25 Thoughtful Arabian Gifts that Warm Their Hearts

Are you searching for a gift to celebrate a house-warming for your Arabian friends or relatives? No need to go all over the place since we have made this comprehensive list of Arabian gifts that certainly will warm their home and heart.

Arab is a nation that is immensely rich in culture and greatly cherishes its faith. Therefore, it is crucial to honor their culture and beliefs while gift-giving. Arabs have various prohibitions or what they call Haram. It is extremely vital to not obtain a gift that contradicts the rule of Haram, such as goods that are associated with pigs, alcohol, wine, and many more.

However, no need to worry, since we have chosen 25 thoughtful Arabian gifts that would be great for gift-giving to your Arab friends or parents. Check on the list below.

Home Decoration Arabian Gifts

One of the most held events is a housewarming event, therefore, we provided you a list of gifts that will be perfect to bring when your Arabian friends or family are having a housewarming event. The following is an ultimate gift list that will be useful for you! These items will likely be cherished as an Arabian gift.

1. Candle Holder with Calligraphic

Candle Holder with Calligraphic

Give your Arabic friends a gorgeous set of candle holders engraved with Arabic calligraphy. For a modern and minimalist appearance, this candle holder is crafted entirely out of glass. Even better, you can personalize these candle holder sets with your friend’s name in gold foil to add a personal touch and show how much you care about the recipient.

2. Tea Cup Set as Arabian Gift

Tea Cup Set as Arabian Gift

This tea cup set includes six cups and six saucers, making it an ideal choice as an Arabian gift as it is functional to host a family tea party or welcome guests. This set is really lovely, particularly due to the mosaic printing and the gold handle. It is great and totally safe for both cold and warm drinks.

3. Scented Candle Set as Arabian Gift

Scented Candle Set as Arabian Gift

Your Arabian friends and family are sure to enjoy the gift of a fragrant candle and a candle cup decorated with a mosaic design, which you might give them as an Arabian gift. This gift package comes with a four-pack of scented candles, allowing the recipient to place the candle in several rooms that they prefer.

4. Kaaba Home Decoration

Ka’bah Home Decoration

Your Arabian relatives or friends would appreciate a housewarming gift of home decoration with a replica of the beautiful Ka’bah. Due to the fact that it is just 4.5 inches by 4 inches in size, it may also serve as an ornamental item on a TV buffet or a tiny corner table 

5. Arab Style Burner

Arab Style Burner

Arabians have a well-known custom of burning incense in their homes to ward off evil spirits and make their homes smell nice. Getting an incense burner with a Middle Eastern flair is undoubtedly a present that your Arabian friend or family will treasure and cherish.

6. Arabic Wall Clock

Arabic Wall Clock

This Arabic wall clock is not only functional in the home, but it also serves as a stunning piece of home décor. It has a massive scale and a 3D appearance for a more magnificent wall décor. The numbers and the centerpiece are separated, creating a large clock while remaining simple and contemporary.

7. Arabic Wall Decals

Arabic Wall Decals

A calligraphy wall decal is an excellent main piece of decorating in any home, making it an excellent gift idea, particularly for new Arabic homeowners. This artwork has 30 by 23 cm in size which makes it a decent size wall decal since it is not too big yet not too small. It uses acrylic, making it lightweight and simple to install in any home.

8. Incense Holder

Incense Holder

You may try purchasing your Arabian friends a beautiful incense container as an Arabian gift. This beautiful incense holder has a gold and black base that you can choose according to your preference.

The top part of the holder comes in the shape of a dome in order to give it a touch of style that is reminiscent of the Middle East. For the size, it has quite a small and compact size but is durable due to the fact that it uses high-quality ceramic.

9. Arabic Mosaic Wall Art

Arabic Mosaic Wall Art

An Arabic mosaic wall art could be a gift that can give a wow factor to the recipient. It is a gift that is not extremely expensive yet can give an extremely happy face to the receiver’s face. This wall art is made of great quality ink to make sure that the painting cannot easily fade. 

10. Ramadan Kareem Table Runner

Ramadan Kareem Table Runner

During the holy month of Ramadan, when people often host meals for friends and family at their homes for dinner or lunch. Therefore, a lovely table runner makes a really thoughtful and beautiful Arabian gift. This lovely table runner with a motif related to Ramadan is an excellent addition to any dining table.

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11. Oriental Arabic Rug

Oriental Arabic Rug

A warm and lovely rug with a mosaic design is a wonderful housewarming Arabian gift. It has a reasonable size and five various types of Mosaic designs from which to pick. It also comes in a variety of sizes, so you can match it to the size of your room or where you want to put it.

12. Mosaic Botanical Coasters

Mosaic Botanical Coasters

A four-set of mosaic botanical coasters is a thoughtful Arabian gift since it allows them to enjoy their cup of tea without worrying about spillage on their table or desk. On the back side of the coasters, you might find a cork side in order to help absorb any spilled liquid or humidity from the glass.

Wearable Arabian Gifts

Another kind of thoughtful Arabian gift is a wearable gift, especially for Arabian mothers who are celebrating their birthdays or any other celebration. Arabian mothers will surely love a custom gift because it will make them feel special on their special day. Here are several wearable gifts that you can consider getting for Arabian mothers.

13. Personalized Necklace with Arabic Calligraphy

Personalized Necklace with Arabic Calligraphy

Customize a beautiful necklace with Arabic name calligraphy as an Arabian gift for a relative. It is made of high-quality sterling silver and will endure for a long time. There are three various silver finishes available for you to choose from, silver-white, gold, and rose gold. You can also choose the size of the necklace which comes in a variety of sizes starting from 14” to 22”.

