16 Authentic Reasons Ferrari Is Successful 

Ferrari is one of the top racing car producer brands in the world. They are not only known for their cool cars, but also their strong brand status and value. There is something more to the brand than just its cars. They say Ferrari is always right and they choose who can buy their cars. This is why the brand Ferrari is appealing to the elites. It is not only about owning a car, it is about a symbol of status. Ferrari in a way is making its own elite community where they make sure that this community will be their walking advertisement wherever they go.

Getting a Ferrari is about becoming a part of its exclusive community. Here are 16 authentic reasons on why Ferrari successfully made itself one of the top brands in the world. It all lies in their unique way of branding and also to always be ahead of the game. . 

1. It All Started in 1947

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari, devoted all his life to motor racing before joining Alfa Romeo in 1924 as its works driver. Five years in, he decided to quit the job and set up the Scuderia Ferrari at Viale Trieste.

Later in 1938, he was appointed as the head of Alfa Corse, but decided to quit after one year to start Auto Avio Costruzioni. WIth the company that he started, he dedicated it to building sports cars. His first product was the 815 which is a spider powered by 1500 cc 8-cylinder engine and he built only two of this type.

However, he needed to push back the launching for some time due to World War II. After the war died down, he started to design and build what was known to be the first Ferrari, 125 S. It was used by Franco Cortese on several races in the year 1947 and it is also the first time Ferrari got its first Grand Prix trophy

2. Red Is Not Ferrari’s Color

When we think about ferrari, we always have the picture of a sports car in its iconic red. However, red is not the official brand color. The famous red color or what they say as, Rosso Corsa, meaning ‘racing red’, is actually the color that is assigned to all Italian racing cars.

Throughout history, 85% of Ferrari sold is in this color red. The official brand color is actually yellow just like what is shown in its logo. Yellow is the color of Modena’s coat of arms. Modena is the city where Enzo Ferrari was born. 

3. Ferrari Make No Money From F1

Formula 1 is probably where most of us know Ferrari from. Ferrari spend their money mainly on Formula 1. Ferrari spends 50-100 million to support Formula 1. They are willing to spend that much money for two things.

The first one is Formula 1 is their main marketing method without having to spend more for traditional marketing means. Second, by joining Formula 1 they have the platform to keep innovating their technology in order to produce better quality road cars for their customers. Formula one basically is Ferrari’s very efficient platform for their marketing and also R&D. 

4. Ferrari’s Cutting Edge Technology 

Thanks to Formula 1, Ferrari has been improving their car technology from time to time. They have made cutting edge technology such as patent engine technologies, lightweight carbon fiber parts, traction control systems, aerodynamic designs and KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) technology making Ferrari a unique and sought after vehicle in the market.

In addition, with their skillful engineers, the company is able to make new designs very quickly. In business, timing is always important and being several steps ahead of others always gives you the upper hand. 

Ferrari Logo (Source: www.granturismoevents.com/story-six-things-you-may-not-know-about-ferrari/)

Ferrari is known to have two versions of its logo: the rectangle on and the shield shaped one. These two versions were made with a purpose not just for its design variety. If you come across a Ferrari with the rectangular logo, it means that the car is a street-legal car. On the other hand, the shield version is for racing cars. You can get the shield version for your street-legal cars for a little extra cost. 

6. World’s Most Expensive Brochure

Ferrari Brochure (Source: www.ferraripartscatalog.com)

Not only are their cars expensive, even the cars’ brochures are also super expensive. At an auction, a super rare Ferrari car brochure, the promotional brochure for Ferrari 250 Europa, was sold for 107,000 euros. The brochure was originally made in 1954 and there are only three of these. So, are you willing to buy a four page brochure for that much amount of money? 

7. Ferrari is Not An Italian Company

Representing the Italian Grand Prix team since day one and having the red color as its signature, Ferrari surprisingly is not an Italian company, at least not on paper. Following the company’s IPO in 2015, Ferrari is registered under Ferrari NV, a Dutch company. If you are considering it from the history of its origin, you can always consider it an Italian based company with its headquarters located in Maranello since 1943 up to this day. 

8. Ferrari Leads The Way 

Not only leading the industry in terms of their engine technology, they even pave the way in making the most innovative car handles. Ferrari always takes good care of every detail, on every point of touch of their product.

