YuJet Surfer

Take your surfing experience to a whole new high with the YuJet Surfer.

It is a fully electric, jet-powered surfboard with a speed capacity of up to 24 miles per hour.

The body is made entirely of carbon fiber, making it lightweight and consequently, easily maneuverable.

It comes with an integrated propulsion system that centers around a 36mAH intelligent battery. A wireless remote control allows you to adjust the acceleration capabilities.

Bringing the capabilities of a jetski onto the surfboard, it gives you up to 16 miles or 40 minutes of surf time on a single charge.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, you can enjoy the thrill of this new toy using either the beginner or advanced mode.

With one of these, you can now say goodbye to paddling around as you wait for waves. Take control of your surfing adventure on any water body, waves, or no waves.

YuJet Surfer

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