How to Capture Christmas Memories That Sparkle? (From Candid to Classic)

Create a Christmas time capsule with items representing your celebrations and start a Christmas tradition journal to record your favorite memories and traditions each year.

As a special moment to celebrate with the people we love the most, Christmas is truly the best time of the year. Christmas magical moments that we share together need to be captured and preserved in the most precious ways.

Christmas memories that are kept properly will become a treasure for the next generation to discover.

Capture Christmas Memories

In order to keep the most memorable Christmas memories into things that can last a lifetime, there are several ways to consider.

So, to give you some ideas about the step-by-step guide as well as the most recommended ways to turn your Christmas memories into a treasure, below we have created a list of the best ways on how to capture Christmas memories. 

Best Ways on How to Capture Christmas Memories

Memories tell a story, and sometimes your family’s Christmas memories can become a wonderful story in the future. It will be a treasure to be discovered by the next generations of your family.

Today there are so many ways to preserve your Christmas memories, and here are 15 of the most creative and magical ways to do it!

1. Create a Christmas Time Capsule

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Tin Box

Making a time capsule is a wonderful idea to preserve your family’s Christmas memories.

Get a box and let everyone in the family put at least one item that represents your Christmas celebrations inside. They can put Christmas ornaments, cookies, handwritten notes, photographs, or small toys.

However, a tin box is advised since it’s more durable.

Then, close the box and bury it in the backyard. Set a date to open the box next year, and see how you and your family can relive the memories of last year’s Christmas. Then, you can ask them to create another time capsule, and add new treasures to cherish next year. 

2. Start a Christmas Tradition Journal

How to Capture Christmas Memories
High-quality Journal

Creating a Christmas journal is also an excellent idea when it comes to how to capture Christmas memories.

Get a high-quality journal and every year, write down your favorite Christmas memories, thoughts, traditions, and moments in it. 

Over time, the habit of writing your Christmas stories in the journal will create a treasure that keeps so many beautiful stories about your Christmas celebrations every year. It will be a journal that contains records of beautiful Christmas moments, and might even inspire the next generations to create their own Christmas journals, too.

3. Map Your Holiday Lights

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Christmas Lights

Christmas is the perfect moment for you to decorate your house with magical lights. So, if you’re asking how to capture Christmas memories, one of the best ways is to create a map of your holiday lights. 

Start by getting a map of your neighborhood and mark down the houses with the best Christmas lights. Continue by going on a family caroling adventure, and sing your way through the illuminated streets.

This is an activity that kids would love to do, and make sure you take photos and videos along the way to capture the festive spirit. 

4. Christmas Memory Quilt

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Sewing Kit

If you think a quilt is a grandma thing, you need to think again. A quilt can be one of the most wonderful ways to capture and preserve your Christmas memories, and you can get everyone in the family to take part in this wonderful activity.

Collect fabric scraps from everyone’s Christmas clothing, tablecloths, or gift bags, and then get a sewing kit to sew them together to create a family quilt that is one-of-a-kind.

You can also make it a yearly family activity, and the more you sew Christmas clothing scraps, the more it will grow every year. Precious!

5. Christmas Puzzle Tradition

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Custom Puzzle

A puzzle is one of the most popular family games. On Christmas eve, when everyone in the family gathers around the Christmas tree, we can assure you that playing a puzzle together can be a wonderful family time. 

This Christmas, you can create a custom jigsaw puzzle using a family photo from each Christmas.

Collect as many photos as possible, and then spend quality time by assembling the puzzle together. Nowadays, you can easily order a custom puzzle from many online stores. 

6. Memory Ornament

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Small Photo Frames

Christmas is truly a moment of celebration to be remembered for a lifetime.

Since you will be decorating your Christmas tree this year and still wondering how to captureChristmas memories, creating memory ornaments is one of the answers! 

Every year, craft a homemade ornament that encapsulates a significant Christmas event from the year, such as a small item encased in a clear bauble, or small photo frames in the form of Christmas tree ornaments, and display your most precious Christmas moments every year. 

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7. Host a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

How to Capture Christmas Memories

Since Christmas will not be complete without tasty snacks and treats, then why not try to capture the fun of enjoying Christmas cookies this year by hosting a Christmas cookie decorating party?

You can start by inviting your family and friends to be part of the cookie decorating party.

Let both adults and kids participate in the fun, and  provide the festive cookies, icing and sprinkles as the tools. Then, let everyone unleash their creativity to decorate their own version of Christmas cookies.

In addition, make sure you take pictures of the decorated cookies, and also the excitement you had while creating them. 

8. Make a Christmas Movie Marathon Playlist

How to Capture Christmas Memories

We know that nothing can beat the enjoyment of watching Christmas movies on Christmas eve surrounded by the most important people in your life.

Well, why not do it this year? There are so many classic Christmas movies to watch with your family, including Christmas Vacation, The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Holiday, and of course, Home Alone.

Create a playlist of the movies and TV shows and when everything is set, cozy up by the fireplace and watch your family’s favorite classics.

In our opinion, this is one the best ways on how to capture Christmas memories. An idea; take photos or selfies using Polaroid, and hang the photos on your Christmas tree! 

