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$50k Electric Pickup Truck

As pickup trucks go, this $50k Electric Pickup Truck has to be one of the most impressive we’ve seen to date.

The prominence of electric vehicles is slowly on the increase and we’re certainly seeing that commitment to eco-friendly design here with Lordstown Motor’s version of, the more widely known, Cybertruck by Tesla.

Their truck has been aptly named, Endurance, and as we can see from this concept work, it offers an unmistakably futuristic appearance.

That being said, it’s definitely not all about the looks with this pickup.

$50k Electric Pickup Truck

This all-wheel-drive vehicle is powered by four hub-mounted motors, all of which source their power from an undercarriage battery pack allowing the driver to cover an incredible range of over 250 miles.

$50k Electric Pickup Truck

Pre-orders are already available for a mere $100 but if you’re seriously considering a purchase towards the end of the year when this vehicle is most likely to be available, you’re closer to a starting sum of $52,500!

$50k Electric Pickup Truck

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