25 Gifts for Your Best Secretary

Having a secretary who can do and manage our agenda in the office is one of the best blessings in life. Their hard work in managing the tasks and schedule you should do or attend, ensuring everything is running smoothly without any missing points to do, and answering your phone while you forget about the agenda should be appreciated before they enjoy the holiday. While New Year is nearly to come, and we are pretty sure you want to give meaningful gifts for your secretary to show him/her that they already did a great job this year, we already prepared the best 25 gift ideas for them.

Since you spend almost time with him/her in the office, you can see our gift ideas by relating them to something your secretary needs most for them. Make it personalized, the funny items but still useful, or something that will make them feel more relaxed even if the office is in a hectic situation.

Here are the lists for you to check out before the holiday is coming!

Useful Items To Ease Their Work

Welcome to a curated collection of gifts for secretary tailored to streamline and enhance the world of secretarial work. Whether you’re aiming to conquer complex scheduling, master efficient communication, or conquer the chaos of paperwork, these items are your ultimate allies in the realm of administrative excellence.

Get ready to unlock newfound levels of productivity and proficiency as we unveil a comprehensive array of solutions designed to integrate into the fast-paced world of secretary work. Check it out!

1.  Journal Set

gifts for secretary

A secretary of course needs journal to write down everything such as to-do list, memo from the client, meeting schedule, etc. While digital planners have their allure, the act of physically jotting down tasks instills a deeper sense of accomplishment and remembrance.

It ensures no detail is lost in the shuffle. Besides, your secretary can use this journal to seamlessly schedule appointments or simply unleash their inner creativity as writing becomes a therapeutic outlet for some.

2.  Desk Organizer

gifts for secretary

We are pretty sure that every day, your secretary should handle many items such as collecting paper for you to sign, and taking a short memo when receiving a phone call, which sometimes makes them forget to tidy up the desk. A Desk Organizer Set would be a great idea.

Giving them a desk organizer to put the pen, paper, or name card and other office small supplies like paper clips is a useful one! Moreover, they are coming with a clean and modern color that can enhance their space look!

3.  Lap Desk

gifts for secretary

Even if there is already a desk for the laptop, sometimes we still need a lap desk that can be adjusted as comfortably as it can be. Folding sit and stand vented lap desk could be a good choice.

With such an ergonomist design, no more straining your neck by constantly looking down at your monitor – this lap desk brings your screen to eye level, reducing the risk of discomfort and pain. Your secretary can simply nestle this on a desk where they can comfortably work.

4.  Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

gifts for secretary

Come up in a mini size, the desk vacuum cleaner can be a solution to remove dust on the desk. Sometimes, when we eat snacks while working, the crumbs are left on the table.

Then, we can clean in up using desk vacuum cleaner to turn the table clean again, so there is no effect for the paper files on the table. From the busy entrepreneur juggling tasks to the meticulous secretary with an eye for detail, this ingenious device is a must-have companion for anyone striving to elevate their workspace to perfection.

5.  Laptop Bag

gifts for secretary

Laptop bag nowadays is a must-have for everyone, particularly if they work mobile or should attend meetings offline with the office’s client or move to another meeting room. Hence, having a clean and sophisticated laptop bag with many compartments is a good decision.

For the meticulous secretary who thrives on order, this water-resistant bag is a game-changer, accommodating all essentials in an immaculately organized fashion. Don’t compromise on functionality – revel in the luxury of ample space that effortlessly embraces the laptop and all supplementary supplies.

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6.  Bluetooth Earphone

gifts for secretary

Having a bluetooth earphone would be useful for phone calls while your secretary is still on the way or they are in front of the monitor. Designed exclusively to streamline your communication, this innovative gadget ensures seamless call management without the need to lay a finger on the smartphone.

And here’s a thought: why not brighten up their day by presenting this essential tool as a thoughtful gift? Whether it’s a birthday, a work anniversary, or just a regular day deserving of appreciation, this item is the perfect surprise that blends practicality with a touch of tech-savvy sophistication.

7.  Phone Holder

gifts for secretary

Perhaps it is just a small gift, but it is useful. A phone holder is very useful to make the desk look tidy and your secretary can see the notification of their phone just by a glance, no need to hold it up, just touch it and continue to work.

Moreover, a phone holder can avoid the phone being dropped from the table when there are many papers on the desk as well. Choose the opportune moment to gift them this essential item – a birthday, a work anniversary, or simply as a spontaneous token of gratitude.

8.  Smartwatch

gifts for secretary

It may be the most expensive gift ideas for your secretary, but if you think he/she deserves it, then why not? Their hard work deserves high appreciation so that they realize that they have a great boss in the office.

