25 Ganpati Decoration Ideas to Celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi, or Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaviti, is a festival celebrated by Hindus in India as the day special for Lord Ganesh’s arrival to earth with his mother, the Goddess Parvati. To prepare for the festival, most people would start to look for Ganpati decoration ideas to apply at home. Lord Ganesh, who is also known as Ganapati or Vinayaka (thus became the festival’s name) is the God of intellect and wisdom, who is also the God of art and sciences and said to be the obstacle remover also brings good luck.

Ganesh Chaturthi lasts for ten days, which usually falls between mid-August to September. During this period people install Lord Ganesh statues, both domestically and publicly, in a temporary stage called pandals or Ganpati mandap. In this temporary stage, the offerings are served and usually consist of the sweet that Lord Ganesh said to be favoured. 

As for the Ganpati itself, the Ganpati decoration ideas may vary from time to time, depending on personal preference and creativity. However, if you are looking for some Ganpati decoration ideas, here are some suggestions to help you start your hunting for decorations.

1. Ganesh Statue is a Must

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@threads.werindia.com)

To the centre of the spotlight during Ganesh Chaturthi is the Ganesh itself. Therefore, having a Ganesh idol for the Ganpati mandap is a requirement. Originally, a classic clay-made artisan Ganesh idol is more preferred, but if it is hard for you to find one, then an idol with different material is acceptable. This alternative idol also works if you want to use it as part of Ganpati decorations at home, too. 

2. Classic Marigold Décor

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@explorethetrend.blogspot.com)

In making Ganpati mandap for ganpati decoration, decorating the Ganesh idol with flowers is a must. Moreover, as part of Hindu celebration, the marigold flower becomes an iconic symbol that is most noticeable in most of their decorations. It is known as ‘herbs of the sun’, which symbolize brightness or positivity. To have the flower as a ganpati decoration background, you can attach the marigold garland above the Ganesh idol for a simple Ganpati decoration. 

3. Lotus Flower Hanging Background

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@UshaMohan)

Lotus is also an important flower in Hindu mythology. The gods and goddesses in Hindu pantheon are often depicted sitting on a lotus flower. Most statues or idols already have the lotus included as part of the statues, but you can have lotus as part of the Ganpati decoration ideas, too. While there are many lotus origami tutorials, you can also simply buy the satin lotus flower for Ganpati decoration background. 

4. Net Pattern Background

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Nisha Thakar)

To have an innovative Ganpati décor for home, you can simply achieve the look by having an unusual pattern as part of the Ganpati decoration background. For such Ganpati decoration ideas, you can make it yourself or you can buy the net-patterned marigold as the background. This way, not only do you have the Ganpati decoration, but you also have the Ganpati decoration ideas at home added with flowers in an instant. 

5. Hanging Jasmine Bell Garland Décor

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Shweta Raman)

Turns out, marigold is not the only flower that people use as Ganpati decoration at home. If you want your Ganpati decoration ideas filled with flowers, then jasmine can also be part of the option. Jasmine, in India, is more identical with wedding festivals. But you can also use it in Ganesh Chaturthi to achieve an innovative Ganpati décor. To do so, you can have a jasmine bell garland arranged on the upper part of the mandap. In addition, you can combine it with proper lighting to make it look elegant yet minimalist. 

6. Glass Candle Décor

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ariyonainterior.com)

Aside from the background, candles can also be a part of Ganpati decoration ideas at home. The small object is quite useful for simple Ganpati decoration. However, a candle needs more attention, since it needs to be lit with fire. To prevent unwanted accidents with the candle, you can light the candles inside a glass candleholder. Not only does it minimize the fire risk, it also adds elegance to the Ganpati decoration. 

7. Brass Items on the Altar

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@explorethetrend.blogspot.com)

Brass houseware has been part of Hindu’s ritual. Although many contemporary look starts to look for something different for their Ganpati decoration ideas, brass is still irreplaceable. It is not only part of the décor, but some of it also serves a functional purpose. One of the must-have items is a brass oil lamp for the Ganpati decoration ideas at home. 

