Transforming Table-Shelf

This Transforming Table-Shelf is a shelf that transforms into a dining table in one swing. In fact, it is called ‘Swing’ and was created by a company named German Smart Living.

Trying to squeeze in a dining table into a small space without making it feel suffocating is on par with sorcery.

This task will become much easier if you invest in this small transformer.

When in shelf-state, ‘Swing’ is only 23” long (60 cm) which makes it easy to fit almost anywhere. But when it’s time to wine and dine, it transforms into a 55”x40” (141×103 cm) table. 

Transforming Table-Shelf

This is a smart solution who don’t want to waste an inch of living space no matter where you live.

Transforming Table-Shelf

Showcase your dining table set out in the open and when the guests arrive – just ‘Swing’ it and you’re ready to eat. 

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