Mr Big Shot Fancy-Pants Desk Sign

This Mr Big Shot Fancy-Pants Desk Sign will let your co-workers instantly know who they’re dealing with on a day to day basis.

This funny office gadget will look very organically on your work desk. But as soon as someone notices your desk sign there is bound to be some laughter at your workplace.

Only buy it for your boss, if you’re certain about his or hers sense of humor. If you are, then have it and you just might have a shot at becoming your boss’s favorite,

at least in a not work-related way. You can even buy it for yourself and place it on your desk. You could also buy it for one of your friends that are starting a new job.

Whether you buy it with sincere intentions or just to poke some fun at them is your business. 

Mr Big Shot Fancy-Pants Desk Sign

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