25 Beautiful-looking Smart Wallets with GPS Tracker

Using a wallet can only bring good things to you. Aside from becoming a fashion apparel, wallets serve as a safe place for credit cards and cash. However, people are still at risk from being robbed by irresponsible thefts. Fortunately, smart wallets have been developed for our convenience. Now, you won’t have to worry about the risk of losing your precious belongings!

If you’re looking for a smart wallet with GPS tracker, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to bring up some of the best smart wallets that are equipped with GPS trackers. Although most of the models are basically similar to each other, they still have some uniqueness that is worth mentioning. Let’s hope that you can find the right smart wallet with GPS tracker. 

Beautiful Smart Wallet with GPS Tracker

Wallets have come a long way since its “invention”. Now, they have advanced technologies to help you from being hacked or robbed. However, you still need to find a smart wallet with GPS tracker that has a good design too! Therefore, check out some of the best selections below.

1. Alphaara Smart Wallet

Alphaara Smart Wallet

Let’s start off with something beautiful. This adorable wallet will ring with an alert sound whenever it is moved away from you. You can also track it with GPS so that you won’t lose it again. Plus, you can choose between two different colors according to your preference. 

2. Anti-lost Leather Wallet

Anti-lost Leather Wallet

The main purpose behind the innovation to make a smart wallet with GPS tracker is to prevent you from losing your wallet again. It’s the reason why you should consider buying this amazing smart wallet. It is equipped with a camera function and a built-in multi-card position. Going out to public venues can’t get any safer with this wallet in your pocket!

3. Tag8 Leather Wallet

Tag8 Leather Wallet

Tag8 is not known for producing wallets. However, they have successfully made a high-quality smart wallet with GPS tracker with this product. It can be connected to a smartphone. Besides that, it will block hackers from stealing your credit card with the RFID-blocking system. 

4. Smart-LB Wallet

Smart-LB Wallet

This smart wallet with GPS tracker has a unique design, because it uses a magnetic button to seal the item. The wallet has remote photography and it is able to notify the last known position to your phone. By charging it for five hours, you can use its features for up to one month!

5. Leather Men’s Wallet

Leather Men’s Wallet

Most smart wallets on our list are made in small sizes to fit your pocket. However, you might want a breath of fresh air and consider this leather smart wallet with GPS tracker. The item will be delivered with a Bluetooth key finder that can be connected to your smartphone. It has a range of 25 meters, which is pretty astounding. 

6. Personalized Smart Wallet

Personalized Smart Wallet

What makes a smart wallet with GPS tracker even better? Yes, an option to personalize it with your own name to make it more unique! With this lovely leather wallet, you can go to public venues without needing to be worried of getting robbed, because it is equipped with a GPS tracker. 

7. Doeboe AirTag Wallet

Doeboe AirTag Wallet

AirTags are made by Apple to help you find missing belongings through your iPhone. If you’re clumsy and often lose your wallet, then buying this AirTag wallet seems like a no-brainer. Furthermore, it was made using high-quality leather material too! It is truly the perfect gift for both men and women alike. 

8. Ekster Parliament Wallet and Tracker

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This is the ultimate smart wallet with GPS tracker. With this cool set, you will get a lovely smart wallet with a tracking device. Simply put the tracking card inside the wallet, and it will notify your phone if you misplace it. The wallet itself is also highly durable and secure. It feels weird to not consider this item!

9. “Original” Traceable Wallet

“Original” Traceable Wallet

Relax, this blue wallet is not “the” original, or first ever, traceable wallet in human’s history. However, it has a beautiful design and awesome features, which is the reason why we’re including it on our list. It can connect over an application via Bluetooth, enabling worldwide tracking! 

10. Smart Wallet with Genuine Leather

Smart Wallet with Genuine Leather

Who says that smart wallets can never look as good as traditional wallets? Just take a look at this item as an example! It was even made using genuine leather while providing a large capacity for credit cards and photo slots. The GPS tracking feature also comes in handy, especially for people who are prone to be robbed.   

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11. Multifunctional Leather Wallet

Multifunctional Leather Wallet

This smart wallet with GPS tracker is a very slim wallet. It can fit into a tight jeans pocket without any sharp or annoying edges. It is able to block electronic pickpockets from stealing your data. Besides that, you won’t have to worry about losing this item, as it is equipped with a GPS tracker.  

