Crab Multi-Tool

Whether you are on the go or enjoying a beach party, this innovative Crab Multi-tool would be glad to lend a handy claw. Designed with convenience at its core, it hides a number of useful tools inside its beechwood body. A set of flip-out legs allow the crab to stand by itself as you whip out the claw-like implements. Comprising a pair of scissors, a knife, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver and rope saw, the toolset could get you out of sticky situations.  

Crab Multi-Tool

The Crab Multi-tool beady eyes are so much more than a mere decoration. You could loop your keyring through them to keep your handy tool close at all times. The high-quality stainless steel construction of the tools means you can enjoy their service for a reasonable while. And thanks to the beautiful woody construction, it can make a great gift choice for the survivalists in the house. Plus, if your Leatherman is becoming a bit too chunky, this would make a sleek replacement.

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