25 Unique Toilet Seats to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Having cool or unique toilet seats might not be on the top of your to-do list. However, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the idea! In fact, there are unique toilet seats that can act as decorative items for your bathroom. They will light up the mood and make your room more unique and cheerful. Who would have thought that cool seats can do just that, right?

There are decorative and unique toilet seats with different designs that might suit your taste. In fact, various themes have been used for both round or elongated toilet seats, such as western, custom resin, and many more! If you’re looking for the best of the best, then you’re in the right place! Check out our list of unique toilet seats to light up your home!

Elongated Toilet Seats

Normally, there are two types of unique toilet seats: round and elongated. The elongated toilet seats have a length between 18-19.5 inches. We have curated the best elongated toilet seats for those of you who prefer this cool type!

1. Wooden Horse Seat

Wooden Horse Seat

Our first elongated toilet seat is an elegant, decorative item made from wood. The awesome seat has a rustic finish that makes it perfect for people who want to use vintage decorative items in their house. Furthermore, a picture of a horse was engraved to make it even more beautiful. 

2. Kohler Oak Seat

Kohler Oak Seat

We’re still not over discussing unique toilet seats with rustic finishes. In fact, the Kohler seat is a perfect western seat that can light up your bathroom with a vintage aura. The solid oak material has a moisture-sealed finish to increase a rich and warm look. It is also polished with the best chrome hinges for a better user experience. 

3. Acoustic Guitar Seat

Acoustic Guitar Seat

There are a lot of people who love to listen to their music while going on for number two. That’s the reason why this elongated toilet seat feels like the best item for the occasion. Plus, the decorative item was also made using materials used to produce a real guitar!

4. Glowing Elongated Toilet Seat

Glowing Elongated Toilet Seat

Action figures aren’t the only decorative items that can glow in the dark at night! In fact, you can make your toilet light up the room if you choose to purchase this awesome item. It will be one of the best unique toilet seats that will come in handy, especially if you live in a place where blackout isn’t a weird thing. 

5. White Flower Seat

White Flower Seat

The Sanilo elongated toilet seat is one of the best decorative pieces that you can get for your home. One of the main reasons is the beautiful white flower design that contrasts the black background. Make sure to add this high-quality decorative seat to your arsenal immediately, as it really has one of the best designs in the market. 

6. Deluxe Elongated Toilet Seat

Deluxe Elongated Toilet Seat

When cool items are named as “deluxe”, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll receive a high-quality decorative item in your hand. This western-themed and custom resin toilet seat has a very unique design that can light up any bathroom with different themes. It is also highly durable and strong. 

7. Electric Bidet Seat

Electric Bidet Seat

Some unique toilet seats don’t have cool and eye-catching designs. However, they do have awesome features that will make your life easier. With this awesome electric bidet seat, you’ll get a low-cost seat that is easy to install and has a lot of features like water temperature control and a 3-in-1 nozzle. 

8. Sanilo Elongated Seat

Sanilo Elongated Seat

Our last elongated toilet seat is really one of the best seats out there. In fact, just take a moment to adore its cool and adorable design. It was made using durable wood and has a premium surface, resulting in a very decorative, western toilet seat that can be used to light up the mood in your bathroom.

Round Toilet Seat

Round or bowl toilet seats are usually shorter in length than elongated toilet seats. They are both unique in their own ways. If you’d like to take a look at some of the most unique toilet seats with round shapes, then please check out these cool and decorative items!

1. Caribbean Toilet Seat

Caribbean Toilet Seat

Beaches and nature always make us feel fresh and relaxed. That’s the reason behind the concept of producing this relaxing toilet seat. The cool seat was made using wood, and it also has an adjustable seat from 15.3-17.1 inches. It will be able to adapt to various manufacturer’s round toilets. 

2. Velvet Toilet Seat

Velvet Toilet Seat

Red velvet. Ah, looking at it just gives us a certain kind of warmth and joy, and we hope that you feel the same way. Sitting on it just gives you a warming and relaxing vibe. Besides that, the awesome velvet finish will light up the bathroom all day and all night! Just make sure that you won’t spend hours on your own toilet!

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3. “Stay Cool” Seat

“Stay Cool” Seat

No matter how hard it is to release some “burden” from your body when you’re going for number two, it is important to still keep your cool! That’s what this amazing toilet seat wants to remind you of. It has a premium surface and an easy-to-install feature too. Plus, there are almost 30 other alternative designs that you can also choose. 

4. The Rolling Stones Seat

The Rolling Stones Seat

Rock n’ roll will never die, especially if you preserve the spirit by using this cool toilet seat in your home. If you’re a fan of Mick Jagger and the gang, you shouldn’t think twice, because it is one of the most unique toilet seats ever. The premium surface will also be durable and strong, making sure that it lasts for a very long time. 

