Travelmate Robotic Suitcase

It’s true that suitcases become more and more intelligent. It’s something no one expected but they now can follow you around, charge your devices, be tracked by GPS, and so on.

However, Travelmate Robotic Suitcase exceeds all expectations and leaps way over the high bar set by the industry.

Travelmate is an autonomous robotic suitcase that comes in 3 sizes. It connects to your smartphone via low-energy Bluetooth module so you can always stay connected to it.

Travelmate can then follow you around, both vertically and horizontally. The latter position also allows you to stack your other luggage on top of it. 

Travelmate Robotic Suitcase

Using anti-collision technology and built-in LED indicator lights, it can confidently navigate even crowded spaces.

To keep you confident and stress-free before check-in, Travelmate is outfitted with a built-in scale. It tells you precisely how much the suitcase weighs so you don’t accidentally get packed into paying additional fees.

Travelmate Robotic Suitcase

The battery powering this suitcase can be easily removed and charged wirelessly. You can also connect your own devices to the battery to charge them and always stay on the grid during travel.

Travelmate Robotic Suitcase

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