Giant Pedal-Powered Watercrafts

These Giant Pedal-Powered Watercrafts are often called ‘monster pedal boats’ and that alone gives you a good sense of what they’re all about.

Prepare for monstrous amounts of fun and excitement while you steer these huge boats on the water surface.

These watercrafts are called Waterpillars, probably because of their movement similar to the movement of a caterpillar. Or a tank. That last one is a better analogy for sure.

These boats are pedal-powered and can be steered by two people at the same time. But if you can’t find a partner or one of you gets tired of pedaling, you can steer the Waterpillar by yourself. 

Giant Pedal-Powered Watercrafts

Their impressive size also makes them stable. This means they can be operated on nearly every aquatic surface. Even the ocean with its powerful waves is no out of the picture.

Giant Pedal-Powered Watercrafts

They are available in several summer camps, resorts, and lake houses. The way we see it, you can simply enjoy the peace and quiet surrounding you while steering one of these giants.

Or you can engage other Waterpillar-riders in a friendly competition using the built-in water cannons. 

Giant Pedal-Powered Watercrafts

So take these watercrafts into consideration while you are planning your summer retreat. Every adult and kid would be excited to exchange a simple boat for a colorful pedal-powered tank on the water.

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