Eco-Friendly Band for Apple Watch That Brings Nature to Your Wrist

One of the most exciting things about having an Apple Watch is the countless choices of bands. As much as I love Apple and love to purchase Apple original devices and accessories, I must admit that many brands have launched some cool bands for the Apple Watch that make the watch stand out.

The popularity of Apple Watch bands have increased significantly over the years and having a cool watch band around your wrist can really make you look a lot cooler, and some can even describe your personality.

Nowadays, you can easily find bands with unlimited color options, designs, and patterns.

You can even match your Apple Watch band with your attire and occasion, too! The perfect band will make your Apple Watch looks a lot more attractive and at the same time, boost your confidence.

band for apple watch
Band for Apple Watch

As for me, I have been using the same Apple Watch band for almost a year now, and therefore, it is time for a replacement. I was thinking about getting a new band that is unique and made of natural materials, since I do prefer to have something eco-friendly for my Apple Watch.

I think it would be good to maintain the balance of technology and nature somehow. After searching for a new band for my watch online, on social media I found out that Bandly has launched a new band made of wood.

Yes you heard that right. The band is made from real wood!

Why I Chose Bandly Band for My Apple Watch?

When choosing a new band for my Apple watch, it’s important for the band to be flexible. Since I move a lot and I do tend to sweat a lot, the band must be made from high-quality material like leather, yet still eco-friendly.

However, we do know that leather does not get along pretty well with sweats. Based on that reason, I decided to go for a metal chain instead, since it is the most sweat-proof option for me.

But my decision changed after I found this cool band made of upcycled wood from social media, which encouraged me to visit Bandly’s official website.

At a first glance, the band looks so cool with natural colors and patterns. The wood patterns looked so freakin’ real. When I decided to visit the official Bandly website, I found out that the band was actually made from genuine upcycled wood and I thought, no wonder why it looked so real! So, I decided to purchase one right away.

I won’t be surprised if you think that it’s impossible for a band like this to be made of real and genuine wood. Well, that makes the two of us. But when I finally got a pair of it, it’s actually real and to be honest, it was pretty eye-catching and very attractive, too.

Unlike other types of band for Apple watch out there, this one offers something that somehow allows you to have a bit of nature with you all the time, on your wrist.

What Makes Bandly Different from Other Brands?

Based on what I know, Bandly is not a new player in the watch bands industry. Bandly was designed by Philadeplhia-based designer Lorenzo Buffa. He used to create bands for analog watches and his products have been sold in major museum stores including the MoMA & Guggenheim.

With solid experience in the industry, I think we must check out his new product, which is a new band for Apple Watch.

Band for Apple Watch

In terms of product, the most attractive thing about this band is definitely the fact that it is made of genuine wood, yet it has a sense of flexibility like a leather band.

To be honest I have not seen any band for Apple watch like this one before. The wood layer has a matte plastic sheen that covers it which I think works to protect the band from water or scratches. So I think it would be a great solution for me who sweats a lot.

The plastic sheen does not make it look fake or anything. I think that it makes the band look solid instead. I also found out that Bandly did some testing on the band that includes 10,000 bends, 500 stans and 1000 smashes using a hammer. So, I assume this is a band for Apple Watch that will offer long-term durability, don’t you think?

Let’s just wait and see about that. But so far, it shows no signs of damage, so let’s hope that it’s true.

Unboxing and Bandly First Impressions

Similar to other band for Apple Watch products, this Bandly Apple watch strap is packaged in a clear plastic that allows us to see the product without having to open the packaging.

You can really see the wood patterns from the outside, and I was attracted to the Dark Teak model right away, although the Rosewood was pretty attractive as well.

I recall that Bandly has launched several bands for other watches before, mostly analog watches. But I do think this is one of the best Bandly bands for Apple Watch so far. So far I am happy with the product and I love how people admire my Apple Watch band, including the barista at the coffee shop when I was getting a cup of my coffee the other day.

He complimented my band and asked me where I bought it. So, I guess it is indeed a cool band for Apple Watch that can make me a center of attention after all.

Bandly Design and Aesthetics

The wood patterns are without a doubt the most aesthetic element about this band for Apple Watch that will add a touch of nature to your watch. But aside from that, there is one more thing about this band that I love so much, and that is the matching custom background for the watch.

This is one of Bandly watch band features that’s only available for the new Apple Watch 5 series. Thankfully, mine is the 5 series so I was able to match my watch band and watch background.

I love it!

1. Design Elements and Material

In my opinion, this Bandly band has a look that is similar to a flexible leather band.

The only difference is the material because this one is made of genuine wood. The material is solid and it does look like a promising product that I can use for a long period of time.

Design Elements and Material
Design Elements and Material

The top side of the band features real wood while the underside is backed with a durable vegan leather. Being a product that is claimed to be eco-friendly, the leather element is taken from an animal-free leather.

