Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet

Jewelry doesn’t have to be covered in diamonds or other fancy gemstones to be considered stunning. It also doesn’t have to be made out of gold or silver to be breathtaking.

It’s the standard of craftsmanship, creativity and, most of all, uniqueness, that counts in fine jewellery. And the Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet ticks off all the boxes.

This unique bracelet has been crafted out of three types of wood – Cherry, Maple and Wenge – that give the bracelet its significant colors.

The bracelet is surprisingly delicate and thin, which for a moment makes you forget that it’s wooden.

It has also been finished off with protective coats of oil and wax, so no splinters for you and no harm for the bracelet. This will certainly make for an eye-catching piece of jewelry that will have people fawning over it. 

Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet


Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet

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