15 Fun Facts About Florida That Will Impress You

Florida is one of the tastiest states in the United States due to its temperature and proximity to the coast. With its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and lack of income tax, there are lots of fun facts about Florida. Plus, those facts also makes Florida a desirable place to reside. It’s well-known for its fantastic seafood restaurants. However, Florida oranges and limes also create fantastic cocktails and sweets. Furthermore, Florida is also a particularly interesting city to live in, because of its diverse population as well as numerous amusement parks and activities.

People travel from all over the world to Florida to enjoy the pleasant weather and friendly atmosphere. In fact, Florida enjoys 300 days of the warmth of sunshine on average every year. Therefore, it’s understandable that Florida is the third most populous state in America with over 20 million people. In case you consider living in Florida, then you should know about the following fun facts about Florida that are definitely going to impress you.

1. Ten Months of Warm Weather

Ten Months of Warm Weather
Ten Months of Warm Weather

Let’s begin with the first fun fact about Florida. Florida is located near the equator and is surrounded by water on three sides, resulting in high humidity and a tropical climate. In Florida, there are ten months of warm weather and only two months of cold weather per year. The temperature never drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The only drawback to the moderate environment is the oppressive humidity and sporadic downpours.

Florida is known for its warm subtropical climate with mild winters and long, hot, rainy summers. The state’s middle and southern regions are dominated by tropical easterly winds, which keep temperatures pleasant. In the winter, El Nino makes the Tampa Bay area a little colder and wetter, while La Nina makes it drier and warmer than typical.

2. It Has The Most Golf Course Among All States

It Has The Most Golf Course Among All States
It Has The Most Golf Course Among All States

Now let’s move on to the the second fun fact about Florida. The warm and sunny weather in Florida always becomes a great advantage for people, especially for golfers. That’s why, Florida makes it the most golf course of any state in the US. There are over 1,000 golf courses in Florida, which open all year long. Seminole GC is the best golf course in the state, with TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach a close second.

Palm Beach County, in particular, boasts the most golf courses of any county in the country. There’s also the World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Augustine, Florida, which shows Florida’s passion for golf.

3. Florida State’s Flag Inspired by St. Andrews

Florida State’s Flag Inspired By St. Andrews
Florida State’s Flag Inspired By St. Andrews

Florida’s current state flag design was approved in 1900. Back then, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment based on a joint resolution passed by the state legislature in 1899. It adds diagonal red bars to the flag in the shape of a St. Andrew’s cross. The Florida state seal, which depicts the sun, palm palms, a riverboat, land, water, and a Native American lady scattering flowers, is included in the middle.

The state flag of Florida between 1868 and 1900 had a white field with the state seal in the center. Governor Francis P. Fleming proposed adding a red cross to the banner in the late 1890s. As a result, it did not appear to be a white flag of truce or surrender when hung still on a flagpole.

4. The Flattest State in America

The Flattest State In America
The Flattest State In America

Florida holds the flattest state in America, which is also one of the most fun facts about Florida. The average elevation of Florida is only 100 feet. Britton Hill, the state’s highest natural point, is only 345 feet above sea level. It also became the lowest “high point” in the United States.

Britton Hill, Florida, may be the runt of the 50 states litter. However, thousands of elite mountain climbers consider it a must-go destination. It also serves as a rallying point for hobbyists. Especially those who are attempting to join the 490 persons who have climbed to the highest point in each of the lower 48 states.

5. Alligator is The State Official Reptile

Alligator is The State Official Reptile
Alligator is The State Official Reptile

We can find Alligators all around the continental of the United States. However, we can find a huge number of them in the marshes in Florida. Alligators can be found in all natural Florida lakes in 67 countries. Furthermore, the majority of natural Florida lakes contain water that is dark or discolored, making visibility difficult. What a cool fun fact about Florida, right?

Lake George, near the St. Johns River in northwest Florida, has over 2,300 Alligators, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife. With just under 2,000 people, Lake Kissimmee, near Orlando, comes in second. To survive, Alligators rely on their ability to ambush prey.

6. It Produces The Most Orange in America

It Produces The Most Orange In America
It Produces The Most Orange In America

We all know that Florida orange is famous around the world, which is why the sixth fun fact about Florida is about oranges. Because of its environment, Florida is the world’s second largest grower of citrus. It also the largest producer of 100% orange juice in the United States. Florida produces more than 70 percent of the United States’ supply of citrus. The major overseas export markets including Canada, Japan, France and the U.K. Furthermore, Florida produces 40 percent of the world’s orange juice. 

In most seasons, more than 90 percent of America’s orange juice is made from Florida-grown oranges. At its peak, it produced 244 million orange boxes each year. According to the USDA, that number will drop to only 44.5 million this year in 2022.

7. The Only State Has Living Coral Reef

The Only State Has Living Coral Reef
The Only State Has Living Coral Reef

In the continental United States, Florida is the only state having large shallow coral reef formations near its coasts. Coral reefs provide specialized habitats for a variety of plants and animals, including shelter, food, and breeding grounds. It is the world’s third largest coral barrier reef system after the Great Barrier Reef and Belize Barrier Reef.

