25 Unique Kitchen Sink To Refresh Your Kitchen Look

A kitchen without a kitchen sink is incomplete. The purpose of installing a kitchen sink is not only to wash the dishes, but also as kitchen workstation. In terms of kitchen sink, there are various designs and models of kitchen sink, including those with a drainboard, cutting board, two bowls, three bowls, or just a single bowl. It is all based on your needs. Therefore, we recommend you 25 unique kitchen sinks that will give you ideas on how to refresh your kitchen look and upscale its functions.

Find the perfect model of kitchen sink that you can choose based on your needs. You might want to have the one with unique design, complete features, high-quality material, or proper size. Yes, size does matter, because you cannot install the sink if the size doesn’t fit. So without further ado, let’s check out the list below!

1. Elkay Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink

Elkay Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink

For those who are looking for double basin kitchen sink ideas, the latest design from Elkay should be on your list. This unique kitchen sink has an ultrafine and nonporous structure from Elkay quartz, which means that food and liquid won’t stick to the surface. Therefore, you can clean it easily after using it. Also, you can wash the dish with no noise since the material is naturally sound-deadening. It is the best part because it is made to minimize the sound and vibration for you who dream of a calm and quiet kitchen.

2. Ceco Designer Offset Double Bowl

Ceco Designer Offset Double Bowl

Such a classic yet practical kitchen sink design with double bowls. The faucet also looks classy and a bit different from the ordinary faucet for the kitchen sink. Ceco tries to create something different but the best one for the user. When you are not into stainless steel, you can have this kitchen sink that is made of porcelain enameled. Then, feel the vintage vibe only by adding this new kitchen sink to your house. Isn’t it such a unique kitchen sink you can have instantly?

3. Triple Bowl

Triple Bowl

When you think two bowls are not enough, then you can go for three! Yes, this classic and pretty kitchen sink with three bowls design can be added for those who are looking for more bowls to do the dishes. This unique kitchen sink is suitable for your apartment studio or new home with a country or rustic theme. This is one of the best ideas for you who want to take contemporary style into your kitchen.

4. Offset Double Bowl Copper Apron Sink

Offset Double Bowl Copper Apron Sink

Dream of the truly unique kitchen sink? Say no more with this offset double bowl copper apron sink from The 911. The material is 99% pure mined copper that is artistically made to enhance a new and fresh kitchen sink design. At a glance, you will know this one is a masterpiece. Moreover, the sound-dampening pads are provided to minimize the noise whenever you do the dishes. So, no more worry about noise from the kitchen when you do the chores while your baby is asleep.

5. Elkay Crosstown 16

Elkay Crosstown 16

Contemporary with a slight modern design of this stainless steel sink. It is functional with tight corners and a flat bottom to provide you more space inside to put and do the dishes. Also, a drainboard is provided there to make it easier to dry for a while before you put it on the shelf. Now, you can get immense durability since it is made of 304 stainless steel for better performance. The geometric shape of the unique kitchen sink makes it stand out more for its appearance.

6. Santi 33″ Drop-in Copper Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Santi 33" Drop-in Copper Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

This solid copper for your unique kitchen sink is such a modern choice. Moreover, think sink is hand-hammered by artisans, so you will never find the exact same item anywhere. Just like the latest design of kitchen sink, it is also provided with sound-dampening pads to minimize the noise, and the drop-in mounting style to maximize the space but you still can showcase the beauty of this premium copper. Both bowls have equal size, so it is good news for you who love something symmetrical.

7. R1-1023 Stainless Steel

R1-1023 Stainless Steel

A unique kitchen sink with two bowls and divided into one large D-shape basin and the smaller one to make it easier to wash the dishes. Also, each bowl has a smooth-curved corner and an offset drain. There is no worry about the scratches or dents because two superior-quality, custom fitted and stainless steel grids are included on the set. When you just dream of a simple and unique shape of kitchen sink, this one will grant your wish.

8. Ruvati RVH8400 Undermount Corner

Ruvati RVH8400 Undermount Corner

If you really love something different, then you will love the latest design of this unique kitchen because this sink is very amazing. This item will give you a separate kitchen sink, but it is still easy to clean around the edges. When it is already set, the modern look can be seen clearly. Each sink is handmade and the material is 16 gauge stainless steel that comes with bottom rinse grids and basket strainers. Is there anything you ask for?

9. Ruvati 45″ Workstation

Ruvati 45" Workstation

This item is such a beautiful, advanced, modern and unique kitchen sink. The built-in accessories and two-tiered tracks will help you do the chores faster with no additional space. A kitchen sink with a cutting board like this really maximizes its functionality. Moreover it is made of Sapele wood or African mahogany to add luxury to your kitchen. If you ask for a drainboard, there is a foldable drying rack that fits on the top track, so you can fold it once it is unused. It won’t feel like buying a kitchen sink, because you’ll buy the kitchen station for your house.