14. Alcohol-Free Arabic Perfume

Alcohol-Free Arabic Perfume

The Arabians are famous for their love for strong fragrances. However, you should take note that it is still debatable if it is permissible for Arabians to use perfume with alcohol. Therefore, it is best if you choose a perfume that does not include any alcohol as an Arabian gift.

The flowery and fluffy top notes of this perfume are what the vast majority of women will find most appealing.

15. Shemagh Scarf

Shemagh Scarf

It is not uncommon to see an Arabian person covering their face with a scarf. As a result, adding a high-quality shemagh scarf to their existing collection of scarves will undoubtedly be a good option. This scarf is made of high-quality cotton, which allows air circulation as you wear it and makes the scarf comfortable to wear.

16. Fabric Fragrance Spray

Fabric Fragrance Spray

Your Arabic friends will surely like receiving a linen spray as an Arabian gift since it allows them to spray the linens in their home with a high-quality scented spray, which will quickly make their home smell wonderful. This linen spray is packed in a box and comes with a spray bottle, making it simple to use. It has a scent reminiscent of the Kaaba, one of the most visited locations in the Arab world.

17. Customized Arabic Name Bracelet

Customized Arabic Name Bracelet

Wearable jewelry, such as this personalized gold-like bracelet, is a heart stealer for Arabs mothers. It may be worn on a regular basis and is made of stainless steel, which makes it both sturdy and dazzling. This bracelet is a great Arabian gift since it comes with a gorgeous gift box that is included in the shipping, which helps you save time searching for a nice jewelry box.

18. Arabian Perfume Spray

Arabian Perfume Spray

The fragrance of Oud is quite popular in Arab, therefore getting an Arabian gift that has an Oud scent for your Arabic friends or family is a fantastic and considerate gift. This perfume is a lovely present since it comes in a beautiful packaging and bottle.

19. Bangle with Pearl

Bangle with Pearl

You may purchase these personalized bangles as a gift for an Arabic mother who will find them incredibly attractive and lovely to wear. One end has a pearl and the other has a personalized name in Arabic calligraphy. It is also made of gold-plated anti-rust stainless steel, making it a fancy-looking Arabic gift.

20. Forehead Crystal Chain

Forehead Crystal Chain

One of the most popular accessories worn by Arab women is forehead jewelry embellished with diamonds and crystals. This crystal chain for the forehead is made of lightweight alloy metal and embellished with rhinestones and crystals. This item has a teardrop diamond hanging in the center, making it ideal for a wedding or prom.

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21. Boho Tribal Ring 

Boho Tribal Ring 

This boho ring is a simple yet touching Arabian gift. Choosing a lovely ring pendant is a lovely gesture and addition to an Arab mother’s accessory collection. This ring is ideal for a formal occasion or a classy hangout. This boho tribal ring is shaped like a diamond with a mosaic cutout design.

Arabian Snack Gift Box

Who doesn’t like a fresh batch of their favorite snacks? As a result, purchasing a bag of various snacks to give as an Arabian gift is both a safe and lovely idea. You can have the option to pick snacks that are close to the hearts of Arabs, such as the list below:

22. Pukka Herbal Tea Sampler

Pukka Herbal Tea Sampler

Tea has an undeniably special place in the hearts of Arabians. Tea is an important element of Arabic culture, therefore a box of tea is an ideal present for your Arabian friend and their family. It comes in a gorgeous box with a mosaic design, and the tea bags are arranged into little grids, making it easy to identify the tea you want to drink.

23. Barazek and Ghraybeh Gift Box

Barazek and Ghraybeh Gift Box

A dozen delicious cookies will surely not disappoint anybody. You may offer this box of cookies to your Arabic relatives and friends since this cookie box is made from authentic recipe cookies that bring back the flavor of the traditional Barazek and Ghraybeh. These cookies are definitely the ones you should get for a buttery and addicting cookie.

24. Nafeeseh Arabic Sweets

Nafeeseh Arabic Sweets

An authentic taste of Arabic cookies is a very touching and considerate gift, particularly for someone who is far away from their hometown. As a result, this Nafeeseh Arabic Sweets is the one you should gift to your Arabic buddy to enjoy and commemorate their dear hometown. These cookies are a combination of sweet and savory treats.

25. Baklawa and Baklava Gift Set

Baklawa and Baklava Gift Set

An Arabian gift consisting of a box of baklawa and baklava is certain to be appreciated by individuals of varying ages. Baklawa and baklava are two of the most popular snacks in Arab countries. Therefore, giving them this box of sweets will undoubtedly warm their hearts and provide them with a sense of emotional connection to their hometown.

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What gifts do Arabs like?

Since most Arabs love a good and strong fragrance, you might want to pick a gift that is scent-related, such as alcohol-free perfumes, linen spray, or an incense holder. Another gift that an Arab would like to receive as a gift is a gift that is yummy, that is snacks and cookies. You can get a box of tea or a box of their favorite snacks such as baklawa and baklava.  

What do you buy an Arab mother?

Boxes of the mother’s favorite snacks would be an excellent present for an Arab mother. Ghriebeh, barazek, and nafeeseh, along with a great many other kinds of snacks, are very well-liked among Arabs. Therefore, acquiring these boxes of snacks will make a great delight. You may also acquire luxury-looking jewelry to make an Arab mother grin for joy, such as personalized bangles or personalized necklaces

What should I get my Arabic mom for her birthday?

Every mother will be thrilled to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift, and Arab moms are no exception. A modest piece of jewelry, such as a necklace with customized Arabic calligraphy, would be a wonderful birthday gift for an Arab mother. 

What do you get from the Middle East?

When you are visiting the middle east area, then you might want to get souvenirs that represent the middle east country such as sweet and yummy dates, their oriental mosaic fabric or arts, or a little keychain that has a glimpse of Arab. 

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