5. Uncle Scrooge Seat

Uncle Scrooge Seat

If you’re looking for cute toilet seats with cartoon characters, then this item might just be the best one there is. Aside from its awesome design that was made by the legendary Moabit, the handmade round toilet seat also comes with a certificate of authenticity, making it a highly collectible decorative item. 

6. Gold Toilet Seat

Gold Toilet Seat

If you want to feel like the richest person in the world, you probably should take a look and seriously consider buying this item. It wasn’t made using resin or wood, and rather using ceramic with a gold color to help stand out. It will be a good fit for people who use contemporary interior decorations for their house. 

7. Mosaic Toilet Seat

Mosaic Toilet Seat

Mosaic motives are always unique and eye-catching. That’s the reason why this item might be one of the best and most unique toilet seats on our list. It measures about 15 inches wide and 16 inches in length. You can even choose to give this cute item as a gift to your loved friend who prefers to use western-themed decoration. 

8. Marine Toilet Seat

Marine Toilet Seat

Toilets and bathrooms are always affiliated with water. That’s the reason why it makes total sense to find unique toilet seats with similar concepts. Bearing that thought in mind, we highly recommend you consider this cute toilet seat, containing seahorse and seashell acrylic decorations. Besides, it is ergonomically designed for comfort!

9. Hand-carved Seat

Hand-carved Seat

Hand-carved toilet seats are always unique, because they are rarely made in large quantities. With this leather toilet seat, you’ll get an extremely comfortable and awesome item for your bathroom. The unique design of this oak toilet seat will also light up the room with a new and cheerful vibe. 

10. Cool Lady Toilet Seat

Cool Lady Toilet Seat

Our last item for the unique toilet seats with round shape has a really interesting and attractive design. Aside from its useful automatic closing feature, there is an illustration of an attractive lady that is enjoying her time on the sea. The nearby sharks depicted on this unique toilet seat also make it all the more interesting.

Resin Toilet Seat

Some unique toilet seats were made using wood, while others were produced from resin. Resin and custom resin seats are durable and strong, and they can be shaped or printed with certain designs to fit your taste. Here are some of the best resin toilet seats for you to choose!

1. Maui Stylish Seat

Maui Stylish Seat

There are a lot of non-western themed toilet seats that you can also consider for your bathroom. And if you prefer a durable and sturdy toilet seat with chrome-plated hinges, just go ahead and buy this Maui-styled seat immediately. Plus, this custom resin seat is absolutely easy to install.  

2. Seat of Honor Seat

Seat of Honor Seat

Not all people have the luxury of enjoying nice toilet seats. That’s the reason why this “seat of honor” custom resin seat is one of the best items on our list of unique toilet seats. Despite its simplicity, it has a cool and unique design that fits perfectly in any room. The vintage design also makes it one-in-a-million!

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3. Royalty Seat

Royalty Seat

Why is this cool and decorative seat named the “royalty seat”? Well, perhaps the answer lies in the elegant design itself. Every time you sit on this comfortable seat, you’ll feel like a queen living inside a magnificent palace! Truly one of the most unique toilet seats from resin that you’ll ever see. 

4. Silver Foil Seat

Silver Foil Seat

Some of the best decorative toilet seats will always have unique designs that set them apart from other items. Just check out this brilliant, silver foil seat made by Ginsey Round. The resin toilet seat has a sturdy chrome-plated hinge. The base of the seat also includes four bumpers to protect the surface of your toilet. 

5. Soft-closing Toilet Seat

Soft-closing Toilet Seat

Most of the items on our list of unique toilet seats have a round shape. But if you want to get creative, you can modify your setup with a cool, square-shaped seat instead. It has a simplistic design that fits perfectly for contemporary houses. The seat also has a soft-closing feature to avoid unnecessary damages. 

6. Custom Resin Toilet Seat

Custom Resin Toilet Seat

Our next toilet seat is the ultimate definition of “light up the mood”! It comes with various flowers and colors that you can choose and personalize to your own taste. Plus, this flower toilet seat is also made using premium custom resin material that will ensure a comfortable experience when you sit on it. 

7. Elongated Resin Toilet Seat

Elongated Resin Toilet Seat

If you want a decorative toilet seat that has a mixture of fanciness and elegance, then you should just go ahead and buy this custom resin item. It has a shimmery glass mosaic motif that will light up and complement any western-themed interior decorations. Truly one of the most unique toilet seats on our list! 

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Is it Easy to Replace a Toilet Seat?

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When Should I Replace My Toilet Seat?

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