8. Decorative Flowers

Ganpati Decoration Ideas

In modern Ganpati decoration ideas, it is common to add a more variety of flowers as part of the Ganpati decoration ideas at home. For a more natural décor, a natural flower is a more preferable option. However, one thing to remember is that the Ganesh Chaturthi lasts for a solid ten days. It is quite impossible to retain a fresh flower for that amount of time. Therefore, artificial decorative flowers can be an option, too. Check the artificial red roses to achieve an innovative Ganpati décor with red. It is spreadable, making it easy for you to use it along the background or around the table too. 

9. Green Backdrop

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@bloomsonly.com)

If you don’t have much time to put on a complicated decor, change your Ganpati decoration ideas into a simpler one. The simple Ganpati decoration can be achieved by simply having an already built green backdrop as the background. With the green backdrop, you can add more colour with flowers and go for a simple natural look. That way, you don’t need much accessory for Ganpati decoration background. 

10. Ivy Spread Décor

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Mahesh dedge)

If you are planning on a white-dominant Ganpati decoration ideas, you can add a little green colour with an artificial ivy vine for home. While surely there is a chance you want to have the real vine on your Ganpati decoration ideas, it might be hard for you to maintain its freshness for a straight ten days. With the artificial, however, the vine structure should make it easy for you to shape it the way you want. Furthermore, you can add the rest of the decoration with some real plants to match the theme. 

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11. More Light, More Lotus

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Snigdha)

Sometimes, the Ganpati decoration ideas are not only about the background or about the table. You could always go extra and decorate the floor too. Not only with flowers, you can also add more light to the decoration. One way to do it is to have a lotus-shaped candle holder spread along the floor, following the flower pattern, and put a big brass lotus as the centre décor. It surely would add a more solemn light following the Ganesh Chaturthi. 

12. Pink Ganpati Decorations

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Pooja Gaikwad)

Now, pink is usually identical with a girl’s party theme. But who knows you can also use pink for Ganpati decoration ideas? For such an innovative Ganpati décor theme, you are going to need a set of pink chiffon curtains. Combined with white and pink flowers, it creates soft pastel Ganpati decorations at home. It will look even better if you combine it with a matching tablecloth to complete the look. 

13. LED Background

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@7eventzz.com)

The light you lit during Ganesh Chaturthi is not only coming from the candle. To make your Ganpati decoration ideas more sophisticated, you can use LED string lights attached in the background. It goes really well especially with soft-coloured background, adding a more beautiful light towards the Ganesh idol. Having a set of LED string lights could be an investment too, as you don’t need more expense on candles and you can always use it for next year’s Ganpati. 

14. All Green Ganpati Décor

Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Just in case you really want to have the all-natural green Ganpati decoration ideas, here’s a suggestion. You can do the decorations with grass in some pots to surround the Ganesh idol, and have a tall yet slender plant arranged to be the background. The tall type of plant is far easier to water compared to a vine type of plant, not to mention a natural vine plant requires a lot to arrange. 

15. Simple Outdoor Ganpati

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Fursatnama)

If you want to use ivy vines as part of the Ganpati, there is a chance for you to do a simple Ganpati decoration. Using a massive ivy might cause you to have a difficulty in watering them, so we suggest you use two small ivy and place them on the idol’s both sides. That way, you do not bother yourself to have a quite extravagant décor, yet still fulfilling a purpose of having Ganpati mandap. It costs you a little to no penny, if you already have the plants. 

16. Paper Cup Ganpati Décor

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Chitra Deshpande)

This next idea might tickle you a little. If by any chance you want something unusual for Ganpati decoration ideas, then try using a paper cup to make a mini shelter for the Ganesh statue. This would work beautifully if you happen to love playing lego as a child, and have no problem in constructing. You will need some masking too, to make them stronger and not easily collapse. 

