25 Horse Racing Gifts that Horse Lovers Would Love

Considered as one of the most ancient sports, horse race refers to a sport that involves two or more horse-riding jockeys to achieve a certain distance. It is said that this equestrian sport had already existed in ancient times, such as Ancient Greece, as one of the sports in ancient Olympics. Not only ancient Greece, this type of sport also developed in many ancient cultures and it remains popular until now. 

Currently, horse racing has become popular in various parts of the world, with the UK as one of the most known countries with its horse racing events. Horse sports is closely associated with British aristocrats’ sport, with Royal Ascot as one of the biggest horse racing events held in the UK. In such events, the finest racehorse from around the world compete for the prize. 

While the UK might be famous for the sports, horse racing is actually open for anyone, male or female. There might be a chance for your family and loved ones to love horse racing too, or they can also be the jockeys. In that case, finding horse racing gifts for their birthday or Christmas can be tricky. But worry not, just check out our list to find the most suitable horse racing gifts for your loved ones.

1. Triple Crown Winner Coins


Usually, commemorative coins are made specifically to mark a major event celebrated in a country. In a similar manner, horse racing events also have winner coins produced to mark the winner in an event. In that case, having triple crown winner coins would be best gifted as horse racing memorabilia, especially to those who watched the match in person, or to those who love horse racing the most. Although the coins are packed in sets already, this could be a good start for dad who loves collectible items to start collecting for more.  

2. Horse Necklace


Horse racing is not only limited for men. This sport is also open for women who like a challenge. Therefore, having a piece of jewelry such as this horse pendant necklace is the best choice as horse racing gifts for her. Made of sterling silver, the necklace is suitable as luxury horse racing gifts for any woman, without worrying that she might have a sensitive skin type. 

3. Race Horse Figurine

Horse Racing Gifts

If you are looking for something as part of home decoration, then this race horse figurine would be perfect. It is 6.5 inch in length, makes it easy to put everywhere, and suitable with any kind of house decoration you might already have. Also, as it is made by polyresin, the figurine would not break so easily. 

4. Personalized Horse Engraved Stemless Glass

Horse Racing Gifts

Luxury horse racing gifts are not always in the form of precious stones. This horse engraved glass can be a luxury gift, too. As a personalized horse racing gift, you can engrave the receiver’s name on it, making it special as a gift for dad or for anyone else. It is suitable for any kind of beverages, from soft drinks to alcohol. If your dad is a wine lover, then you can request it to become a wine glass, too. 

5. Horse Racing Ornament

Horse Racing Ornament

Another personalized horse racing gift that you can have is this horse racing ornament. It comes as a horse shoe shape that you can add a picture inside, which is the personalized part of it. It would serve well as a special horse racing memorabilia for dad or for your loved ones. You can hang it as part of your house decoration, or you can use it as a decoration for your Christmas tree. 

6. Horse Candle

Horse Racing Gifts

While any horse-shaped or horse-engraved item works well as horse racing gifts ideas, you can remind your loved ones of horse racing by its smell. If that is the case, then try to do that by giving them this horse-scented candle. This might sound like a joke, but it is not. The horse scent here means the aroma that reminds you of the warm leathery, sweet grassy horse and stables. Perfect horse racing gifts for any horse-loving person.

7. Horse Print Scarf

Horse Racing Gifts

Horse racing gifts can be a fashion item for women too. The horse print scarf can be a unique must-have item for her, for multiple uses. For a fashion enthusiast, a scarf can be used as it is on her neck, hair, and even on her handbag. Therefore, she can use it whenever she goes to horse racing events. 

8. Horse Racing Leather Wallet

Horse Racing Leather Wallet

For a classic man, gifting a wallet is the safest option. However, when it comes to your dad, you might want something that he would love to use every day because it is his favorite item. In that case, try to check this horse racing leather wallet. Not only does it maintain a classic black leather wallet, the horse racing symbol also makes a signature item for dad. 

9. Personalized Barrel Racing Record Book


Barrel racing refers to a type of horse racing event. If your dad happens to love doing such racing, or he simply wants to put a bet, then this barrel racing record book would be perfect for personalized horse racing gifts for dad. It allows one to keep track of their horse’s competing record for multiple uses. The recorded track could help your dad to predict the competitor’s next move, or allow your dad to see progress of his own horse. 

10. Horse Brooch


A great fashion addition to a woman would be a brooch. If your friend or partner happens to love horse racing too, then this horse brooch would be perfect for their horse racing gifts. A brooch is usually used in a formal attire, and even more so in a luxury horse racing event. It works great as an addition in working suits, too. 

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11. Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Horse Racing Gifts

A great wine enjoyer should have a nice wine rack. For a horse racing lover, check this horseshoe wine rack for their horse racing gift. It is made of horseshoes, so there’s no material wasted. It can hold up to nine bottles of wine, and its horseshoe shape makes it difficult for the bottle to fall. Moreover, it would suit any ranch themed party or you can simply use it as part of house decoration.

