25 Cheap Ideas from the Low Cost Cosplay Guy Cosplaying Korean Celebrity

If you know about Lonelyman the Low Cost Cosplay Guy, then you probably know that Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is the guy behind that name. His contents have been seen around social media for years, and he has become a low cost cosplay guy Korean celebrity look alike expert,  cosplaying many characters, celebrities, and even food for a long time

Below, we will share his hilarious content in cosplaying Korean celebs using unique and low cost objects. 

low cost cosplay guy korean celebrity
Low Cost Cosplay Guy Cosplaying Korean Celebrity

Low Cost Cosplay Cosplaying Female Korean Celebrity

Let’s start the list with a collection of Cha’s low cost cosplay contents, cosplaying female Korean celebrities. Yes, you will see lots of Lisa on the list, because Cha is also known for his love for Lisa from Blackpink.

Let’s check them out below!

1. Hair Made of Chocolate and Strawberry Pocky

Source: Pinterest

Lisa is one of the most popular Blackpink members who changed her hairstyle a lot. Here, we can see that Cha was cosplaying Lisa’s black and pink hair using only two boxes of Pocky; chocolate and strawberry. Cute, right?

2. Pink Paper ss the Dress

Source: Pinterest (@Md Moshaib)

Cha also did a great job in cosplaying Rose. He created Rose’s pink dress using pink tissue papers, lots of them! As for the blonde hair, he used thin gold strings and arranged them together to create shiny blonde hair. 

3. Chocolate Pocky Only, Please!

Source: Pinterest (@Asy Winati)

You can be creative like Cha in cosplaying your favorite Korean celebrity by recreating the hair using chocolate Pocky only. As you can see, Cha successfully created the actress’ two-colored hair using many sticks of Pocky snacks.

4. Low Cost Lisa Cosplay

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

Another Lisa low lost cosplay idea! It uses something you can easily find in the kitchen, plus a gold art paper to create Lisa’s crop top. As for the hair, get yourself a black long wig and set up an angle for a photo to make it look real. Well, almost real that is. 

5. Make Your Black Cat Useful

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

If you have a black cat as a pet, then you can make your pet useful like what Cha did with his black cat pet. Use your cat as a black dress and complete the low cost cosplay look with a simple Korean makeup. Amazing and hilarious at the same time, don’t you think?

6. Gold Bidet for the Bling

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

We know that Lisa is the brand ambassador of Bvlgari. So, why not recreate her the low cost version of her look? Instead of wearing a stunning Bvlgari necklace, use a gold bidet as a replacement. As for Cha, we think he did amazing on this one, not to mention the flawless makeup as well. 

7. Use Your Drawing Skill

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

If you are skilled in body painting, then you can take Cha’s work in drawing a Korean artist on his arm as an inspiration. This is one of Cha’s best contents in cosplaying two Korean celebs at once. Get high-quality body paints for excellent results. 

8. The “Almost Perfect” Cosplay!

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

Yes, we do think that this low cost cosplay is just almost perfect! As you can see, Cha was able to portray the Korean actress perfectly using similar outfits and flawless Korean makeup, too! However, although the two are very similar in a way, the most hilarious part about this cosplay is definitely the mustache. 

9. Plus Size Jennie

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

Jennie looks super sexy in this pic, with a green off-shoulder top and hot pants while pouring a bottle of Sprite on her head. Well, Cha was actually cosplaying Jennie by wearing the same outfit, but with a plus size body. The stomach is something to laugh about. But the hair is awesome, though. 

10. Noodles, Anyone?

Source: Pinterest

Say hello again to Lisa. We think she looks gorgeous with a white hat and blonde long wavy hair. Being a fan, Cha successfully cosplayed Lisa with the white hat made of a white bowl, and the wavy hair made of noodles. Also, let’s not forget about the red lips and his facial expression, please. 

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Low Cost Cosplay Cosplaying Male Korean Celebrity

Not only female Korean celebrities, Cha also cosplayed many male Korean celebs using low cost items and objects. Now let’s take a look at some of his most amazing works while cosplaying your favorite Korean celebs including Jimin and many more!

11. The Black Cat Did It Again!

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

Oh my, we think the black cat did it again! But this time, the cat was used to create a black vest under a gray blazer. We have to admit that the result was amazing, especially since he also put on some makeup and styled his hair for better results. 

12. What A Dimple!

Source: Pinterest

Well, who would have thought that a dimple on someone’s cheek can be made using bar soap? But Cha nailed it using one Lux bar soap. This is a funny low cost cosplay guy Korean celebrity look alike on our list. It has a parody and humor touch to it, and is pretty creative, too!

13. Use Rubber Bands, Hundreds of Them!

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

Next, we have a creative homemade Korean actor cosplay using one of the simplest objects at home. Can you guess what it is? It’s a rubber band, lots of rubber bands! Create a see-through shirt using rubber bands, just like the one the celeb wore. 

14. Don’t Throw Away Your Used Cans Yet

Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

Right here we have one of the most wonderful handicraft items made by Cha. He created a silver necklace using the knobs of used cans. We were surprised at how he was able to create economical Korean star looks using these simple items, really! 

