Ravik Electric Surfboard: Explore the Fierce Waves Elegantly

Surfing the waves is definitely the ultimate way to enjoy the open sea. You just need to relax and balance yourself as you stand up on your surfboard. Become one with the currents and imagine yourself as a dolphin. Now with the innovative Awake Ravik electric surfboard, you get to glide even more freely on the surface of the beautiful ocean.

Traditionally, a regular surfboard does not have any propeller. You rely on the naturally occurring waves to carry you. Unfortunately, not all beaches are suitable for surfers. Some places do not have strong enough winds and rushing streams for conventional surfing.

The invention of the Awake Ravik eliminates that weakness. Because of the electric motor, you can propel yourself forward anytime and anywhere. It is a bit like a miniaturized version of a speedboat for your legs.

With this electric surfing board, you can play in any type of body of water. Areas such as rivers, rough oceans, or lakes are not a problem. You can pass them all with high acceleration easily.   

Ravik Electric Surfboat

The Awake Ravik utilizes very sturdy composite materials for the board. You absolutely need solid structural integrity for this type of equipment. Otherwise, it will get pulverized by the intense waves.

In addition, the components need to be exceptionally rust-resistant due to water and salt exposure. For those reasons, the inventors chose carbon fiber as the main ingredient. It is lightweight and will last for a long time.

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Ravik Electric Surfboat

To maximize the movement speed, this electric surfboard comes with an integrated impeller. This component allows Awake Ravik to effectively redirect water flow for the propulsion system. It is enclosed within the frame to minimize tangle risks and precision-machined to achieve optimal speed.

This elegant electric surfboard uses a whopping 11kW brushless design motor. It allows you to propel forward at the maximum speed of 30 knots. Awake Ravik surfboard certainly packs massive capabilities for such nimble-sized equipment.

Ravik Electric Surfboat

On top of that, the manufactures ingeniously use a motor design that does not require internal coolant. You get to play around with this surfboard all day without needing to worry about overheating.

The electricity source is generated by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One charge can last up to 40 minutes of a surfing session. 

Ravik Electric Surfboat

To adjust the throttle, Awake Ravik comes with a hand-held controller that works wirelessly. You can easily adjust speed and change direction by shifting your weight around using your legs. This surfboard is quite intuitive to handle.

If you fall out of the board, the intelligent Rafik electric surfboard will automatically shut down for safety reasons. This way, surfers won’t have to be concerned with an out-of-control electric surfboard. 

Due to its compact size, awake Ravik can be transported quite easily. For a surfer who seeks to challenge different beaches and travel a lot, this next-gen surfing board is the way to move forward!

Ravik Electric Surfboat

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