Kohler’s Walk-In Bathtub

Kohler’s Walk-In Bathtub features a sliding wall that makes getting into a bathtub as easy as taking a seat.

Positioned at a level of a standard chair, this fancy bathtub makes bathing enjoyable and accessible for anyone.

A grab bar positioned at the back of the bath provides additional balance when getting in and out.

When you are in the bathtub, you can pull up the sliding wall with minimum effort. The waterfall feature will fill up the bathroom in 3-5 minutes while the dual inflatable seal keeps the water inside. 

Kohler's Walk-In Bathtub

You can keep your personal items on a side ledge. The footwell at the bottom allows you to test the water without getting in. The overall shape of the bathtub makes it so easy to simply sit back and get lost in the sensation of warm water.

Kohler's Walk-In Bathtub

This is a great solution for people who have experienced difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub. Kohler’s answer to that problem makes it not only easy but takes the whole bathing routine to a spa-like level. 

Kohler's Walk-In Bathtub

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