The Most Affordable Smart Telescope ‘DWARF II’ is Powerful and Portable!

Are you looking for an affordable telescope to gaze into the mysterious outer space? The DWARF II portable smart telescope will have your back. This small yet powerful device will help you see objects from extreme distances.

As an intelligent telescope, the inventors equip DWARF II with a 4-Core processor, the Cortex A7 with a processing speed of 1.5 GHz. The brain of this device is capable of running sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to pinpoint the location of a specific star, other celestial objects, or birds! 

The refined AI algorithm will allow the DWARF II to automatically tilt and pan into the preferred direction. This telescope also has azimuth and altitude axis rotations. You can aim this brilliant telescope into the sky to find the exact spot of the stars, galaxies, moons, or planets. 

Getting a picture of a bird in the wild is quite challenging as this animal can be easily spooked and move about quickly. With DWARF II, bird watchers can observe their target from afar with high definitive image quality without disturbing the wildlife.

DWARF II Portable Telescope

The DWARF II is compatible with your smartphone and can be connected via WiFI. This way, you will have an easier time controlling the telescope and viewing the images captured by the capable lenses. The accompanying app will stream the videos or pictures directly to your phone.

Even though this telescope is not big, DWARF II packs effective lenses with a 100mm focal length and 24mm aperture. On top of that, the device is also appropriate for solar observation. The telescope utilizes a SONY IMX45 telephoto sensor.

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DWARF II Portable Telescope

DWARF II is also perfectly able to perform automatic object tracking with high precision thanks to the deep learning network technology. You can follow the movement of the stars or animals smoothly because of the specialized motors. The vibration during tracking is minimum so that it won’t cause blurriness!

The DWARF II comes with regular and panoramic cameras. The two imaging sensors can capture billions of pixels to create sharp images.

DWARF II Portable Telescope

The DWARF II is uniquely shaped like a block. You can easily carry and transport this equipment inside a small backpack. 

For stargazers and birdwatchers who like to go up on remote hills, the portable DWARF II certainly has the edge. Instead of lugging around big and heavy equipment, you can deploy DWARF II quickly to capture images or videos.

DWARF II Portable Telescope

Furthermore, the DWARF II can automatically retract its sensitive lenses when the power is off. This way, the essential part of the telescope is always protected while you are transporting it. The durable design will make this device more sustainable and long-lasting.

The designers of DWARF II, Tinyscope, have raised over $200,000 in Kickstarter. When the project is completed, backers will get to bring this intelligent portable telescope home with an affordable pledge of $350.

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