25 Gifts for Your Best Secretary

Having a secretary that can do and manage our agenda in the office is one of the best blessings in life. Their hard work for managing the task and schedule you should do or attend, ensure everything is running smoothly without any missing point to do, and keep answering your phone while you forget about the agenda should be appreciated before he or she enjoys the holiday. While New Year is nearly to come, and we are pretty sure you want to give something meaningful for your best secretary to show him/her that they already did a great job within this year, we already prepare the best 25 gift ideas for them

Since you spend your almost time with him/her in the office, you can see our gift ideas by relating them to something your secretary needs most for them. Make it personalized, the funny items but still useful, or something that will make them feel more relaxing even the office is in hectic situation. Here are the lists for you to check it out before holiday is coming!

Useful Items To Easier Them Working 

1.  Journal Set

gifts for secretary

A secretary of course needs journal to write down everything such as to-do list, memo from the client, meeting schedule, etc. We know digital planner nowadays are become more popular for listing the task but do the hand writing is still being best option since we will always remember that we already take a note of it. Also, writing can be a healing for some persons. 

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2.  Desk Organizer

gifts for secretary

We are pretty sure that every day, your secretary should handle many items such as collecting paper for you to be signed, take a short memo when receiving phone call, that sometimes make them forget to tidy up the desk. Desk Organizer Set would be a great idea. Giving them a desk organizer to put the pen, paper, or name card and other office small supplies like paper clips is the useful one! Moreover, they are coming with a clean and modern color that can enhance their space look!

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3.  Lap Desk

gifts for secretary

Even if there is already a desk for the laptop, sometimes we still need lap desk that can be adjusted as comfortable as it can be. Folding sit and stand vented lap desk could be a good choice. It can reduce the neck pain due to look down to the monitor every day. 

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4.  Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

gifts for secretary

Come up in a mini size, desk vacuum cleaner can be a solution to remove dust on the desk. Sometimes, when we eat snacks while working, the crumbs are left on the table. Then, we can clean in up using desk vacuum cleaner to turn the table clean again, so there is no effect for the paper files on the table. It may be useful for your secretary too. 

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5.  Laptop Bag

gifts for secretary

Laptop bag nowadays is a must have for everyone particularly if they work mobile or should attend meeting offline to office’s client or moving to other meeting room. Having a clean and sophisticated laptop bag with many compartments is a good decision. But we should pay attention to the specifications such as having many compartments so that our other supplies can fit in the bag as well and water resistant bag is a must!

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6.  Bluetooth Earphone

gifts for secretary

Having a bluetooth earphone would be useful for the phone call while your secretary is still on the way or they are in front of monitor. This item is not for listening to the music but to easier the pick up the phone from their smartphone without even need to touch their smartphone. Hassle free, isn’t it?

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7.  Phone Holder

gifts for secretary

Perhaps it is just a small gift but it is useful. A phone holder is very useful to make the desk looks tidy and your secretary can see the notification of their phone just by the glance, no need to hold it up, just touch and continue to work. A phone holder can avoid the phone dropped from the table when there are many papers on the desk as well. No more feel panic when the phone is below the paper files. 

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8.  Smartwatch

gifts for secretary

It may be the most expensive gift ideas for your secretary, but if you think he/she deserves it, then why not? Their hard work deserves high appreciation so that they realize that they have a great boss in the office. A smartwatch could be a useful yet sophisticated gift for them. It is not just easier their task but will enhance their look at the office. Such a versatile gift!

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Make It Personal, But Not Too Emotional

1.  Customized Planner

Customized Planner

Let them get beautiful planner by writing down his/her name and select their favorite pattern as the planner cover. We are sure they will feel happy and thankful for them. Do not forget to put some memorable quote there to boost their mood while working after read the quotes there.

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2.  Customized Card Wallet

gifts for secretary

Having card wallet nowadays is helping us to avoid bring many things. If you just want to get out for a while, simply just bring the card wallet and phone. Usually the design and size is smaller and thinner than the actual wallet. You can select what card you need to bring and enough cash to put in without worrying that you bring too much cash or card in the wallet. It is really useful for your secretary because sometimes they should go out suddenly and they can bring the card wallet without too many items to bring because they will back to the office again. 

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3.  Personalized Pen

gifts for secretary

Pen is a must item for the secretary. They may not sign the paper or file that much but they need pen to write down minutes of meeting, memo, etc. Giving a personalized pen to your secretary will boost their mood to work. They will think that you pay attention to their works deeply.

