Meet the EaseVRx Virtual Reality Headset: The Future of Therapeutic Pain Reliever is Here!

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest growing sectors in technology. After all, you can apply VR tech in various aspects of life, including health! Believe it or not, the vast virtual world also holds the secret to alleviate pains. Check out the EaseVRx. This device utilizes virtual reality headgear technology as a tool for pain treatment therapy.

When it comes to therapeutic pain-relievers, the medical world has not optimally taken advantage of VR technology. However, EaseVRx is about to change that. As a pioneering product, this pain-reliever device will spark further interests on VR technology application in health sectors.

The EaseVRX is developed by the creative minds of Applied VR through a comprehensive research that combines digital and health technologies. The company uses a specialized VR headset and a device that can amplify the sound of breathing.

As a result, the EaseVRx is effective to create relaxation and distraction effects. The users who put on this device will be in a state of bliss and relaxed so they do not feel pain.

Using the cognitive therapy principles, the EaseVRx is able to reduce pain level for a significant amount of time. In fact, the product claims that the pain reduction effect can be observed for several months after usage.

EaseVRx Headset to Treat Your Pain Away

In layman’s terms, the EaseVRx is a bit like hypnotism. For example, users with lasting knee pain will feel more at ease after putting on this VR headset. After all, pain is very closely related with human’s psychology. You can influence someone’s brain to feel less pain through cognitive therapy offered by the EaseVRx.

According to experts, EaseVRx may become an excellent therapeutic pain-reliever because it significantly reduces painkillers consumption. Thanks to this VR headset, you will need less drugs and that is a great thing. After all, prolonged pain killer pills usage can harm your body and may cause addiction.

EaseVRx Headset to Treat Your Pain Away

For people who have lingering pain because of injuries or old age, you should just put on the EaseVRx and ease up! There is no need to ingest chemicals anymore and just enjoy the sound of relaxing breathing and visuals in the world of VR.

Furthermore, EaseVRx is capable of reducing pain up to 30%. The test was conducted as part of the product approval process before it can be sold publicly. 

The effectiveness of this device as therapeutic pain-reliever has been acknowledged by the medical world. As a proof, the American’s Food and Drug Agency (FDA) has approved the distribution of EaseVRx that can ease pain.

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