Solar System Galaxy Bracelet

Show off your love for nature with the ultimate piece of nature-inspired jewelry. The solar system galaxy bracelet captures al the amazing beauty of astronomical bodies.

Natural stone beads showcase the unique characteristics of the planets, creating a colorful focal point.  To complete the effect, black lava or aventurine beads provide the perfect contrast to the cheerful center.

In addition to their resplendent beauty, the different gemstones used for this unique beaded bracelet each hold healing properties. 

They have been known to enhance positive energy in their wearers by connecting with the body’s energy pathways. 

Solar System Galaxy Bracelet

If you happen to love statement jewellery pieces, then this amazing bracelet is right up your alley. Use it to complete your look and accentuate your style any day of the week and you will be sure to draw lots of attention.

Solar System Galaxy Bracelet

What an amazing combination of style and meaning in such a delightful package! Express your individuality with one of these charming nature lover’s bracelets and enjoy the compliments.

Solar System Galaxy Bracelet

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