XGO-Mini Robotic Dog is Mankind’s Alternative Best Friend!

If dogs are mankind’s best friends, then robotic dogs would be the best gift for humanity. Meet the XGO-Mini, a  robot dog designed by Luwu Intelligence Technology. The brightest minds of the company utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and voice recognition software to create a super futuristic robotic dog that can interact actively with the environment.

The XGO-Mini stands on its four robotic limbs with a camera as its head. It may not exactly look like a real dog, but this robot can recognize and execute all short of commands, just like a regular dog.

The way this robotic dog moves will surprise you! The company installed robust quadruple robotic limbs so that XGO-Mini can have fantastic mobility. It can move in various directions with 360 degree flexibility. Even though it is a machine, the XGO-Mini can have nimble movements as if made out of real flesh and blood.

Furthermore, this robotic dog is also equipped with a gyroscopic system that can stabilize its movement. The XGO-Mini will not stubble around easily even when it is walking on uneven and rough terrains.

Robotic Dog XGO-Mini

Not just an excellent flexible hardwares, Luwu Intelligence Technology provides this robotic dog with a built-in AI module as the brain. The camera and the voice recognitions will let the robot scan the environment and the AI will analyze the situation. Thus, this robotic dog can respond to various situations and your voice commands.

If you are into coding, the XGO-mini offers you limitless freedom to customize. You can reprogram the robotic dogs to perform new functions using various programming languages. For DIY enthusiasts, this customizability feature is certainly refreshing. You can set your own specifications on the robotic dog.

Afterall, You do not want to get stuck with mass produced robots that only respond to limited commands. You can teach your robotic dog new tricks by adding  new custom code!i

Moreover, because of its programming flexibility, the XGO-Mini robotic dog can become a great prop for learning purposes. You can have an in-hand experience on how to program a machine and thinker with its AI module.

Not only educational, the futuristic XGO-Mini can be your loyal companion as a pet alternative. It does not require much maintenance compared to a living animal. For instance, you do not need to feed it.

Because XGO-Mini does not poop and make loud barking noises, this robot may actually be better than a dog in some situations. For example, if you live in a compact apartment, the landlord may not allow you to keep a pet. As an alternative, the XGO-Mini can be your endearing companion and keep you entertained.

Robotic Dog XGO-Mini

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