Official John Lennon 1:6 Figure

The officially licensed John Lennon “Imagine” 1:6 scale figure looks extremely life-like and makes a perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

There’s no denying the iconic status that John Lennon achieved during his lifetime and beyond. He was not only a great musician, songwriter and member of one of the most recognizable bands ever – the Beatles. He was also a humanitarian, an artist and an activist for peace.

This 1:6 scale representation of Lennon is a great way to honor and maintain the memory of this extraordinary man.

Additionally, this is not just a normal figure. The quality and attention to detail here are really impressive. The figure is built on an endoskeleton with metal joints, meaning it is able to be posed.  And the figure set includes different facial expressions.  

Official John Lennon 1:6 Figure


It also comes with three 1970s style Lennon outfit options, so you can customize it. All of that is finished with an elegant, tempered glass-top base and magnetic footwear so that the figure stays safely in place.

The first 1,000 figure sets are specially numbered, raising their collector value, so if you want one, you’d better hurry.

Official John Lennon 1:6 Figure



This figure is not only a way of honoring John Lennon but also to inspire us to do better. It’s perfect for any collector, a Beatles/Lennon fan or simply for anyone who wishes the people to live their lives in peace. 

Official John Lennon 1:6 Figure

Official John Lennon 1:6 Figure

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