Florida coral reefs span 358 miles from the Dry Tortugas near Key West, north along the Atlantic coast to Martin County. The deep-water reefs of Florida are home to a vast variety of species. It’s ranging in depth from roughly 400 meters to over 800 meters. Many of Florida’s threatened and endangered species can be found on the reef.

8. The Kennedy Space Center and The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Fun Facts About Florida
The Kennedy Space Center and The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Merritt Island, Florida is home to the Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Since 1968, the center has hosted every launch of the US aircraft. It was chosen for two reasons. First, it is very close to the equator when compared to other U.S. locales. Moreover, it is located on the East Coast. Any rockets leaving Earth’s surface and flying eastward get a boost from the Earth’s west-to-east spin. Therefore, East Coast location was preferred.

Because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Canaveral was also picked. At Cape Canaveral, the Earth revolves at a pace of 914 miles per hour, which helps rockets reach their destination faster. With the amount of energy required to launch an object, that 0.3 percent savings goes a long way in terms of fuel economy and cost. 

9. The Underwater Land

Fun Facts About Florida
The Underwater Land

Florida has been underwater for most of its history. At least four occasions, portions of the Florida peninsula have been above or below sea level. The Florida peninsula developed and submerged as ice glaciers in the north grew and evaporated. Florida has the lowest elevation of all of the fifty states, at 345 feet above sea level.

This fun fact about Florida is actually something that needs to be our concern. The sea level in Florida is rising at a rate of around one inch every ten years, and strong rainstorms are becoming more common and severe. According to scientists, the state’s southern third might be underwater by 2100. Sooner, many areas of Miami might be flooded, too. Rising seas will also increase the frequency and severity of coastal flooding in the short future. The future level of the sea is determined by greenhouse gas emissions as well as atmospheric and oceanic processes.

10. Florida Stop Requiring Parallel Parking

Fun Facts About Florida
Florida Stop Requiring Parallel Parking

In Florida, new drivers are not required to learn how to parallel park. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, there were only a few places in the state that needed it. Parallel parking is no longer mandatory in many states in the United States. Florida was the first state to remove parallel parking from its test in 1990. Moreover, parallel parking may not be the greatest approach to determine whether someone can safely operate a car due to the little time instructors have with new drivers.

11. Florida Has No State Income Tax

Fun Facts About Florida
Florida Has No State Income Tax

In Florida, there is no state income tax, including no retirement income nor Social Security benefits. The majority of states in the United States compel people to pay state income taxes, but not Florida. Fortunately for Floridians, the absence of an income tax allows them to save more of their hard-earned money for recreational activities, vacations, and personal possessions. Florida is also a tax-friendly state for retirees, which means you’ll be able to keep more of your retirement income.

12. The World’s Best Theme Parks

Fun Facts About Florida
The World’s Best Theme Parks

Some of the world’s largest theme parks are located in Orlando and Central Florida. Because of its many amusement and theme parks, Orlando receives more visitors than any other city in the United States. Under the warm Florida sun, Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Aquatica, and MGM Studios are all open 365 days a year.

Magic Kingdom Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida holds the world’s first rank of amusement park. The top theme park welcomes nearly 21 million guests in 2019. It captures all the charm and whimsy of adventure, fantasy, and the also future.

13. Bioluminescent Kayaking In Florida

Fun Facts About Florida
Bioluminescent Kayaking In Florida

Bioluminescent kayaking is only available in a few locales in the United States, and Florida is one of them. At night, sea animals such as comb jellies and dinoflagellates sparkle in the water. In Florida, the phenomenon is a result of a chemical reaction. It causes cone jellyfish and dinoflagellates to light up whenever the water is disturbed. As you paddle, you’re likely to see these critters light up on the water’s surface.

Furthermore, the greatest time to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida is from the middle of May through early October. Scientists believe that the highest activity will occur five days after the full moon of the month.

14. The Oldest City in America

Fun Facts About Florida
The Oldest City In America

St. Augustine, located 41 miles south of Jacksonville, is the oldest city in the United States. It is also the United States’ oldest continuously occupied settlement of European and African-American descent. Founded in 1565, the Spanish established in St. Augustine 42 years before the English colonized Jamestown. It was also 55 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. 

Many historians believe the first Thanksgiving took place at a feast in St. Augustine. Spanish colonists sat down for a feast of shellfish, alligator, turtle, and wild turkey with members of Florida’s Timucua tribe. Approximately 50 years before the pilgrims broke bread with the Wampanoags in Plymouth, Mass.

15. Everglades is The Only Place Where Alligators and Crocodiles Coexist In The Same Ecosystem

Fun Facts About Florida
Everglades is The Only Place Where Alligators and Crocodiles Coexist In The Same Ecosystem

Now that we’ve come to the last fun fact about Florida, we certainly think that we need to include Crocodiles and Alligators in the list. Both are members of the crocodilians, a group of reptiles that includes the largest living reptiles. Crocodiles and alligators are both cannibalistic, and they consume each other to keep their numbers in check. Surprisingly, the Florida Everglades are unique in that it is the only area on the planet where both alligators and crocodiles coexist.

Alligators and crocodiles are both huge reptiles, albeit crocodiles are on average the largest of the two species. Only two species of crocodilians are native to the United States. Interestingly, south Florida is the only region in the world where both of these species cohabit.

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