12. Antilles Smart Wallet

Antilles Smart Wallet

Even though this smart wallet doesn’t have an eye-catching design, it can still be considered as one of the best products on our list of smart wallets with GPS tracker. You can select from three different colors: brown, red, and black. The wallet itself has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can be used for 20-35 days. 

13. Bluetooth Smart Wallet for Men

Bluetooth Smart Wallet for Men

It is rare to see a red smart wallet on our list, but here we are! It is made from genuine leather material, which is pretty awesome. And just like all the other items, it is equipped with a GPS tracker that can be connected to your smartphone. A stylish and lightweight smart wallet with GPS tracker, what more can you ask?

Vintage-Looking Smart Wallet with GPS Tracker

Some smart wallets are envisioned to mimic vintage models. These items are awesome and they can make you look more presentable. Thankfully, there are a lot of vintage-looking smart wallets out there. Let’s hope that you can find one vintage smart wallet with GPS tracker that suits your style!

1. Ploreser Men’s Wallet

Ploreser Men’s Wallet

The first smart wallet in this category is a beautiful, bifold smart wallet for men. The brown finish makes it look very luxurious and elegant. Besides that, it has a camera and GPS function that increases security for your satisfaction. 

2. Anti-lost GPS Wallet

Anti-lost GPS Wallet

Some unbranded wallets also provide GPS tracking features, making it all the more awesome. Just take this beautiful item as an example! Despite it being unbranded, it is still able to provide accurate data and information regarding its position, should you lose it. 

3. Ekster: Senate Wallet

Ekster: Senate Wallet

Ekster is the master of making beautiful wallets. They even made a cool smart wallet with GPS tracker with this cool product. It really has a vintage and magnificent design that is very fashionable. Besides that, it has an RFID-blocking system with a GPS tracker to locate any missing item. 

4. AirTag Wallet

AirTag Wallet

Having a smart wallet with a built-in AirTag can prove to be really beneficial in the long run. Asides from enhancing its overall appearance, it makes the wallet traceable too. Furthermore, it has one big cash pocket and six different card slots. 

5. Trackable Leather Smart Wallet

Trackable Leather Smart Wallet

Thieves aren’t the only way to lose your wallet. In fact, you can be clumsy and forget to bring your wallet after having a nice dinner at a restaurant. If that’s the case, your cell phone will ring and notify you, so that you won’t get too far away from this beautiful smart wallet with GPS tracker.

6. NUOH Smart Wallet

NUOH Smart Wallet

A smart wallet with GPS tracker attracts people’s attention for a lot of reasons. Asides from the obvious (the GPS tracking capability), they also need to have a unique design. Perhaps, you might want to entertain the idea of buying this vintage leather wallet. It has four card slots, two cash layers, two-coin layers, and one photo window!

7. Smart Wallet with Bluetooth

Smart Wallet with Bluetooth

In terms of energy, smart wallets are much more durable than smartphones. With this awesome wallet, you just need to charge for a couple of hours, and it is going to power on for a month! By syncing a smartphone with the wallet, you may be able to call and produce a beeping sound from your wallet whenever it is far away from you. 

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8. Barossa Smart Wallet

Barossa Smart Wallet

Just take a moment and adore this beautiful smart wallet. It has a wonderful design, right? The slim and compact style makes it able to fit inside a jeans pocket. This smart wallet with GPS tracker also has storage for credit cards, cash, ID cards, and many more!

9. Multifunctional Anti-lost Wallet

Multifunctional Anti-lost Wallet

Nowadays, wallets need to be versatile and have multifunctional abilities. Thankfully, this smart wallet with GPS tracker is able to do just that. If you want a minimalist wallet that is able to store some cards and cash, then you should really add this item to your cart. 

10. Accurate Smart Wallet

Accurate Smart Wallet

If you ever want a smart wallet with GPS tracking that is able to give accurate information about its whereabouts, then this wallet is the right item for you. The distance that it covers exceeds normal Bluetooth radius, which is very useful for certain situations. Make sure to get one now!

11. Smart Anti-lost Wallet

Smart Anti-lost Wallet

When going out to a public venue, one thing that might scare people is the risk of losing their possessions. That’s the reason why you should obtain this smart wallet with GPS tracker immediately. Made with high quality material, it will never disappoint you!

12. Vintage-looking Trackable Wallet

Vintage-looking Trackable Wallet

Let’s end our list with an amazing item. This trackable wallet has a very unique and luxurious design. Besides that, you won’t have to worry about losing this wallet to another person! It is even available in four different colors. What better time to buy this wallet? Go now and add it to your cart. 

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