25 Out-of-the-box Cosplay Ideas from The Famous Low Cost Cosplay Guy

In the world of cosplay, there is one guy known as “Lonelyman” who is a famous low cost cosplay guy from Thailand who has around 2 million followers on Instagram. His contents have been growing over the years, and he has been creating cheap costumes using simple household items, including his cats, too!

low cost cosplay guy
Cosplay Ideas from The Famous Low Cost Cosplay Guy

His name is Anucha Saengchart or Cha, and below we will share with you some of his best and most hilarious works that will definitely be inspiring for you and all cosplayers out there.

Low Cost Cosplay Guy Cosplaying Movie Characters

Cha is known as a low cost cosplayer who can cosplay anything! Now let’s check some of the best contents when he was cosplaying famous movie characters. 

1. Low Budget Version of Shang-Ci

Source: Pinterest

Who would have thought that you can use condoms to cosplay as Shang-Ci? Cha was clearly successful in doing it because he can create amazing effects of Chang-Ci powers using condoms. You can recreate his work, just make sure you use new condoms, of course. 

2. I Am Venom, with a Bra

Source: Pinterest (@My Modern Met)

We don’t know exactly whose bra and panty he used to cosplay as Venom, but seeing how amazing the result was, we really don’t care. This low cost cosplay guy used the bra as the eyes and panties and the head cover.

Then, he used lots and lots of white cotton buds to create the teeth.

2. Captain America with a Ducktape

Source: Pinterest

Cosplaying Captain America turns out to be super easy for Cha. He just grabbed a blue wig, a clear duck tape, and then the letter A made of art paper. Creatively, he used a rubber watch to create a chin cover. How creative was that? 

4. Morticia Adams and The Black Cat

Source: Pinterest

This is practically a zero-cost cosplay idea because Cha only utilizes his black cat as the costume. However, if you’re interested to recreate this look, get yourself a black long hair wig and put on a pale makeup to look like Morticia Adams. 

5. Cruella and the Cats

Source: Pinterest (@My Modern Met)

When Char saw his black and white cats lying around the house, we think he immediately got the idea to use them as a Cruella costume, don’t you think? It turned out to be hilarious, so if you have a black and white cat at home, you can cosplay as Cruella, too!

Low Cost Cosplay Guy Cosplaying Anime Characters

Just like most cosplayers, Cha is a low cost cosplay guy who also cosplayed many anime characters using simple household items, including food and vegetables. Here are some of the results that we think will amaze you with the results,

6. Chips-inspired Naruto

Source: Pinterest

This is probably one of the earliest works of Cha, and he was using chips to cosplay as Naruto. As for the headband, he created it himself, which you can easily create one for yourself, too.

Also, make sure you include the packaging of the chips as part of your costume too. Hilarious!

7. The “Healthy” Senku

Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

If you have cabbages laying around on your kitchen table, you can copy what Cha was doing. Yes, you can cosplay as Senku and use cabbages as his hair! In our opinion, the colors of the cabbages look exactly like Senku’s hair. 

8. Low Cost Natsuki Subaru Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Makoto Mizuno)

Cha is a low cost cosplay guy who can use simply anything as cosplay materials. As for this one, he was using white cable plugs to cosplay as Natsuki Subaru. The white cables are used as the hair, and the power button as the left eye.

Put some makeup on for a dramatic effect to complete the look. Brilliant!

9. Used Toothbrush Creates Satoru Gojo

Source: Pinterest

Here we have one of the most brilliant budget-friendly cosplay ideas created by the famous low cost cosplay guy. Cha was using a single black toothbrush to cosplay as Satoru Gojo. The brush creates the hair, and the stick becomes the eye cover.

This is a photo illusion that came from a brilliant cosplay idea. 

10. Simple and Effective Shanks Cosplay Idea

Source: Pinterest

One of the most iconic things about Shanks is the scar on his face, and the red hair of course. Well, Cha was pretty creative about the scar because he asked his cat to create that scar on his face. Then, he dyed his hair red for the final touch using a red hair color product.

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Low Cost Cosplay Guy Cosplaying Food

Yes, Cha is also known as a low cost cosplay guy who often cosplays as food. In fact, we love his works in cosplaying as food. They are funny and very creative. Below we have five of the most creative food cosplays to check out!

11. KFC Spicy Chicken Wing

Source: boredpanda

We just have to admit that this one has an amazing level of skill. Using only a brown golden blanket and colorful paper cutouts, Cha was able to cosplay as a KFC spicy chicken wing. And the result, it makes us want to have a bite. 

12. A True Bacon King Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@NATOGO)

We don’t know how, but we think Cha is a low cost cosplay guy who successfully turned his head into a tasty-looking Bacon King. If you are a cosplayer who’s in the process of becoming a food cosplayer, you might want to try this one out.

13. Tasty Shrimp Roll

Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

A tasty shrimp roll is something that not much people want to cosplay, except Cha, that is. This one shows that he can cosplay every food, even a piece of shrimp roll using a yellow blanket and a pair of orange socks

14. Your Pet’s Participation is Necessary

Source: Pinterest (@eBaumsWorld)

If you’re tired of seeing your white cat just sit around and do nothing all day, let’s get the cat to work, just like what Cha did with his cat. You can ask your cat to cosplay as a sunny side up along with a yellow ball.