Besides, a smartwatch could be a useful yet sophisticated gift for them. It is not just easier for their task but will enhance their look at the office. Choose the perfect moment, perhaps a work anniversary or a milestone achieved, to unveil this versatile gift that blends utility and elegance.

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Make It Personal, But Not Too Emotional

Step into a world of thoughtfulness and distinction with our curated collection of personalized gifts for secretary. In a realm where individuality is celebrated, these gifts transcend the ordinary, allowing you to craft moments of genuine connection and appreciation.

Join us on a journey to discover gifts that not only acknowledge their efforts but also reflect the exceptional bond you share. Let’s dive in!

9.  Customized Planner

Customized Planner

Let them get beautiful planner by writing down his/her name and selecting their favorite pattern as the planner cover. We are sure they will feel happy and thankful for them.

Do not forget to put some memorable quotes there to boost your secretary’s mood while working after reading the quotes. Whether at home or in the office, your secretary can seize the opportunity to transform each moment into a masterpiece of accomplishment with this personalized planner.

10.  Customized Card Wallet

gifts for secretary

Having a card wallet nowadays is helping us to avoid bringing many things. If you want to get out for a while, simply bring the card wallet, and phone. Usually, the design and size are smaller and thinner than the actual wallet.

You can select what card you need to bring and enough cash to put in without worrying that you bring too much cash or card in the wallet. It is really useful for your secretary because sometimes they should go out suddenly and they can bring the card wallet without too many items to bring because they will go back to the office again. 

11.  Personalized Pen

gifts for secretary

A pen is a must item for the secretary. They may not sign the paper or file that much, but they need a pen to write down minutes of meetings, memos, etc. Giving a personalized pen to your secretary will boost their mood to work.

Besides, they will think that you pay attention to their work deeply. We recommend to give this amazing, well-executed design pen on their birthday and include a journal to complement the gift.

12.  Customized Insulated Mug

gifts for secretary

Having a cup of coffee or tea in our own mug while working in the office is a good idea, particularly during the pandemic, since we know how clean it is. A customized insulated mug could be your choice as a gift for your secretary.

It will especially be one of the most meaningful gifts for secretary if they always need a daily dose of caffeine every day to carry on with their work. We also recommend printing their photo and name on the mug to add personal value.

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13.  Customized Coaster

Customized Coaster

Sometimes, when we drink something cold and put it on the table, there is water dew on the table, and we barely realize the paper will get a bad impact due to that water. Then, coaster is an answer.

If your secretary likes to drink something cold, you better give this as a gift. It is not that useful and meaningful for them, but it also saves the file paper from getting wet. A win-win solution, isn’t it?

14.  Quotes Poster

Quotes Poster

When we are tired or bored from working, sometimes we are looking for the sentences or words that can boost our spirit again. It is your chance to get the personalized quotes poster to strengthen your secretary spirit to work with you.

No need for a long sentence; just put a short yet precise sentence to give a smile to your secretary when they are tired or bored. Whenever they feel unmotivated, they can look at the framed quotes on their desk, smile, and get back to work with a new spirit.

15.  Custom Socks

Custom Socks

Socks and the rainy season are a perfect combo. Putting on the socks while your secretary enjoys their holiday season at home is a great idea. It will keep them warm, comfortable, and happy at the same time.

Moreover, it will make them think that you pay attention to what they need during the holiday. In addition, your secretary can have these socks to pair with their boots during winter to go to the office.

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Feels Relaxing, Although They are Still Working

Feels Relaxing, Although They are Still Working

16.  Foot Rest

Foot Rest

A foot rest may be an uncommon thing for you to give as a gift. But we are pretty sure it is a useful one, and hence it is still uncommon, you better choose it now.

In fact, it can give comfort while working, mainly if your secretary must wear high heels at the office. They can rest their foot in their working space and charge their energy there.

17.  Chair Pillow

gifts for secretary

Sitting 7-8 hours a day will make everyone uncomfortable. That’s why many people start to buy chair pillow to help them feel comfortable when they are sitting while working.

Yes, it can be one of the best gifts for secretary to give and, we assure you, it is everything they need to work comfortably. So, they feel energized when they are back to work after the holiday. Consider putting one on their work chair at the office and spot their bright face finding this cute gift. 

18.  Herbs Tea

gifts for secretary

Tea is not just a drink; it can release your stress. For example, if you feel tired, you can make chamomile and mint tea to recharge your energy. Herbs tea is a simple yet meaningful gift to send to your secretary.

Select the tea that you think they need the most. You can also try to ask them to find out what kind of tea flavors they are curious to try or love to drink. But make sure they don’t sense your gift-giving tactic! It will be a joyful item for them to enjoy.

19.  Succulent or Cactus

gifts for secretary

Some say plants can listen to us. It also can reduce our eyestrain due to seeing the monitor for a long time. Having small plants on the desk is not only good for the desk look but also helps us to release stress and fatigue.