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4.  Customized Insulated Mug

gifts for secretary

Have a cup of coffee or tea in our own mug while working in the office is good idea, particularly during the pandemic since we know how clean it is. Customized insulated mug could be your choice as a gift for your secretary. We are sure enough they will love it and use it whether in the office or home. 

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5.  Customized Coaster

Customized Coaster

Sometimes, when we drink something cold and put it on the table, there is water dew on the table and we barely realize the paper will get bad impact due to that water. Then, coaster is an answer. If your secretary likes to drink something cold, you better give this as a gift. It is not that useful and meaningful for them but also it saves the file paper not to getting wet. A win-win solution, isn’t it?

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6.  Quotes Poster

Quotes Poster

When we are tired or bored from working, sometimes we are looking for the sentences or words that can boost our spirit again. It is your chance to get the personalized quotes poster to strengthen your secretary spirit to working with you. No need a long sentences, just put a short yet precise sentences to give a smile for your secretary when they are tired or bored. Whenever they feel unmotivated, they can look at the framed quotes on their desk, smile, and get back to work with new spirit. 

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7.  Custom Socks

Custom Socks

Socks and rainy season is a perfect combo. Put on the socks while your secretary enjoys their holiday season at home is a great idea. It will keep them warm, comfortable and happy at the same time. It will make them think that you pay attention to what they need during holiday.

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Feels Relaxing, Although They are Still Working

1.  Foot Rest

Foot Rest

A foot rest may an uncommon thing for you to give as a gift. But we are pretty sure it is a useful one, and hence it is still uncommon, you better choose it now. It can give comfort while working particularly if you secretary must wear high heels at the office. They can rest their foot at their working space, and charge their energy there. 

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2.  Chair Pillow

gifts for secretary

Sitting 7-8 hours a day will make every one uncomfortable. That’s why currently many people start to buy chair pillow to help them feel comfortable when they are sitting during working. Yes, it can be an option for you to give it to your secretary. So that, they feel energizing when they are back to work after holiday. 

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3.  Herbs Tea

gifts for secretary

Tea is not just a drink, but it can release your stress. For example, if you feel tired, you can make chamomile and mint tea to re-charge your energy. Herbs tea is a simple yet meaningful gift to send to your secretary. Select the tea that you think they need the most. It will be a joyful item for them to enjoy.

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4.  Succulent or Cactus

gifts for secretary

Some says plants can listen to us. It also can reduce our eyestrain due to seeing the monitor in a long time. Having small plants on the desk not only good for desk look but it helps us to release stress and fatigue. Cactus or succulents would be a good idea to give to your secretary since the maintenance is not that difficult.

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5.  Diffuser


One of the answers to release the stress or fatigue from the task is inhale and exhale. Take a deep breathe will help us to reduce some anxiety feeling due to tight deadline at work. Make the inhale and exhale session for your best secretary becomes fresher and healthier from the relaxing fragrant such as sandalwood or lavender at the office by giving them diffuser. Thank us later!

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Wearable Stuffs Based on Their Favorites

1.  Women’s Plaid Blanket Scarf

gifts for secretary

Rainy season would be a great reason to give scarf. It is not just keeping it warm but keeping your secretary more fashionable. Scarf is one of fashion statement that easy to combine with any outfit particularly for this season. 

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2.  Nirvana Vintage Distressed Graphic Tee

Nirvana Vintage Distressed Graphic Tee

Guess no one can deny t-shirt. No one can get enough t-shirt; there should be a new room for new t-shirt. And this is why giving a t-shirt will be safe option for you. You may give their favorite band t-shirt, their favorite brand, or their favorite illustration artist. 

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3.  Levi’s Man’s Hoodie

Levi's Man's Hoodie

It is cold weather and you cannot miss a chance to pack a gift contains of hoodie for your secretary. Since it is easiest one to mix it with any other fashion statement, wearing hoodie is the simple way to do during cold season at the office. Not that heavy, still comfortable and warm enough. A small tip to choose the hoodie as a gift: select the plain and neutral color so that your secretary does not feel confused to mix it up with their outfit.

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4.  Custom Name Bracelet

Custom Name Bracelet

Whether your secretary is a man or woman, giving a bracelet as a gift would never go wrong. Giving a touch of luxurious for the yearly gift is a good idea. You may choose a leather bracelet, silver, or even a charm bracelet as a symbol how your secretary deserves it. 

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5.  YETI Rambler

YETI Tumbler

Having a tumbler to carry coffee or even just a mineral water is very useful. You may take a sip whenever you feel thirsty. Moreover, there are various tumblers you can choose. The personalized one, the official tumbler from some coffee shops, or something cute design as an unforgettable gift for your assistant could be a good choice.

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