Interactive Pool Table

If you are a pool fan, you have probably had the pleasure of playing some online incarnation of the game where by winning the games you could upgrade your pool table to look more awesome than just a plain old green canvas.

Well, this Interactive Pool Table makes this concept an actual reality.

This Interactive Pool Table reacts to the movement of the balls with astonishing interactive graphics appearing underneath them. And you get to choose what those graphics are.

It can be a soothing colorful movement of water. There’s an option that makes every ball you move turn into an actual fireball. 

interactive pool table

Or you can set it to reveal portions of an interesting picture every time the ball passes over it.

interactive pool table

You need to work on your technique and angles to play like Ronnie O’Sullivan, and this cool pool table will make the experience so much more enjoyable

interactive pool table

interactive pool table

Note: This was a one-of-a-kind commissioned product made by Obscura for Esquire Magazines ultimate bachelor pad charity event venue.

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