10. Standart PRO 32″ Undermount Stainless Steel

Standart PRO 32" Undermount Stainless Steel

A very modern, minimalist design through its sophisticated design makes it a unique kitchen sink for your kitchen. The undermount design creates a seamless transition to move your dishes easily. Also, the off-set drain is easy to clean yet still provides a high-end contemporary look. No doubt about its material since it is made of durable and dent-resistant stainless steel. The premium TRU16 real 16-gauge T304 was chosen based on this reason and its high quality. After doing the dishes, you can clean the sink easily as well.

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11. Sutton Place Reversible Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Sutton Place Reversible Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

If you are looking for vintage and unique kitchen sink ideas that are cute and clean to look at, you can get this farmhouse single bowl kitchen sink. It is made of fireclay, which is handcrafted in the old English tradition of solid casting. Hence, you don’t have to worry about how sturdy and tough this sink is. The white color is clean and beautiful. The sink is easy to clean as well. Cute and durable, it is the best combo for a unique kitchen sink.

12. ALFI Single Bowl Granite Composite

ALFI Single Bowl Granite Composite

If you think that a kitchen sink can only be used for washing the dishes, then you have to know about this granite composite kitchen sink. The latest design from the ALFI brand comes with a drainboard. So you don’t need to buy any dry rack since you can dry the dishes beside the sink! The material is durable with its unique design and smooth surface for a flawless look that can last for many years.

13. Swiss Madison Tourner Undermount

Swiss Madison Tourner Undermount

White marble and gold for the unique kitchen sink will look luxurious and elegant at the same time. The Tourner Undermount kitchen sink from Swiss Madison is such a unique kitchen sink with its single basin. It is very suitable for a minimalist person like you who needs to refresh the look of your kitchen. It is made of stainless steel, which is built with corrosion, rust and scratch-resistant. The sleek design like this is truly undeniable for you.

14. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Gold

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Gold

When you look for something stunning and luxurious only by adding one item, then you should try to remodel your kitchen sink with Farmhouse kitchen sink gold. It is made of stainless steel with gold brushes. Nothing to worry about the color because it is very easy to clean, anti-freezing heat, and also non-seepage water. This item really answers your needs to refresh the look of your kitchen. So, it’s time to make everyone who comes to your house envy!

15. VidaXL Kitchen Sink Double Basin

VidaXL Kitchen Sink Double Basin

This item is highly durable because it is made of stainless steel to provide you scratch and impact resistance. Moreover, it is also easy to clean, so your kitchen will not be messy after you wash the dishes. Due to its unique shape, it can save your space, too! It comes with an extended drainboard on the side, so no need to buy an additional dry rack anymore. Furthermore, you can use the drainboard as your kitchen station as well.

15. Transolid Aversa Kitchen Sink

Transolid Aversa Kitchen Sink

This item is a simple and high resistance kitchen sink for high temperatures, scratches, dents and chips. Furthermore, the surface feature of this Transolid Aversa is non-porous to prevent bacteria growth, and you don’t have to clean the sink with harsh chemical cleaners. It is a very practical item since the depth of this sink is enough to store the plates and glasses. In addition, the design is also very clean and will perfectly suit you the most if you don’t like any noisy design or pattern around the kitchen.

17. DeerValley Porcelain Ceramic Rectangular Kitchen Sink

DeerValley Porcelain Ceramic Rectangular Kitchen Sink

There is no confusion anymore when choosing the new and unique kitchen sink, because you can have this white deep bowl farm sink from DeerValley. No more interruption if you have to wash kitchen utensils such as stock pots and baking sheets. It is made of porcelain ceramic to endure the strength and durability. Moreover, the scratch-resistant and stain-resistant features will give you a white and clean vibe whenever you come to the kitchen.

18. Karran Double Equal Bowl Quartz

Karran Double Equal Bowl Quartz

Quartz composite material always gives outstanding durability that provides you years of trouble-free use. Therefore, you have to list this modern kitchen sink design from Karran. This black piece comes with a double equal bowl to make it easier to wash the dishes. Moreover, it is easy to install since it is a top mount design. Rapid temperature change is not a problem for this sink, because it is heat safe up to 535 Fahrenheit degrees. Available in 6 colors, you can choose the best item based on the theme of your kitchen.

