25 Cool Kayak Accessories for You Watersport Freaks

If you have never experienced the joy of kayaking, then shame on you. Nothing can ever top the feeling of excitement when you row through the sea alone or with your loved ones. If you are interested, you’re going to be needing some cool kayak accessories. Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you in finding all those cool kayak accessories.

On this list, you’ll see a lot of cool kayak accessories for beginners and experts alike. If you’re looking for cool paddles and other useful accessories, you’re in the right place now. We’ve even compiled a list of cool shirts that you can wear while kayaking later on! Let’s get on going and take a look at our list of cool kayak accessories below!

Unique and Cool Kayak Accessories

If you are seriously considering kayaking as your new hobby, then you’re going to need to buy lots of cool kayak accessories. On this list, you’re going to see some cool items like waterproof bags, protectors, and other things. Let’s check it out.

1. Waterproof Bag as Essential Kayak Accessories

Moto-Dry Waterproof Bag

Marine activities require you to be extra cautious with the items that you carry. Therefore, you’ll need extra protection to reduce the chance of having damaged phones. This waterproof bag is one of the best bags out there that can protect your items from water, snow, rain, and dust. 

2. Kayak Accessories: Cover Protector

Kayak Cover Protector

You don’t use your kayak 24/7, right? Your kayak also needs some protection when they are idle and not in use. You can consider buying this kayak cover protection to help keep your beloved kayak stay in shape for your next kayaking event. 

3. Cool Kayak Accessories – Foldable Sail

Foldable Kayak Sail

When you’re looking for cool kayak accessories, you might not want to miss the chance to obtain this kayak sail. This sail is durable and will protect you from UV radiation. Plus, it won’t break easily in the water. 

4. LED Lighting Kit – Kayak Accessories

Boat LED Lighting Kit

It turns out that cars and motorcycles aren’t the only vehicles out there that need rear light. To ensure safety during nighttime activities, your kayak also needs to be equipped with this LED lighting kit. On this set, you’ll get two red and green LED lights that will guide you through the sea!

5. PVC Boat Repair Patch

PVC Boat Repair Patch

When you decide to purchase a kayak or canoe, you also need to have some safety measures. Fortunately, that step can be solved by buying this awesome repair patch. When your boat is getting some damage, you can patch up this sticker to repair the hole. 

6. Visibility Kit Accessories

RAILBLAZA Visibility Kit II

When you decide to travel with your kayak at night, you’ll definitely need to attach this visibility kit onto your kayak. This bad boy contains three different modes with different kinds of visibility levels for your comfort. Plus, having this pole also makes your kayak cooler!

7. Kayak Watercraft Registration Number Sticker

Kayak Watercraft Registration Number Sticker

Just like cars, kayaks also need to have registration numbers so that people can easily identify them. If you want to find the best registration number sticker, then this item is the right fit for you. We guarantee that these stickers will not fade or peel easily. 

8. Kayak Paddle Leash

RETAP Kayak Paddle Leash

Never worry about your kayak paddles anymore with this cool kayak paddle leash. It’s made from super elastic belts that are not easy to break. This set also contains an oar belt that allows you to choose to float beside the boat during fishing or break. 

9. Kayak Accessories Insulated Bag

Seattle Sports Kayak Paddleboard Insulated Bag

If you ever decide to go fishing with your kayak, you’re going to need bags to store all the fish that you captured. We thought that this cool Seattle Sports Insulated Bag would be the perfect item for you. Besides, this bag can also act as a waterproof container for your valuable things. 

10. Elastic Bungee Cords as Practical Kayak Accessories

Elastic Bungee Cords

Never forget to buy bungee cords for your kayak experience. This awesome item can be used for different kinds of occasions, like fishing or keeping your gears in place. Here’s a hot tip for you: make sure to create paddle holders or add some deck riggings in your kayak with these bungee cords.

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11. Yak Life Decal Kayak Accessories

cool kayak accessories

Your kayak also needs some cool decals. Don’t leave the beautiful kayak body bare and empty! Make sure to buy this awesome decal and stick it to your lovely kayak. It will serve as a statement that you really consider kayaking as a passion. 

12. Buoy-Shaped Keychain

cool kayak accessories

This set of keychains is the perfect decoration for all watersports lovers out there. With these cool keychains, you won’t have to worry about missing your bags, as these handmade buoys have strong buoyancy which keeps all your items from drowning. 

13. Beer Preserver

cool kayak accessories

Take a look at this awesome beer preserver and admit that it looks so cute. When you are out in the water for so long, there’s a high probability that your cold beverages won’t stay that way. Ensure that your cold beer can be preserved with this lovely item. 