They want to make a complete experience for their customers, it screams special and exclusive even the moment you open the doors. For example the 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB “Daytona” which is the trendsetter of the simple ew inches long lever which is a more functional design that combines a button and handle into one. Ferrari also never used one door handle design twice. That is how dedicated they are. 

9. Traffic Jam Is Not Ferrari’s Jam 

Ferraris are made for the racing arena. Thus, if you often get into traffic jams, a Ferrari won’t let you face traffic with cool. The Ferraris are known to not be reliable, meaning that they require much more maintenance than any other cars. 

They are made for high performance, thus its engine generates more heat which requires you to drive it at a certain speed to allow enough air over the radiators. Thankfully, slowly Ferrari keeps on improving its quality.

The Modern Ferrari is much more reliable with the same high performance quality in comparison with the older versions. However, regular maintenance is necessary and often expensive. This leads to Ferrari generously giving 7 years maintenance free for all the new cars starting in 2011. 

10. Ferrari Is Always Right 

The thing about Ferrari is: it is exclusive. Their exclusivity shows in every single aspect of them. Starting from the famous background check before you buy one of them. Then, how you need to own more pieces to be VIP and no other sports cars brand you own. 

Ferrari even has the right to buy back your Ferrari when you violate the guidelines. The fact that they go to that extent, extensive after sales treatment and surveillance, it is the way it shows that they are exclusive: a top brand in the world. The quote “customers are king” does not apply to them. 

11. Ferrari  Cavalcades 

Ferrari Cavalcade Photo (Source: sfcriga.com/ferrari-cavalcades-the-coolest-events)

Owning a Ferrari means you are included into one of the world’s most exclusive communities. Ferrari Cavalcades has been the world’s most glamorous car tours since 2012.

You can participate only if you have more than one Ferrari. It is an event where you can see almost every Ferrari model. They will tour different Italian cities or parts of the world every year.  

12. The First And Only 

Ferrari Pinin is the first and only four door Ferrari that has ever been made. Unlike the typical two door sports car, this Ferrari Pinin is trying to go with the “sedan-like” version in the attempt to make the “ideal” car.

However, it doesn’t make it into production so there are only the two units which are the prototypes left. Now, this model is in auction and the price has soared up to double the price of the most expensive Ferrari model. Even though this model seems to be a “failed’ model, it finds its way back to glory. 

13. Ferrari On The Inside

There are several other car brands that you might haven’t heard of before that use Ferrari engines. Ferrari engines are definitely one of the best in the market especially for high performance cars. There are brands like Masserati, Fiat, etc. who have the heart of a Ferrari. 

14. LaFerrari Aperta

These days, we care about saving the environment and finding ways to use better energy sources even for our cars. Ferrari has already been in this game since 2013 when they first introduced the LaFerrari Aperta. It is Ferrari’s first ever hybrid model. Trying to keep the engine high performance, but also more efficient. Apparently, there are only 500 units of this model in the world. 

15. A Ferrari Theme Park in Dubai

Ferrari Theme Park On Dubai (Source: www.orlandoweekly.com)

The Abu Dhabi Ferrari World is the largest indoor theme park in the world and the first one with a Ferrari theme. The park has been breaking world records with its attractions such as the fastest roller coaster in the world.

Located on Yas Island, you can also experience driving a ferrari with a trained instructor around the island. You can also experience being a racer by joining the karting academy. There are so many attractions and entertainment that the park has to offer. If you are a big fan of ferrari, F1, or any car racing, this place is a must go. The tickets sell at around 80 dollars USD for each person. 

16. There Is Never Too Many Trophies 

Ferrari Trophy Photo (Source: www.flickr.com/photos/pivari/15498273345)

Up to this day, the company has received about a total of 5000 trophies. This includes 14 Sports Car Manufacturers’ World Titles, 15 F1 Drivers’ World titles, 8 Mile Miglia titles, 9 Le Mans 24 Hours victories, 7 wins at Targa Florio, and 216 F1 Grand Prix victories.  

Ferrari’s 1990 French Grand Prix victory is the most notable achievement so far because it is the win that made Ferrari to be the first team to reach 100 wins on a race track.  They have continued to work with Fantastic racers and promote the brand’s identity as the world’s most well known racing car brands

So, will you be able to get your hands on one and get to experience driving the world’s most famous racing car? Owning a Ferrari is definitely something that you need to take seriously. With all the rules that it comes with, it is not a question why the brand is at the top. 

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