27 Lovely Newborn Photoshoot Ideas for Your Timeless Moments

Having a Newborn baby is one of the most wonderful things in life. Parents encounter unforgettable experiences from early pregnancy until the baby is finally coming into the world. The moment when the baby is born should be one of the most magical and heartwarming moments in life. Plus, it should be cherished and kept as your timeless moments forever. Therefore, we think taking newborn photoshoots can be a great way for you to do it.

There are various newborn photoshoot ideas to consider. Outdoor, Indoor, and even anti mainstream photoshoots ideas are available for you to try. We wholeheartedly compiled 22 newborn photoshoot ideas for you below. We can assure you that you can find the best one that will completely suit your lovely newborn baby’s photo.

When Should Newborn Photos be Taken?

Delivering a baby is laborious. It usually continues on the first week when you need to feed the baby frequently while taking care of your skin and nutrition after labor. Thus, the best time to take newborn photos is on the 7th to 10th day after birth. After the first week, you can be more relaxed and already adjust your schedule to the baby’s hours. At that moment, the baby will still be flexible, too. It will be easier for you to get that adorable womb-like pose.

How Do You Prepare A Newborn for A Photoshoot?

First, schedule your newborn photoshoot before the baby is born, based on the estimated birth date. Second;y, play with your baby and keep her awake before the photo session. Third, feed your baby 20 minutes before the session starts. Change your baby’s diaper after feeding her and undress her because babies usually look more adorable naked. Finally, keep calm and watch the photographer and the crew work their magic.

Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

When the weather is nice, outdoor newborn photo shoots are a wonderful thing to do. Lake, city bridges, garden, backyard, field and even snow can be your choices of setting. Even though the external factors can bring challenges into the whole process, the results of the outdoor newborn photoshoot is unmatched.

Even though your baby will not remember the photoshoot process, we bet they will still be amazed by looking at their own photograph when they grow up. TO give you some inspirations we have compiled some amazing outdoor photoshoots for you. So, let’s check them out!

1. Baby Near the Lake

Taking newborn photoshoots outdoors can be done in many places. One of the most recommended places is on a wooden bridge near the lake. The blanket colors that perfectly match the lake area are light and dark brown colors. You can set up a black bucket and fill it with a brown pillow. Put your newborn baby sleeping on it and cover her with a blanket. Look at how lovely she is sleeping on her hands in the photograph.

2. Baby an A Box With Greens

Do you like the color green and nature? If you do, why not let your baby mingles in nature in their newborn photoshoot. The grass, sunlight, and wind will treat your baby with adorable softness. To recreate this photo, just set up a brown wood box and fill it with a green hairy blanket. Look at how cute the baby is, sleeping peacefully under the warm sun. 

3. Newborn baby Girl with Papa and Big Brother

A natural and ordinary photoshoot can be an option for your newborn photoshoot outdoors. Besides the mother, the father and big brother also can be in the photoshoot. The outfit does not have to be fancy because it can be simply well-fitted and clean clothes. The point is to capture the moment with the newborn baby’s family. Even the backyard or your house’s garden can be the place you do your newborn baby photoshoot.

4. Baby and Mama Near A Brick Wall

A Mama holding a baby is probably the most beautiful thing in the world. The love, touch, and warmth are shown completely captured by this photograph. This photoshoot was done near a classic brick wall. The other property in it is the white flowers which look purely beautiful, complimenting the photograph. Also, the baby looks so calm and comfortable being held by the mother. Mama is wearing a white dress that gives a simple look without any additional accessory.

5. Baby and Papa at The Field

Another place for you to have your newborn photoshoot outdoors is in a field. The open air, sunset, and orange sky will make a wonderful set of background for your photoshoot. In our opinion, the simple outfits and monochrome colors would be the best thing to wear for this photoshoot. White shirt, brown pants, and white baby gown would look perfect. Papa can stand holding the baby and smile naturally. Show your love to your baby and freeze it in the photograph.

