Meet the ZOTAC VR GO 3.0 Gaming PC: Designed Like a Backpack for Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

Who needs a laptop when you can carry a CPU like a backpack? Meet the innovative ZOTAC VR GO 3.0 Gaming PC! For serious gamers who love virtual reality, this gaming computer will deliver powerful performances while being comfortably portable.

Generally, you need to connect various cables between your static PC and VR Headset. However, the intense VR gaming session may require you to move about in your room.

As a result, you may get tangled or trip the wires because you cannot see the real world while being immersed. This can be hazardous to your health and equipment.

Thankfully, with this ingenious gaming backpack PC, you eliminate the nightmarish cable management of VR devices. After all, you can wear the incredible  ZOTAC VR GO 3.0 Gaming PC like a regular backpack due to the integrated straps and pad. It will fit tightly on your back for more stabilization.


This way, your VR equipment is directly connected with you even when you need to move around the room. Walking, spinning, jumping, or dancing in virtual reality will not be a problem with the portable ZOTAC VR GO 3.0 gaming PC.

The cables from your equipment will be connected to your backpack PC. It will notably reduce the risk of tripping and increase maneuverability.

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With the ZOTAC VR GO 3.0, your movement in the virtual reality world will be free! No more annoying long cables. The dedicated I/O ports allow VR HMD connections with tidy cable management. You can tuck them away in backpack compartments!

For processing power, ZOTAC VR GO 3.0 comes with a ninth-generation Intel Core-i7 and 8GB NVIDIA RTX 2070. These two hardware can run any latest-gen virtual reality games in HD settings. Smooth FPS in VR is a top priority for any gamer.


In addition, this handy backpack gaming PC features a removable battery that can last up to 1 hour. You swap and recharge the battery quickly for continuous gaming. What’s more, you also get an external battery indicator that can quickly tell you the energy level.

On top of that, the clever exhaust heat design significantly minimizes the risk of overheating. The hot air will blow away in the opposite direction of your body. ZOTAC also designs the backpack for maximum ventilation.


For visual effects, the ZOTAC VR GO 3.0 utilizes the SPECTRA 2.0 lighting system. You get to light up your gaming backpack PC for ease of identification. It will also make you look cooler because of the flashy and smooth lighting.

When you put on the ZOTAC VR GO 3.0 and the latest VR headset, you will be able to fully immerse yourself without worry!

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