Cool Kayak Paddles

Paddles are essential to your kayaking experience. Besides, you can’t go anywhere without rowing those paddles. That’s the reason why you’re going to have to find some cool and unique kayak paddles for your kayak. Forget the conventional ones and take one of these cool kayak accessories home now!

14. Ozark Trail Adjustable Kayak Paddle

cool kayak accessories

First up on our list is this cool adjustable kayak paddle. You’ll notice how the design looks cool with the fish bones. The Ozark Trail Adjustable Kayak Paddle is reinforced with a fiberglass blade for maximum control and maneuverability. This two-piece kayak paddle is also easy to use for beginners.

15. Carlisle Paddle with Polypropylene Blades

Carlisle Paddle with Polypropylene Blades

No, this is a kayak paddle and not a frog paddle. We’re letting you off with that mistake because it really looks similar! In fact, this paddle is also lightweight and durable. The slightly curved blade shape will help its user to produce smooth and efficient strokes. 

16. Carbon Fiber Shaft Blue Blade Kayak Paddle

cool kayak accessories

Kayaks will forever be associated with water. That’s the reason why the design for this awesome kayak paddle looks fitting. If you are an expert kayaker, you might want to consider buying this lightweight paddle. So cool, right?

17. Two Part Kayak Paddle with Resistance Blade

cool kayak accessories

If you look closely at this kayak paddle, you’ll notice how its shape differs from other paddles in common. However, that variation will allow the user to minimize drag through the water and make pedaling easier. Plus, the rubber drip rings equipped on the paddle also prevents water from coming aboard. 

18. YVLEEN Alloy SUP Paddle

YVLEEN Alloy SUP Paddle

This set is every kayaker’s dream! It includes a 4-piece combination paddleboard that can be separated freely. Each paddle has its own unique function that you can study. Buy this set now before stock runs out.

19. Marine Orange Paddle Kayak Acessories

cool kayak accessories

If you are looking for durability, this kayak paddle is the best out there to do the job. This awesome paddle is manufactured with a fiberglass-filled nylon blade that ensures it stays lightweight and durable. This is one of the best cool kayak accessories you can get out there. 

20. Packlite Paddle Kayak Accessories

4 Part Packlite Kayak Paddle

Looking for kayak paddles that are easy to transport? Look no more, because you have found this masterpiece. Like any other kayak paddles on this list, this awesome paddle is lightweight and durable too. It would be a shame if you decided to skip this paddle!

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Shirts and Other Unique Items for Kayakers

Don’t close our page just yet. We still have a bunch of cool kayak accessories to offer to you. This time, it’s in the form of cool shirts and body accessories. You need to make sure that you “kayak out” in style. Use some of these cool shirts when you are kayaking! Old Man Kayak Shirt

21. Kayak Accessories for Safety

Kayak Life Jacket

Kayaking is not as easy as people often describe it to be. In fact, you need to have a certain kind of knowledge to do it well. You also need to bring in a lot of equipment. To help that, you have to own this cool kayaking life jacket!

22. Wet Shirt

cool kayak accessories

This is a hilarious shirt that you should own. Aside from its awesome design, this shirt is also made from premium material that enables its user to feel comfortable when kayaking. Make sure to ride in your kayak with one of these!

23. Sunshade Sports Hat

cool kayak accessories

When dealing with marine activities, you’re going to require a quick dry hat. It’s practically the reason why we’re recommending this cool sports hat for you. This hat is big enough to shield you when the sun is too bright for your vision, and durable enough to endure all that wet rain. 

24. Kayak T-shirt

cool kayak accessories

If you prefer a shirt with simplistic design, this shirt will be perfect for you. You can choose two colors of lime and orange, depending on your preference. Now, kayaking will feel much cooler while wearing this bad boy. 

25. Yippie Kayak Shirt

cool kayak accessories

This hilarious shirt is inspired by the iconic quote made by John McLane from the first Die Hard movie. If you are a fan of both Bruce Willis and kayaking, then this shirt is a no brainer for you!

Final Thoughts

If you love Kayaking, then it would be best to equip yourself with some of the coolest Kayak accessories while you are having fun out in the water. Of course, the most important and mandatory accessories are the paddles, therefore you need the best paddles to support your activity. But let’t not forget other Kayak accessories like the paddle leash, bungee cords, t-shirts, waterproof bags and also hats, too! To help you make sure you have everything you need for Kayaking, we have gathered a list of cool Kayak accessories for you. Hope the list helps, and hope you have fun Kayaking!

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