6. Mama and Baby Enjoying Summer

All seasons bring joy to everyone’s life and one of them is Summer. The flowers on their beautiful dresses are blooming radiantly. They are laying down on a pink blanket that looks aligned with the flowers’ color. The color combinations, the poses, mommy’s makeup, and the accessories look simple and compliment the whole photoshoot. In our opinion, their picture looks simply beautiful.

7. Newborn Baby Laying an A Bridge

Bridge can be a wonderful setting to do an outdoor newborn photoshoot. Pick the best time to have the sunset sky as well as city lights to get the most dramatic effect. On this photoshoot, it is necessary to have it while the baby is awake. Her small eyes and skin will look captivating with her hands close to her face. Simply cover her with a blanket and lay her down on a thin bed, then she is ready for her romantic newborn photoshoot on a bridge.

8. Little Star on Snow

Having a newborn baby during the winter season gives you a chance to enjoy the snow with her. As the newborn baby’s skin still has brown adipose tissue that controls her body temperature, you can take the newborn photo outdoors. Make sure you have enough sunlight and put on a star whole body jacket for your baby. The star winter coat is a wonderful costume for your newborn baby. She will feel warm and look cute at the same time.

Creative Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

The creative newborn photoshoot can be both taken indoor and outdoor. But the key is to make something deeply meaningful and unique. The result can bring a new view about newborn babies or manifesting a fantasy in it. It does not matter whether you do the photoshoot with a professional team or just with your partner at home.

To give you the image of creative newborn photoshoot ideas, we compiled it on the list below. Let’s get to it!

9. Snuggle There, Little Lamb

Have you ever thought about newborn baby cosplay? Well, if you haven’t then we think it’s time for you to consider. The newborn baby photoshoot can be done with your baby wearing a lamb costume. The white wool hat with small ears combined with a white and soft fabric swaddling the baby. However, it looks adorably cute leaving the baby’s feet uncovered. She looks peacefully sleeping on a green bed. Moreover, the color combination of green and white makes the photoshoot look simply refreshing, too.

10. Baby an A Pink Rose

Flowers are identical to female babies. Flowers also used to symbolize certain meanings, too. So you can choose a certain flower to be the theme of your newborn baby photoshoot. Pink color is also commonly used for girls to represent femininity and love. The pink rose that is used to wrap the baby may represent love, admiration, and also gratitude. Therefore, if you would like to arrange a newborn photoshoot for your daughter, that you can mindfully choose the best flower for it.

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11. Sweet Dream Baby

Do you have good photo editing skills? If you do, it is an advantage for you when you do a newborn photoshoot. You can just simply take the photo of your sleeping newborn baby and combine it with a picture of nature. The baby looks like sleeping on the clouds with the mountains and trees as the blanket. We believe that it looks like she is having the sweetest dream in her sleep.

12. Baby on The Cloud

Source: Pinterest (@dinkyfeet.co.uk)

The newborn baby photoshoot is not limited to indoor and outdoor photoshoots only. Instead, it also comes as an art that can be made out of the photographer’s imagination. After all, a creative newborn photoshoot can be a dream come true, especially when the parents have waited for the baby to be in their life for a long time. The baby’s birth surely feels like an angel sent by the cloud. It can be manifested through this photoshoot of a baby on the cloud. We think the white cotton is also the perfect property for this photoshoot.

13. Swinging Baby

Source: Pinterest (@Baby’s world)

Have you ever seen a newborn baby swinging? If you would like to, then we think this photograph makes it look so real. Look at her swinging on a wooden swing. She even holds the rope tightly as she smiles in her sleep. Her outfit matches the color tone of the background and the flowers in the swing’s rope. As for the costume, she adorably wears a lace bodysuit with long sleeves. Last but not least, don’t forget to put a bow on her head. The last touch makes it perfect.

14. Newborn Nerd

Source: Pinterest (@tulamama.com)

Who says being a nerd is boring? This nerd baby looks enjoying his nerdiness to the next level. The ashen color background and bed combined with colorful books makes the books look more appealing. The oversized sunglasses are the only baby outfit. He looks so calm and peacefully enjoying his books. Those books can be his best friend as he grows up.

