Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

The Dango C01 civilian wallet design allows you to enjoy the convenience of a slim wallet while ensuring security at all times.

It finds that elusive sweet spot between safety and portability to make the ultimate EDC for the contemporary man.

This simple front and back wallet comprises pure Italian leather with tight hand stitching to ensure durability.

On one side it has four pockets that can hold up to 10 cards while on the other there is an elastic band made of silicone to secure your bills.  

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

The cool wallet has a CNC’d aluminum tab to secure it to your pocket. It comes with a paracord that simplifies retrieval from the pocket with its firm grip.

This handy cord also unravels up to 3-feet and could make the difference between life and death in emergency situations. 

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

The C01 offers compatibility with the Dango MT02 multi-tool. When attached, this multi-tool transforms your wallets into an innovative yet convenient survival tool that could get you out of tight spots.

Pick any one of the five colors that defines you and enjoy its high utility and appeal. 

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

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