2. How Does the Apple Watch Look with Bandly?

The Bandly watch band is clearly something that enhances the look of my Apple Watch. Thus, it enhances my overall appearance as well. And as I mentioned earlier, it comes even better with a matching custom background for the watch. It feels good to have a custom watch that you can use daily.

It comes in four versions of Light Teak, Dark Teak, Maple and Rosewood. Mine is the Dark Teak model and it looks perfect with my black Apple Watch. The band comes with black buckle so it matches beautifully.

Smartwatches can sometimes look so techy with bulky frames plus futuristic designs and colors.

Well that’s not the case with this band. This band creates a look that was inspired by nature and made of high-quality materials including animal-free leather.

Comfort and Build Quality

Although I did a Bandly band review, I didn’t test the band by scratching it or smashing it using a hammer on purpose. But I do wear my watch almost everyday, which includes going to the gym with it or washing my hands multiple times with my watch on.

Comfort and Build Quality
Comfort and Build Quality

But so far, there’s nothing that brings out my attention in terms of the band and I am pretty happy with it so far.

1. Comfort and Fit

Since the underside features leather material, the band is very comfortable to the skin. It comes with a size compatible with all Apple Watch series, including the 38/40 and 42/44 mm watches.

In addition, the band is 9.5 inches long with a 22mm wide band that slightly tapers to 20mm, making it suitable for different wrist sizes, including the big ones.

3. Bandly Durability and Build Quality

Based on my experience, the band also offers a water resistant feature that is also wipeable.

I washed my hands multiple times already with watch on, and the band remains solid. I just need to wipe the surface using a clean cloth or napkin and that’s it, you’re done and the band is clean again.

Bandly Band Performance and Compatibility

In the vibrant world of bands, not all are created equal. Enter Bandly Band, the game-changer that dances to its own beat. Marrying impeccable performance with seamless compatibility, it promises an ensemble like no other.

Strap in and let’s explore how Bandly Band hits all the right notes!

1. Performance and Functionality

The performance has been satisfactory so far. The wood material is great, the leather is wonderful, and the buckle is pretty solid as well. I bump my watch to many things around me a lot of times already, and so far nothing happened to the band.

Performance and Functionality
Performance and Functionality

In terms of functionality, I do believe that this band can make me look a lot cooler in a way that people are attracted to see me because of my watch band. I am ok with that, especially since I know that people are usually seeing Apple Watch with bands made of silicone, leather or metal all the time.

2. Compatibility and Ease of Use

Specifically designed for Apple Watch, the Bandly band is compatible with all Apple Watch series. Mine is version 5 and it fits perfectly.

However, if you are not an Apple Watch user and prefer other smartwatch brands particularly as Fitbit, you can be happy because it also has a version that fits with Fitbit Versa Fitbit Versa 2.

As for me, I find it super easy to install and remove the band. Thanks to Apple who created a smartwatch that can easily change its band or chain, this band comes just lile other Apple Watch bands. You can just slide it in and out to easily install and remove the band from the watch. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Customer Support and Warranty

Bandly band for Apple Watch is a product made by a startup company that focuses on producing watch bands. It was first announced on Kickstarter with tremendous responses from many people.

Customer Support and Warranty
Customer Support and Warranty

The project gained amazing pledges and there are so many positive reviews about the product. However, I didn’t find any information about the warranty. But I don’t really think that a warranty is necessary for this kind of product.

But in terms of responsiveness, based on what I found on the web, Bandly was pretty responsive in responding to questions, reviews and even complaints from customers.

Bandly Pros and Cons

Based on my personal review and experience with my Bandly band for Apple Watch, there’s nothing for me to complain about so far. But I do think there are some things that can be improved.

But overall, I can give a score of 8/10 with the following Pros and Cons.

1. Pros

  • Great design and patterns, made of genuine wood material
  • Flexible and durable
  • Comes in 4 variants

2. Cons

  • Limited buckle color options (black only)
  • No warranty

Should You Buy Bandly Band for Your Apple Watch?

If you are a user of Apple Watch who prioritizes aesthetic elements of a watch, then you must have this band.

If you are also a fan of eco–friendly accessories, then this band is also for you. But in general, I can really say you won’t regret buying this band for your Apple Watch, especially since the price is still relatively affordable.

Should You Buy Bandly Band for Your Apple Watch?
Should You Buy Bandly Band for Your Apple Watch?

The next question would be, where to buy Bandly Apple Watch Band? The Bandly band for Apple watch is available on Bandly official website for $49, and it was still on sale when I posted this review.

So you better hurry up before it runs out!

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Just like other Apple products, having an Apple Watch also offers the same excitement since you can personalize the watch plus its accessories based on your taste and preference.

If you are looking for a band for Apple Watch that can really make you look a lot cooler and at the same time able to express your love for the environment, then this band is for you. Moreover, this band is a product of Bandly, which is a quite well-known brand for a band for Apple Watch.

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