Xenxo Smart-Ring

The Xenxo Smart-Ring combines day-to-day essentials and gadgets in one sleek discreet design. From smartphones to credit cards, this ring can rule them all.

With Xenxo, you take calls even if your smartphone is lying on beyond your reach. Just press your palm to the side of your face and have a private conversation.

note: Check out the voice-powered smart ring smart, a ring with similar bone conduction technology that we’ve covered before.

You can use Xenxo as a USB drive for data storage. Authenticate the ring’s use through your smartphone and have access to its storage. 

Xenxo Smart-Ring

The ring also recognizes motions with allows you to gesture control your other smart devices.

You can pay for your purchases with a simple tap. If the store allows for contactless payment, just use Xenxo instead of digging in your pockets or purse.

What’s more, the ring will alert you if you get too far away from your smartphone. Separation doesn’t suit it.

Xenxo Smart-Ring

Xenxo is packed with even more features than that. Its SOS mode, for example, allows you to send a distress message to your family, friends, and emergency services when you feel in danger. It’s a subtle way to call for help without alerting your attacker.

The ring can also wake you up with vibration, open smart locks, or tell time. It can also be paired up with Siri or Google assistant.

The point is, this ring aims to help you live your life more efficiently, eliminating the clutter of gadgets, wearables, and apps. It’s the high time for that.

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