15. The First Fistbump

Baby boy and Papa have a strong chemistry even when the baby’s just born. The first thing Papa can do with his baby boy is through fistbump. It looks so lovely with the baby naked and only Papa’s hand in the frame. Nobody can resist this bond and it will be a great memory for the baby boy as he grows up. This simple pose completely manifests that Papa and son are tied in harmony.

16. Black and White Newborn Babies

Black and white color combination is the simplest yet the most dramatic style of newborn photoshoot. The baby looks so calm and restful sleeping in her parents’ hands. When the baby is usually left alone or laid on a soft blanket, this photo is taken while the baby was held by the parents. This photo holds a deep meaning where both parents are showing the same responsibility in caring and raising the baby, which in our opinion, it is essential in building a family.

Indoor Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

Another setting you can consider when it comes to newborn photoshoot is definitely indoor photoshoot. It provides a secure space where you can think about other things besides weather, and time of the photoshoot. Indoor newborn photoshoot allows you to be more relaxed because everything can be conditioned and simplified. The outfits, lighting, decorations and properties are usually well-prepared by the photographer and team.

Here we compiled those amazing indoor newborn photoshoot ideas for you. Let’s just get down to the list!

17. Little Family Skin-To-Skin

Little Family Skin-To-Skin

The first indoor photoshoot idea is a skin-to-skin photoshoot with the baby’s parents. The monochrome concept looks incredibly dramatic reflecting a precious new life. The baby is held by the father on his chest while hugged by the mother. In our opinion, the photo also looks romantic since the parents are wholeheartedly smiling to each other. Their gesture and the picture focuses on the baby while also having the parents figure in it.

18. Relaxed Baby and Mama

Relaxed Baby and Mama

A newborn moment brings a big change into the parents’ life, especially the mother’s life. It changes every aspect of life, starting with the sleep time and duration, time to take care of herself, even time to eat. Her body also will adjust with her new situation after giving birth. Your photoshoot can be very relaxed because you can do it at home on your own bed. Just wear matching sleepwear, lay down with your baby on your chest, sleeping together and relaxed.

19. Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas Baby

Another indoor photoshoot idea your baby can do is the themed photoshoot. One of the themes is a Christmas photoshoot, and you can use Christmas properties like a red skirt, Santa’s hat, and also the Christmas Tree balls. The baby clothes or shirt are not necessary in newborn photo shoots because they look naturally adorable when they are naked. Thus, you can leave the baby half naked by putting on only the red skirt. That way, the baby will also feel more comfortable without too much clothes on her body.

20. Baby in White Brocade

Baby in White Brocade

Do you know that even a newborn baby can pose? Their flexible body allows them to do cute poses that adults cannot do. There are lots of baby photo poses, one of them is this bum-up tummy pose. She even looks so relaxed laying her head on a pillow with a white brocade bow on her head. We do think that the photoshoot properties look so adorable as well, from the small white bed to the vintage box under the bed.

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21. Twin in One Blanket

Twin in One Blanket

Having a twin is another magical experience in having new members to your little family. Especially when you have a son and daughter at the same time. Their newborn photoshoot will be another level of cuteness. As they look naturally adorable, you can just cover them with a natural blue blanket. Give a little bow on your daughter’s head and their birthdate crafted on a wooden calendar blocks beside them. You will eventually have a small visual of how they were living peacefully in the womb.

22. Wrapped Little Twin

Wrapped Little Twin

Another twin photoshoot idea is by wrapping and swaddling them like a cocoon with their little fingers showing up. Having a twin with the same gender allows you to choose various color tones. When you decide the blanket color to be pink, you can also choose baby pink, salmon pink, carnation pink, and other pink colors. Head bows and bandanas are identical for daughters. Thus, you can put them on your babies’ heads. We can assure you that they will look more adorable on their photoshoot.