15. Curly Hair, Literally

Source: Pinterest (@Karmy)

Many male K-pop singers have blonde curly or wavy hairstyles, and you can recreate the look like Cha, using a pack of instant noodles. This is an innovative idea for thrifty K-culture imitations, with pretty good results, too. 

16. Your Baguette Has Another Purpose

Your Baguette Has Another Purpose
Source: Pinterest (@Victoria🤎)

Cha is famous because of his brilliant ideas in cosplaying characters. Being an expert low cost cosplay guy Korean celebrity look-alike stuff, he shares creative Korean cosplay ideas by using a piece of Baguette to replace the brown cap.

Plus, we also need to praise his effort in applying pale makeup, right?

17. Low Cost Cosplay using Long Beans

Low Cost Cosplay using Long Beans
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

A healthy low cost cosplay idea might not be available online, but finally, Cha created one for us to enjoy. He used several pieces of long beans and turned them into green hair, just like one of the K-pop singers’ hairstyles.

In our opinion, the color shows an excellent match. Great job, Cha!

18. Use A Toilet Plunger as A Hat

Use A Toilet Plunger as A Hat
Source: Pinterest

Do you know that you can use a toilet plunger to create a headpiece for cosplay? You can remove the stick of the plunger, and use the rubber as a headband. It will look exactly like a cap used on colossal Korean movies.

You can create the look by wearing a black kimono. Very innovative, indeed!

19. Colorful Straws and A Beanie

Colorful Straws and A Beanie
Source: Pinterest (@BlazePress)

Don’t let your colorful straws just lay around at home if you can use them for cosplay. Take this next idea, for instance.

We can say that Cha is a low cost cosplay guy Korean celebrity look alike expert, because he successfully recreated a look that features colorful hair with a black beanie. Also, don’t forget the white face powder, too. 

20. Make Use of Your Fan

Make Use of Your Fan
Source: Pinterest (@Tediado)

A traditional Korean hat can be created using something that you can find at home. Based on the shape of the hat, you can use your fan’s cover and wear it on your head. As for the red kimono, you can save budget by wearing a plastic red rain coat as a replacement, too!

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11. Red Chilli Hair Highlights

Red Chilli Hair Highlights
Source: Pinterest

Moving on to the next inspiration from Cha, the low cost cosplay guy Korean celebrity look alike, we have a brilliant idea of a hairstyle recreation using red chili! Yes, you heard it right, red chilis is all you need.

Inspired by a famous K-pop male singer’s hair style, use the chili as a highlight. It’s easy, cheap, and very creative!

12. Stainless Steel Soup Spoons to the Rescue!

Stainless Steel Soup Spoons to the Rescue!
Source: Pinterest (@•𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓵 ☠︎ 𝓢𝓱𝓮𝓵𝓵•)

A set of stainless steel metal spoons is all you need for this next idea. While we know that our favorite K-pop singers have the most gorgeous hairstyles ever, Cha proves that he can have the same hair using silver soup spoons. 

13. Cucumber at Work

Cucumber at Work
Source: Pinterest (@Sheikh Naveen)

Colorful microphones are part of K-pop singers’ must-have items on stage. You can cosplay the microphones by using the things you have in your kitchen.

A green microphone looks like a cucumber in a way, and that’s why Cha decided to make use of a cucumber as a mic. Then, apply pale makeup and put on a red wig for an excellent result.

14. Stamped Jimin, Plus Size Jimin

Stamped Jimin, Plus Size Jimin
Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

Next, we have one of the easiest low cost cosplay guy Korean celebrity look alike ideas from Cha. To create one yourself, wear a black jacket unbuttoned and create calligraphy stamps using sponges, and stamp your front body area.

However, the only difference with Cha is the size of the stomach. 

15. A Designer’s Masterpiece

A Designer’s Masterpiece
Source: Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth)

To create a yellow shiny turtleneck shirt, Cha creatively came up with the idea of using yellow plastic strings. It required a lot of handwork to create the item, and might take a lot of time as well. However, if you want to recreate Cha’s work, we support you fully, because the result will be amazing!

Final Thoughts

The world of cosplay does not only require expensive costumes and accessories. Sometimes, you can cosplay your favorite Korean celebrities using cheap and affordable objects as well.

However, when it comes to low cost cosplay ideas, Cha or Lonelyman is the right person to follow, and we have gathered some of his best works in cosplaying Korean celebrities on this list, only for you. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the message behind his low-cost cosplay approach?

The message behind Cha’s low cost cosplay approach is that you can cosplay any character using affordable objects and materials. Cosplay doesn’t always have to be expensive. 

Has the low-cost cosplay guy collaborated with other celebrities or brands?

There is no valid information gathered from the web regarding this topic. But if you see his Instagram contents, you can see that he has been using several products that might be done based on endorsement, such as Pocky snacks or electronic brands.

Most fans love his interpretations from a humorous point of view. His low cost cosplay works are based on his own personal interpretations using basic and cheap objects. The results are just hilarious and most followers love his creativity and originality.

How has the low-cost cosplay guy influenced the cosplay community?

Cha has been influencing the cosplay community by posting his own original contents rather than relying on a lot of reposted memes or videos that others have made. He has been improving his production value and skill over the years as well, which helps him create better contents from time to time.

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