For that reason, we think that cactus or succulents would be a good idea as one of the most stunning gifts for secretary since the maintenance is not that difficult. They can set the pot on their desk or near a windowsill to decorate the area.

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20.  Diffuser


One of the answers to release the stress or fatigue from the task is to inhale and exhale. Taking a deep breath will help us to reduce some anxiety due to tight deadlines at work.

Make the inhale and exhale session for your best secretary become fresher and healthier from relaxing fragrances such as sandalwood or lavender at the office by giving them diffuser. They can arrange it on their desk to elevate stress while working or simply bring it home to reside on their nightstand. Thank us later!

Wearable Stuffs Based on Their Favorites

Introducing a curated selection of wearable gifts that blend style and functionality, perfect for expressing appreciation to your indispensable secretary. From elegant accessories that exude professionalism to comfortable yet chic pieces that seamlessly transition from work to leisure, this collection offers a range of options to suit every taste.

Elevate your gift-giving game and show your gratitude with these thoughtfully chosen wearables that your secretary will cherish while making a statement. Let’s find out!

21.  Women’s Plaid Blanket Scarf

gifts for secretary

Rainy and cold seasons would be a great reason to give a gift for secretary, and that is a scarf! It is not just keeping it warm but keeping your secretary more fashionable.

Furthermore, the scarf is one fashion statement that is easy to combine with any outfit, particularly for the autumn or winter seasons. They can match it with their long coat, boots, and leather leggings to keep them warm.

22.  Nirvana Vintage Distressed Graphic Tee

Nirvana Vintage Distressed Graphic Tee

Elevate your gift-giving game by bestowing a T-shirt that resonates – whether it’s adorned with the emblem of their beloved band, the insignia of their preferred brand, or the masterpiece of a treasured illustration artist.

A T-shirt is not just an article of clothing; it’s a canvas of self-expression. Pair this versatile tee with well-fitted jeans and crisp sneakers for an effortlessly cool look that captures a unique style. Fuel their passion for fashion with this must-have piece, a gateway to both comfort and charisma.

23.  Levi’s Man’s Hoodie

Levi's Man's Hoodie

It is cold weather, and you cannot miss a chance to pack a gift featuring a hoodie for your secretary. Since it is the easiest one to mix with any other fashion statement, wearing hoodie is a simple way to do it during the cold season at the office.

It’s not that heavy, but it’s still comfortable and warm enough. A small tip for choosing the hoodie as a gift: select a plain and neutral color so that your secretary does not feel confused about mixing it up with their outfit.

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24.  Custom Name Bracelet

Custom Name Bracelet

Whether your secretary is a man or woman, giving a bracelet as a gift would never go wrong. Giving a touch of luxurious for the yearly gift is a good idea.

You may choose a leather bracelet, silver, or even a charm bracelet as a symbol of how your secretary deserves it. Besides, they can easily mix and match this stunning bracelet with their preferred style. For a sophisticated ensemble, wearing a white shirt and a long collate will be a brilliant idea!

25.  YETI Rambler

YETI Tumbler

Having a tumbler to carry coffee or even just mineral water is beneficial. You may take a sip whenever you feel thirsty. Moreover, there are various tumblers you can choose from.

The personalized one, the official tumbler from some coffee shops, or something cute designed as an unforgettable gift for your assistant could be a good choice. Consider wrapping this tumbler as a gift with his favorite instant beverages and let your secretary enjoy their ‘sipping’ break.

Final Thoughts

In drawing our thoughtful exploration of secretary gifts to a close, it’s evident that these gestures extend far beyond mere tokens of appreciation. The significance lies not just in the tangible item but in the sentiment behind it – a heartfelt acknowledgment of their indispensable role. When considering the perfect gift, delve into the realm of elegance and functionality.

A meticulously crafted journal offers a sanctuary for ideas, while a sleek pen becomes a conduit for their professional prowess. In addition, accessories lend an air of refinement, and personalized items stand as enduring testaments to the unique bond shared. Let these gifts for secretary be the embodiment of gratitude, a tribute to their unwavering commitment.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you show appreciation for their hard work with a gift?

You could gift them a spa day voucher to unwind and relax, a customized journal to jot down their thoughts, or a cozy blanket to make their downtime even more enjoyable.

Are there any creative ways to add a personal touch to a secretary’s gift?

Think about a customized coffee mug featuring an inside joke or motivational quote, a personalized desk calendar with memorable photos, or a nameplate with their official title and a playful tagline.

How can you make their daily routine more enjoyable with your gift?

You could gift them a subscription to a relaxing music streaming service, a portable aromatherapy diffuser to set a calming ambiance, or a stylish tote bag to carry their essentials in style.

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