Looking tasty, don’t you think?

15. Twister Ice Cream Cosplay Idea

Source: Pinterest (@amzn.to)

In the hot summer days, we think recreating Cha’s look is a refreshing idea. He cosplayed as Twister Ice Cream by dyeing his hair pink covered with a green striped cloth or piece of fabric.

What an easy and cheap cosplay idea for this summer!

Low Cost Cosplay Guy Cosplaying Weird Things

Being one of the most viral personalities on social media, Cha is known as a cosplayer who often cosplays as some weird things as well. He was seen cosplaying monsters or icons such as below:

16. The Most Creative Alien Cosplay Ever!

The Most Creative Alien Cosplay Ever!
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

We have to admit that this is the most creative alien cosplay ever! Can you imagine how he created an image of an alien using a black makeup pen around his nose? And the result, as you can see, it was on point!

17. The Edible Demogorgon Cosplay

The Edible Demogorgon Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

We know how Demogorgon was scary, huge and intimidating in Stranger Things. But If Cha is cosplaying as the monster, we believe you will immediately smile from ear to ear. Cha was cosplaying the monster using slices of pizza!

Once the photo session is over, we bet he immediately ate all the pieces. 

18. Low Cost Scooter

Low Cost Scooter
Source: Pinterest (@PABO)

A scooter is a unique item that looks pretty complicated to cosplay. In fact, we rarely see any cosplayer think of cosplaying a scooter, anyway. But not for Cha, because Lonely has what it takes to prove that he can be a scooter. And looking at the result, we believe him, without a doubt. 

19. The Effortless Cosplay of the Frog

The Effortless Cosplay of the Frog
Source: Pinterest

This is DIY cosplay on a budget. Wel.. it’s actually zero cost because Cha only needs a green sleeveless shirt and a scissor. You can recreate the look by cutting the areas as shown on the pic to create the eyes and mouth of the frog. 

20. A Sad Emoticon, with a Mustache!

A Sad Emoticon, with a Mustache!
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

We all know that this is a sad emoticon and it’s pretty adorable that Cha was thinking about cosplaying as the emoticon. He only uses two pieces of Oreo and a skin-colored head cover.

However, his version of the sad emoticon has a mustache, and we don’t mind, really. 

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Low Cost Cosplay Guy Cosplaying Animals

Our last category consists of Cha’s ideas of cosplaying animals using simple items we have at home. Let’s take a look and who knows maybe you can recreate a look for the next cosplay even with your friends.

21. Bubbles Turn Into a Puppy

Bubbles Turn Into a Puppy
Source: Pinterest (@David Santacruz)

This white little puppy looks adorable, and Cha successfully recreates the look of the puppy, using only soap bubbles! Well, while you’re in the shower, you might want to take your time to practice cosplaying as this puppy. 

22. Bread Crumbs-Made Poodle Cosplay

Bread Crumbs-Made Poodle Cosplay
Source: boredpanda

Don’t let a bag of bread crumbs go to waste by using them to cosplay as a little poodle. You can cover your face with bread crumbs and form a shape of a poodle’s face, including the ears, too. Very creative indeed!

23. Goldfish Cosplay Made of Oranges

Goldfish Cosplay Made of Oranges
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

A pack of oranges can turn into materials to cosplay as a goldfish. Well, we think it only happened in Cha’s world. But we do think that it’s very creative and out-of-the-box. Interesting to have a try?

24. DIY Kangaroo Cosplay

DIY Kangaroo Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

Working together with your little furry friend can actually turn into a creative social media content. Take this one for instance. Cha was working with his car to cosplay as a Kangaroo carrying its baby in the front pocket.

Use a brown towel and create the ears to create an authentic look.

25. Turn Hangers into Spider Legs

Turn Hangers into Spider Legs
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

A round-shaped spider looked like an easy animal for Cha to cosplay. In our opinion, he was able to cosplay as this spider perfectly using only his body and six hangers. For extra details, he also painted his body in gray to give extra authenticity. 

Final Thoughts

With more than 2 million followers on Instagram, Cha has gained popularity and we can also see that his skills and abilities continue to grow in many years. With so many amazing and creative works, Cha provides simple cosplay ideas for beginners using adorable cosplay materials that anyone can find at home.

If you are a beginner who just entered the world of cosplay, especially the low cost side, we believe Cha’s works will become a great inspiration. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the low-cost cosplay guy and how did he become famous?

His name is Anucha Saengchart, or Cha, famous for his online presence as Lowcost Cosplay or Lonelyman. He is a Thai social media personality and cosplayer known for his cheap costumes using household items. 

Why is the Low Cost Cosplay Guy so Great?

Cha is famous because he is quite different from other influencers, because he always posts his own original content rather than relying on reposted memes. He has been making hilarious low cost costumes since 2013 and his skills have definitely stepped up in recent years. 

What materials does the low-cost cosplay guy typically use for his costumes?

He uses whatever he has in the house from eating utensils, plungers, towels, baking flour, and nowadays, he often includes his pets to participate in his contents, too.

Where can fans follow the low-cost cosplay guy and see his latest creations?

Fans can follow cha’s social accounts including his Instagram account @lowcostcosplayth, Facebook @lowcostcosplay, or X @lowcostcosplay.

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