12. Horseshoe Cufflink 

Horse Racing Gifts

Cufflink is often used for a high-profile appearance, usually as part of men’s suits. To have such items responding well to your horse racing hobbies, have this horseshoe cufflink pair. It makes a smarter appearance, and it works great for luxury horse racing gifts too, especially for business men or women. It is made of stainless steel, making it durable and long lasting, too. 

13. The Horse Racing Miscellany

The Horse Racing Miscellany

Any horse racing beginner would love to have some knowledge about horse racing. Therefore, you can have this Horse Racing Miscellany book as their gift. It includes stories about heroic riders, famous horses, and epic races, making it a perfect book to become the best horse racing gifts. Not only for beginners, this book also works great for any horse racing veteran. 

14. Vintage Derby Map

Vintage Derby Map

A map would be a perfect gift for an adventurer. For a horse racing lover, a derby map would do the trick. A vintage derby map is a nice horse racing memorabilia, as a reminder for any horse racing veterans about the event taking place decades ago. Aside from its uses as memorabilia, it might be a good idea to use it to revisit the track in the map, just in case your family is planning to have a vacation in the same area. 

15. Black Leather Bridle

Horse Racing Gifts

If your family member is just starting to learn about horse riding, a support equipment would be a good idea for their horse racing gifts. Especially to bond with their horses, any rider would want their own bridle for their horse. In that case, have this black leather bridle as part of their gift.  A leather won’t hurt any horses, and it’s reins make sure the bridles are fully intact. 

16. Centaur Bridle Carry Bag

Centaur Bridle Carry Bag

Not only the supporting equipment is needed for any horse rider (or jockeys), it also needs to be taken care of. A horse bridle would need its own place, to make it more durable and long lasting. For such need, pair the girdle with its own bridle carry bag as a set of gifts. Its slim design allows it to easily store them without taking too much space. 

17. Saddle Soap Paste

Horse Racing Gifts

A great horse racing lover knows how to take care of their equipment. Some of these equipment are made of leather, such as horse saddles, bridles, and other leather tools. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to give a leather soap as a gift. Other than to take care of the horse racing equipment, it can also be used to clean other leather stuff you have as well. If it is good enough for horse care, then it is good for other household leather items, too. 

18. Horse Racing Themed Flask

Horse Racing Gifts

Another luxury horse racing item to have as a gift is a flask. These would be great horse racing gifts for a drink lover. It is practical, so they can easily have a drink during a horse race. The horse racing design in front is also a great addition that makes this flask suitable to bring for such events. 

19. Horse Racing Jockey Statue

Horse Racing Gifts

Any winner in horse racing usually receives memorabilia, be it a trophy or a medal. In collecting those horse racing memorabilia, they would need something as part of the décor too, something like a decorative statue that matched the trophies. If someone you love is making such great accomplishments in horse racing, then you can have this horse racing jockey statue for their horse racing gifts. 

20. Horse Racing Pocket Watch

Horse Racing Pocket Watch

Any vintage item would serve great to indicate someone’s status. A pocket watch has been used since the old times to symbolize wealth. To have that look on a horse racing event, you can give this vintage horse racing pocket watch to your horse racing lover friend. Pair them with a chain and sophisticated suits, and they are ready to go. 

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21. Horse Riding Goggles

Horse Racing Gifts

Another must-have equipment for a beginner horse rider would be a horse riding goggle. Since horse riding could be risky, the rider must keep their eyes to watch their horse path. They don’t want to risk having any obstacles go unnoticed. That is why, having a pair of horse riding goggles as horse racing gifts is very important. 

22. ‘Race Horse & Jockey’ Lip Balm with Mirror

'Race Horse & Jockey' Lip Balm with Mirror

Whether it is indoor or outdoor activities, everyone needs to moisturize their lips. For a horse racing lover woman, it is best to give them a skincare product that matches their hobbies, such as this race horse lip balm. The compact package allows them to bring it everywhere, like on horse practice. It is complete with a mirror too, so it would be more practical for her not to bring an extra mirror. 

23. Horse LED Night Light

Horse Racing Gifts

A horse decorative item would be a good idea for any horse lover. Especially if they are teenagers, because they would want a matching item for a horse racing theme room. For such occasions, have this horse LED light as their horse racing gifts. Like any other personalized horse racing item, this LED light can be engraved with their names, too. 

24. Horse Racing Game

Horse Racing Gifts

If your family loves horse racing, you might want something to have that can be used together. In that case, having a horse racing board game would be a great idea for your family member. You can play it with kids too, and it is a great killing time activities when it is not a horse racing season. 

25. Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Horse Racing Gifts

A great horse racing themed household item is not always purely for decorative purposes. You can have a useful tool that matches the horse racing hobbies too, such as this horseshoe shaped trivet. The trivet is useful to place your hot cooking so it would not directly touch the table (as the table or the tablecloth is made from a sensitive material). That would make a great small detail whenever you have a small rustic party too. 

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