17. Brick Built Ganpati Décor

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@google.com)

Another idea for a lego-lover for their Ganpati is to have the shelter made from a brick. For such Ganpati decoration ideas, you don’t need to glue them together with cement. That way, you can remove the brick easily and store them for another year. On the top of the brick, you can add small plants you have at home. 

18. Simplest Ganpati Decoration

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Divine Vibes)

The simple Ganpati decoration has little to no decoration at all. You just need your plain wall decorated with a little LED light and some necessary brassware. One thing you need to consider is that you need to be careful not to accidentally step in the décor. One way to make it work is to have it in the corner or under the house stairs. 

19. Styrofoam Ganpati Stage

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Santosh Patil)

Most Ganpati decoration ideas are full of flowers, but not this one. This particular idea uses Styrofoam to depict Ganesh and his parentage. The ideas might be considered as innovative, and instead of just sitting as a décor, this idea is actually telling a story. To go with this idea, you can have it professionally made by an artist. 

20. Ganpati with Lantern Background

Ganpati Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sneha chavan)

We might have learned once in art class on how to make a DIY lantern that can be stuffed with lamps. Little did we know, we can apply such knowledge into Ganpati decoration ideas. You need to make some of them, choose a suitable backdrop colour, and stuff the lantern with led strips. You can have them sitting together with the statue and some of them hanging in the backdrop, your choice. 

21. Go Bold with Gold

Go Bold with Gold
Source: Pinterest (@wittyvows.com)

For an extravagant celebration, a stunning and elegant Ganpati decoration is a must. If you’re looking for the best decoration for that purpose, then this one is highly recommended. It comes in a sparkling gold color theme and combined with yellow flowers and lighting to make it look even more stunning. To add a touch of elegance, arrange some curtains in white or cream, and you will see how elegant the decoration would look.  

22. Paper Flower Backdrop

Paper Flower Backdrop
Source: Pinterest (@hobbylesson.com)

Paper flowers have become a trend in the world of decoration lately, which means that it also includes Ganpati decorations. To have a paper flower decoration for this year’s celebration, choose the best color combinations to start with, and continue by choosing the best shape like round, and arrange them beautifully until they form a wonderful backdrop. Lastly, place the Ganesha statue in front of the backdrop to make it the center point of the whole decoration. 

23. The Gate of Flower

The Gate of Flower
Source: Pinterest (@D D)

This sweet decoration features soft colors of flowers arranged in the form of a gate full of flowers. To recreate this decoration, pick the best pink, white, peach, and a few light blue flowers and arrange them in a way that they can turn into this wonderful flower gate. Once you’re done with the gate, place the status of Ganesha underneath, and voila! You will have a beautiful Ganpati decoration that will wow everyone. Lastly, you might want to add a green backdrop on the back side of the flower gate to make it look even more eye-catching.

24. Red Floral Backdrop

Red Floral Backdrop
Source: Pinterest (@wittyvows.com)

If you don’t feel like putting too many colors into this year’s Ganpati decoration, then you can go with one color, and red can be one of the best colors to choose. You can create a beautiful red floral backdrop that will look amazingly beautiful, just like one in this picture. Arrange the flowers into a square gate and place the Ganesha statue in the center of it. To emphasize the statue, you may also include red accessories into the status like the base of the statue or accessories like bracelets, necklaces, or rings. 

25. Peacock Accent Backdrop

Peacock Accent Backdrop
Source: Pinterest (@CM)

The beauty of Peacock feathers can be combined with a beautiful Ganpati decoration, for sure. Like this one for instance, it comes with a unique combination of Peacock feathers and colorful paper flowers that look like a stunning Ganpati decoration background. Turn them into one round backdrop, add some lighting effects, and place the status of Ganesha in the center front of the backdrop. Without a doubt, it will look stunning and amaze everyone who sees it. 

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