Newborn Photoshoot Ideas with Siblings

Another newborn photoshoot idea that we can’t skip is a photoshoot with siblings. Of course, mom and dad are not the only people who feel happy to welcome the little one, because big brother and sister are equally excited. Check out some of the most adorable newborn photoshoots with siblings for your recommendations.

23. The Happy Big Brother

The Happy Big Brother
Source: Pinterest (@thebump.com)

One of the happiest moments that a big brother has been waiting for is definitely the birth of his little baby brother. So, let’s make the moment be captured beautifully by recreating this lovely photo. You don’t need to prepare too many props for this photo. Simply put a casual daily attire on your oldest, and put on a pair of baby pants on your newborn. Then place the baby on the big bro’s legs and just let them play around naturally. In our opinion, this kind of photo will show you how much the big brother is happy to welcome his baby brother. 

24. Hello Little Sister

Hello Little Sister
Source: Pinterest (@bcouturephotography.com)

The bond between two sisters is rock solid and it’s simply unbreakable. If you want to capture the moment of happiness between your oldest daughter and your newborn girl, we recommend you to conduct a special photoshoot for that. Prepare a simple white dress for both, and make sure you include two ribbons for your two girls to wear together. Your oldest can put her baby sister on her lap for the pic. In our opinion, this is the perfect photo that shows how much she loves her baby sister.

25. A Kiss for My New Born Baby Sister

A Kiss for My New Born Baby Sister
Source: Pinterest (@reajrobertsphotography.com)

Next up we have a sweet and adorable newborn photo that will melt our hearts. This picture features an older sister giving a sweet kiss on her new baby brother or sister’s forehead. It shows how much she loves the baby and shows pure love in the best way possible. You can simply put the baby on a bed and let your oldest wear her tutu skirt with her hair pulled up. If you ask us, we really think that this is one of the most adorable photo ideas to pick.

26. Baby with Big Brothers

Baby with Big Brothers
Source: Pinterest (@partylikeacherry.com)

This adorable photo is super cute as it shows how happy your three boys are of their new addition to the gang. Having a new little brother means they will have a bigger crew at home! If you happen to have three boys already and recently welcomed a new baby boy, then we highly recommend you to pick this idea. You can have the kids shirtless like this, or you can prepare matching shirts to make the photo look even more adorable.

27. Baby Brother in Hand with Little Bunny

Baby Brother in Hand with Little Bunny

There’s nothing more relaxing and calming than having your kids’ photo taken while they are sleeping in each other’s arms. For your oldest son, having a little baby brother means more than just having a new sibling, because it also means that now, he has more responsibilities of taking care of his baby brother. Well, we think this photo tells all and we can be sure that he will take good care of his brother. Plus, he got help from the little bunny on the job. Adorable, don’t you think?

Final Thoughts

Newborn moments should be immortalized because they pass by as quick as a flash. You will only realize it as the baby grows up and becomes a toddler. As the time comes, you should not feel any regrets for not freezing the memories in newborn photoshoots. Indoor photoshoots are perfect for a well conditioned setting.

Meanwhile outdoor photoshoots allow you to experience the open air and direct sunlight. Besides indoor and outdoor photoshoots, there are also creative photoshoot ideas with various uncommon baby poses.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What should a baby wear for newborn pictures?

Newborn babies are naturally adorable whatever they are wearing. They even look attractive naked, especially with their butt visible. Letting your baby have a naked photoshoot is not the only way to get their best photos. There are clothes choices you can put on your baby, such as a well fitted gown or onesie, swaddle her with a blanket, and put on a hat or bow. Some animal costumes like sheep, cows, etc will look extremely cute on your baby, too.

How do you cover a newborn baby?

Newborn babies are so weak that you need to make sure the cover does not go higher than their shoulders. Covering them to their face can cause a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the worst nightmare for all parents. Make sure you cover them tight and high enough to keep them warm and comfortable for the photoshoot. Babies love being swaddled because it feels just like how they were in the womb, warm and softly hugging their whole small body.

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