Kano PC : Most Affordable Computer for Children That Enhance Learning Capacity

Are you looking for an affordable computer for your children? The Kano PC is the best choice as it is specifically tailored for your kids’ education. It comes in a standalone tablet with a touch screen and a physical keyboard for ease of use.

This creative device features a unique LEGO-like assembly process and a vast classroom software library.

Kano PC utilizes the Raspberry Pi board for its computing unit. It is the most economical platform for a personal computer. Nevertheless, it offers some serious performance despite the low cost.

Overall, this computer can run educational programs smoothly and even allow remote learning.

Kano PC Educational Edition

Putting together hardware for a PC can be overwhelming if you are not tech-savvy. However, Kano boldly offers your kids a chance to participate in assembling the computer.

This device is not premade. It means that you and your children can set the computer up together as a small project. Luckily, the process has been simplified. It comes with detailed instruction and the bright colored parts will keep your kids interested.

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Kano PC Educational Edition

The assembly process is a lot like building a LEGO. It stimulates young minds and may even spark interest in a STEM career.

In addition, the Kano PC is wrapped with a transparent case. Your kids can see inside the device. It fosters their curiosity and provides a higher sense of accomplishment for completing the PC construction.

Kano PC Educational Edition

Kano PC takes studying very seriously. Every part of the hardware is labeled in detail. This way, your children will be able to learn how a computer actually works. The marking on the board shows the location of the parts.

Kids can find out the positions of USB ports, HDMI, RAM, Storage, microphones, and so on. For additional value, the instruction booklet comes with a magnifying glass. It encourages your children to be analytical and inquiring by inspecting the gadget.

Kano PC Educational Edition

As a device specialized in classroom activities, Kano PC is equipped with an 11.6-inch touch screen display with adequate 720p resolution. The screen is sharp enough to display texts, pictures, and watch videos.

Furthermore, your children can type comfortably on Google Docs with the accompanying keyboard. This portable computer is great for completing school assignments. There is also a trackpad for software navigation.

Kano PC Educational Edition

For video calls such as Zoom, you can buy an external web camera and connect it with the Kano PC. This unit is highly versatile and compatible with various third-party accessories because of the Windows 10 operating system.

Your children can learn with the Kano Software Studio such as Kano Code, Mark Art, and How Computers Work. They teach your children a simple programming language, computing, and most importantly, arts!

Kano PC Educational Edition

There is also an additional feature called Kano World.  It is a place where your children can upload and share their creations. Of course, because of the flexible Windows 10, you can install additional software as you please.

The bottom line, Kano PC is cheap, only $299. It offers features that will enhance kids’ learning abilities. Why buy expensive hardware when you can get the educational Kano PC!

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