The Eco-friendly IAV Smart Cargobike Will Securely Deliver Your Packet Autonomously!

Would you like to have your food sent to you by an autonomous eco-friendly cargo delivery system? Meet the autonomous IAV Smart Cargobike!

This concept mobility platform is designed for urban delivery purposes featuring a self-driving capability. The inventors incorporate AI technology and a clean electric engine on a tricycle! This unique vehicle with zero-emission can deliver goods in a vast storage box.

We are now living in the age of convenience. You can literally deliver anything straight to your home. However, we are also living on the edge of global climatic catastrophe thanks to fossil fuels.

Regular delivery trucks, cars, or motorcycles contribute to destructive climate change. Fortunately, mechanics are also getting more creative by coming with concept vehicles such as IAV Smart Cargobike.

The intelligent delivery vehicle heavily emphasizes its clever and safe storage capability. When an order is placed through this exceptional app, the electric auto tricycle will pick up the product. A business owner will put the goods inside the storage.

The IAV Smart Cargobike will automatically recognize the customer and ride on its own to deliver the ordered goods.

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IAV Smart Cargo Bike

Only authorized people, in this case, the customers, can open the secured box. The integrated app of this innovative tricycle will identify the receivers and allow them to open the storage.

From the concept video, IAV Smart Cargobike also features a semi-autonomous mode. A courier can operate the vehicles and take the product straight to the door. 

On top of that, it also has a “follow-me” mode where IAV Smart Cargobike automatically follows the courier movements.

IAV Smart Cargo Bike

What’s more, the IAV Smart Cargobike features a set of manual pedals that can be operated by the couriers in case the battery runs out. A vehicle powered by human strength certainly will not pollute the environment.

Because of its compact capacity, this electric tricycle is suitable for a short to a mid-range delivery radius. Local businesses can use the IAV Smart Cargobike concept to bring their products to the neighborhood. 

The autonomous nature of this vehicle will decrease human interaction. It can be very beneficial as we still have to deal with an infectious pandemic.

IAV Smart Cargo Bike
IAV Smart Cargo Bike

Furthermore, IAV Smart Cargobike is not just about the vehicle itself but also the delivery system behind it. The platform also offers tracking, fleet monitoring, and after-sales service.

It also comes with an app for the customers that displays relevant information about the currier and notifications. Again, the phone app will serve as the cargo box lock. This way, you can be sure that the product is received by the customer.

For green-minded businesses, the concept IAV Smart Cargobike can be a sustainable alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles. This simple-looking yet sophisticated machine will allow you to distribute your products to the customers without generating pollution.

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