roads. The designers intentionally created a functional road car and a plane into one stylish body. Even though the main selling point is its flyability, the driveability of AirCar should not be underestimated.

The exterior of the car has a luxurious sleek sporty design because the wings are folded and tucked inside the frame. Even when you are riding on land, the AirCar still looks majestic.

Hybrid Flying Car Klein Vision

Currently, the AirCar is still a concept car. It is not yet being mass produced. However, this car which was designed by Klein Vision provides us with a glimpse into the future of transportation. The AirCar with its well designed model will set an industry standard for what a next generation flying car should look like. Hopefully, the model can be commercially available as soon as possible.

Would you like to ride and fly the AirCar soon?

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