9. Festive Wish Tree

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Colorful Hash Tags

The magic of Christmas comes in many ways and shapes. Many believe that if you make a wish on Christmas day, your dream will come true.

Well, since we know that your loved ones will possibly make their wishes on Christmas day, why not create a festive wish tree?

Have your family and friends write their wishes or favorite memories on colorful hang tags, and hang them on a special tree or branch. Let each person write more than one wish, and when the tree is full of tags, it will create a wonderful visual representation of shared memories. 

10. Record Video Messages for Future You

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Wooden Christmas Box

The next idea on how to capture Christmas memories is to record video messages for the future you. You can have each family member record a video message for their future selves.

In the video you can talk about your hopes and dreams for the coming year, share your Christmas memories, and even give your future self some good advice. 

Once you’re done making the video, save it on a disk and put it inside a small wooden Christmas box, store it somewhere safe, and set a reminder to open the box and watch the video next Christmas.

11. Create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

How to Capture Christmas Memories
Christmas Socks

This Christmas, why not arrange a fun activity to be done with family and friends?

How about playing a Christmas scavenger hunt? Since everyone will gather in your house to celebrate Christmas, you can ask them to participate in the game and make it a moment to make your Christmas celebration more colorful.

Hide Christmas-themed clues or items around your house or neighborhood such as Christmas socks, baubles, or tree ornaments. Then, have the kids work together as a team to find them.

In our opinion, this will be a fun way to get everyone moving and into the holiday spirit.

12. Festive Story Recording

Festive Story Recording
Digital Photo Frames

The best way to turn special moments into wonderful memories is by taking photos and videos of those moments.

Make sure you capture your Christmas moments by taking as many photos and videos as you can, and also record some audio files, to be compiled into an annual digital album.

You can do this every year and have them all saved in a digital photo frame or album.

You will have a collection of Christmas digital albums from every Christmas, and you can watch them again to reminisce about your most wonderful Christmas celebrations from many years back.  

13. Write a Christmas Story Together

Write a Christmas Story Together
Christmas Diary

We all know on Christmas, there are so many stories to create and to tell.

If you are planning on creating a wonderful and unique Christmas story this year, you can write a Christmas story together with friends and family. 

Have each family member white a sentence or two of a Christmas story. Take turns adding to the story, until you finally have a complete narrative. This is a creative way to capture your unique Christmas traditions and personalities.

You can also write the story in a lovely Christmas diary or journal, and make sure it is well-kept and treated as a family treasure.

14. Learn a Christmas Carol in a New Language

Karaoke Set

Everyday is a perfect day to learn about something new. This includes Christmas day as well, since we think Christmas is the perfect day to learn about Christmas carols in a new language. Don’t do it yourself and ask your friends and family to join the fun, too!

Get a karaoke set, play the music from online streaming platforms, sing along together.

Choose a Christmas carol you love and learn to sing it in another language.

We can assure you that this will be a fun way to challenge yourself and learn something new everyday. Plus, doing something different this year can add a unique touch to your Christmas celebrations. 

15. Take a Festive Family Photo Shoot

Christmas Photo Props

Christmas is also the perfect moment for a family picture! When it comes to how to capture Christmas memories, having a family photo is definitely one of the best ways to do it.

Since it’s the moment for everyone in the family to gather, it’s also a moment to remember for many years from now.

Get yourself and your family dressed up in your best Christmas attire and head outdoors for a festive family photo shoot. Instead of doing the boring pose, get creative with the poses and add some Christmas photo props to create exciting family photos.

In our opinion, this is the perfect way to capture the joy of Christmas with your loved ones. 

Final Thoughts

Christmas celebrations are full of sweet, wonderful, and beautiful moments shared with friends and family. Make sure you don’t let the moments slip away once Christmas is over, and find the best ways on how to capture Christmas memories. 

There are many ways to pick and you can do it together with your loved ones.

From playing Christmas-themed games or doing fun activities together, we believe you will find the most suitable ideas on how to keep your Christmas memories alive. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I involve my children in capturing and preserving Christmas memories?

You can plan a fun DIY experience of creating Christmas memory books that include the most memorable Christmas photos and some creative handcrafted artworks inside.

Letting your kids take photos during Christmas celebrations will help them explore their creativity, and perhaps you might even find some unexpected moments captured by them.

How can I preserve my Christmas memories for future generations?

You can preserve your magical Christmas moments by printing your favorite photos and images in beautiful photo books or albums, so your children and grandchildren can see in the future.

You can also save photos in a digital photo frame to display, or save all photos in a specific hard disc that can be accessed in many years from now.

What are some creative ways to display your Christmas memories?

You can save your Christmas photos on a digital frame and have it display as many photos as you can. It will be a magic frame that reminds you about the beautiful moments and memories during a special Christmas celebration with your loved ones. 

What are some common mistakes people make when capturing and preserving Christmas memories?

One of the most common mistakes when capturing and preserving Christmas memories include a decision not to attend a Christmas party or celebration. Missing out on Christmas parties means that you will not be creating memories with your friends and family, while Christmas is all about sharing happiness with others.

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