18. KRAUS Pintura Enameled Steel

KRAUS Pintura Enameled Steel

The design of this unique kitchen sink is seamless and people may think there is no kitchen sink in your kitchen. Pintura sink offers timeless appeal since it is made of cast iron, and turns into extremely durable porcelain enamel. The texture is very solid and it is heat resistant up to 1500 Fahrenheit degrees. Moreover, it is not only beautiful for the design, but also excellent for the features, because it is scratch-resistant, and no noise and vibration from dishwashing and waste disposal. So your kitchen will turn into a calming spot in your house. Now, you can wash the dishes more comfortably since the size fits any large cooking utensils.

20. Elkay Workstation Sink

Elkay Workstation Sink

Well, it is not actually a kitchen sink, but a workstation sink. Because you can do more than just washing the dishes, since you can do other chores easily without needing to move. Simply slide the built-in accessories and you can go busy with your cooking task. There is no interruption space for washing and stacking the dishes in the bowl as well. Moreover, the design is made of stainless steel for immense durability and lustrous beauty. The pads and undercoating will minimize the noise at the sink. This item is exactly what you are looking for as the person who always works in the kitchen.

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21. Lepuday Apron Front Ledge

Octopus Funny Motorcycle Helmet Covers

What do you need when you are in front of the kitchen sink? Cutting board? Drainboard? Well, you can have it all only by adding the new kitchen sink from Lepuday. You can easily slide the cutting board when you need to cut the veggies. Moreover, there is no need to buy a new dry rack since a drainboard is already available. By adding this modern kitchen sink design, your dream of an advanced and luxurious kitchen is right in front of your eyes.

22. 21st Century Zebrino Carrara Freestanding Modular

21st Century Zebrino Carrara Freestanding Modular

No matter where you installed the sink, whether it is indoor or outdoor, you can still get a beautiful and rare marble kitchen sink. It is made in Carrara, Italy. The Zebrino kitchen comes with complete tools, such as hob, plate, extractor hood, and sink. It is very modern, sophisticated and advanced as the latest design of kitchen sink you dream of. Want to take this idea to your kitchen?

23. Kitchen Double Bowl Sinks

Kitchen Double Bowl Sinks

Look how modern and advanced this kitchen sink is. The design is very futuristic only by seeing the faucet. There are two bowls and a drainboard beside it. The depth is spacious enough even if you have a pile of dishes to clean. It is made of stainless steel, so it is easy to clean after use. While the faucet is made of solid brass, hence you see how luxurious it is. The latest design as the unique kitchen sink like this cannot be missed.

24. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Trash Nano

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Trash Nano

For you who love something neat and clean, you can have the stainless steel kitchen sink with trash nano. There are two bowls, the bigger one and smaller one to make it easier to clean them all at one time. The faucets come in two types, to make you more flexible cleaning the dishes and the sink after. Also, the trash nano appeared to separate the waste easily and simply.

25. TORVA 24-Inch Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink

TORVA 24-Inch Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink

Premium stainless steel as the main material of your kitchen sink from Torva. Complete with drainboard and drainboard. The material is durable, high performance once it is used and aesthetic to look at. Dents and scratch-resistant, so there is no worry about fading or corrosion as well on the sink. Since it is complete with the boards, you can have a workstation simply by sliding the board you need. Also, sound dampening is installed for a quieter kitchen and calming ambience even if you are still in a hustle bustle there.

26. Stine Forest Farmhouse Granite Stone Apron Front Sink

Stine Forest Farmhouse Granite Stone Apron Front Sink

Last but not least, this item is a brand new granite farmhouse from Stine Frost for extra ambience and atmosphere in your kitchen. You can see how smooth the polished base and rim granite in black. Also, the edges are thick and will give your kitchen a wonderful and elegant look. The dual tone of the sink can give you a fresh feel. The depth is also enough to stack the plates perfectly.

Latest Post:

What kind of kitchen sinks are in style?

The kitchen sink that comes with a workstation complete with a drainboard and cutting board is in style now. Because you can save space and do multiple chores without having to move your body. Just slide the board you want to use, and you can continue your task. It is simple, modern and also advanced.

Which type of kitchen sink is best?

The best type of kitchen sink is the one with enough depth. So that you can stack the plates or wash the stock pots, baking ware, and large utensils without interruption. You can choose a single or double bowl based on the dishes you always clean daily.

What kind of kitchen sink is easiest to keep clean?

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are still the easiest material to keep clean. It is scratch-resistant, non porous, sturdy and you can wipe the dirt after washing the dishes easily. This kind of sink will make your kitchen look neat with no mess at all.

Is a single or double sink better?

A double sink is better because it means you that have more space to wash the dishes comfortably. You can separate the dishes based on the size as well. So that there is no worry about the noise if you have to look for the small utensils below the large cooking utensils. But, if you live alone and the dishes you have to wash are not that much, a single basin is enough.

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