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38 Crazy, Weird & Unusual Earrings You Can Buy

Some weird earrings are a great way to showcase your unique style and personality without putting in a lot of effort. If you are looking for a way to show off your fun and funky side, these unusual earrings are the way to go.

Whether you choose to wear creepy earrings that send shivers down everyone’s spine or funny earrings that give them the tickles, one thing’s for sure. They make a bold and loud statement that’s impossible to miss.

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In our adventures around the web, we have come across many unique fun earrings that could add jazz and jive to your look. Some of them are weird earrings that will give you the chills and thrills while others are funky enough to make you the center of attention.

Weird & Unusual Earrings:

No matter your tastes and personality, we have something just for you. Read on and discover some of the weird earrings ever made!

#1 Creepy Hand Earrings 

Hand Earrings - Unusual Earrings

You don’t have to wait for the zombie apocalypse or Halloween to rock these bizarre earrings.

Wear them on any random day and enjoy the mixture of reactions you will be sure to get. Great attention to detail makes them as close to life as they can ever be. 

#2 Avocado Earrings 

Avocado Earrings - Unusual Earrings

For days when you wake up with a prep in your step, these avocado earrings would best match your mood.

Known as the fat and happy fruit, avocadoes have a reputation for uplifting moods. Share your joy with the people around you by wearing these happy earrings. 

#3 Pastel Tentacle Earrings 

Pastel Tentacle Earrings - Unusual Earrings

Do you love to give people a scare? Nothing could be quite as scary as having a pair of tentacles wrapped around your ears.

These tentacle earrings are reminiscent of some scary underwater creature. They come in a wide array of vibrant colors to ensure they make a statement. 

#4 In One Ear and Out the Other – Dangle Earrings 

In One Ear and Out the Other - Dangle Earrings

Is there someone in your life who happens to be annoyingly forgetful? If so, then you just found the perfect pair of earrings to show your support.

You might however want to keep your distance as she opens the package. And pray hard that she forgets what you did.

#5 Stop Sign Studs 

Stop Sign Earrings

It’s really hard to miss a stop sign, considering the extreme repercussions that would result. Here is an opportunity to ride that wave and draw all the right kinds of attention.

They are simple and cute, a cool choice for a minimalist who wants to make a statement.

#6 Shuttle Rocket Earrings 

Shuttle Earrings

Are you an aspiring space traveller or have a friend who is? These cool earrings will blow their mind no doubt.

Miniature rockets blasting off into space inside tiny glass domes, complete with smoke, are the epitome of creativity. Keep the dream alive with this constant reminder that every idea has the potential to soar, even the tiniest ones. 

#7 Mouth with Tongue Earrings 

Mouth with Tongue Earrings - Unusual Earrings

For a little tongue-in-cheek humor, how about a pair of unusual earrings that will leave everyone guessing?

Depending on the person looking at them, the life-like images could mean so many things. But the one thing everyone will agree on is the weirdness factor. 

#8 Baby Sloth Earrings 

Baby Sloth Realistic Shaped Stud Earrings

We all have those days when everything, including drawing a breath, takes tons of effort. Give the people around you a hint to steer clear by wearing these adorable baby sloth earrings.

That way, even if your boss finds you sleeping on the desk, he might just make an exception.

#9 Octopus Ear Cuffs 

Octopus Ear Cuffs

Walking around with a tentacle creature attempting to get into your ear is a sure way to get noticed.

Wouldn’t they make a great gift for a steampunk jewelry lover? Since they are made of solid antique bronze, they can only get better with the passing of time as they patina. 

#10 Creepy Baby Doll Earrings 

Creepy Baby Doll Earrings - Unusual Earrings

There is a very thin line between creepy and adorable and this pair of babies just crossed it. Their eyes stare right into your soul and their heads rotate all the way around.

If you dare to stand out and be different, these are the ideal earrings to get you started by creeping everyone out. 

#11 Spider Web Ear Wraps 

Spider Web Ear Wraps

Take weirdness to the next level with this intricate pair of spider web earrings. At first sight, they will certainly send chills down people’s spines.

One might wonder whether vampires nowadays roam the streets in broad daylight. Keep them captivated with this intricate and creative piece.

#12 Ernesto Statement Drop Earrings 

Ernesto Statement Drop Earrings

Strike the balance between strange and intriguing with these statement earrings. Everything about them, from the design, to the colors and size, draws attention.

They could make the perfect accessory to add some pop to a minimalist outfit. Keep things fun and creative with these cute pair of earrings.

#13 Goldfish in a Bag Unusual Earrings

Goldfish in a Bag Earrings

Remember when you bought your first goldfish and couldn’t wait to get home and let it out of the bag?

Well, these bizarre novelty earrings are a tribute to that memory. The only difference is that you will always have your goldfish with you everywhere you go. 

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#14 Black Cats 

Black Cats

You likely know about the potential of black cats to strike terror into people’s hearts.

Ride this wave by getting a pair of spooky black cat earrings and scare the wits out of everyone. Their stare alone is enough to turn observers’ blood into icy water. 

#15 Miniature Pizza Slices

Miniature Pizza Slice Earrings

How about rocking a pair of yummy pizza slices on your ears? This particular pair of weird earrings shows such meticulous attention to detail that it could get you into trouble at lunchtime.

Thanks to their creative design though, you can count on getting tons of attention all day long.

#16 Vintage Clown Cupcake Topper Earrings 

Vintage Clown Cupcake Topper Earrings

With these crazy earrings, you will be sure to keep everyone who fears clowns at a distance. Everyone knows that behind the makeup and cheesy smiles, clowns are the face of all things evil.

Prey on this phobia by matching the earrings to a mean clownish look to complete the effect.

#17 Rose Gold Cactus Studs

Rose Gold Cactus Earrings

For nature lovers, this range of unusual earrings offers a great opportunity to stand out and make an impression. They take the shape of various cactus varieties and show exceptional attention to detail.

Their miniature size means you can wear more than one at a time for double the fun! 

#18 Reclaimed Guitar String Earrings 

Reclaimed Guitar String Earrings

Are you a music or design lover or both? Well, this unique pair of earrings would perfectly resonate with your line of interest.

The wires are reclaimed guitar strings, pinched on either side to create a pod. Turquoise dyed beads provide a striking contrast and make it a truly outstanding design. 

#19 Paw Print Unusual Earrings 

Paw Print Earrings

Calling all animal lovers! If ever there was an earring design that celebrates the essence of your passion, this would be it!

In spite of their minimalistic concept, they are unique and captivating enough to win the heart. They could make a great conversation starter with fellow animal enthusiasts. 

#20 Doll Arms

Doll Arm Earrings - Unusual Earrings

Back to the dark side of things, and these doll arms are reaching out to spook out those around you.

They have just the right amount of creepiness to find the balance between chilling and thrilling. More importantly, they are crazy enough to keep you relevant wherever you go. 

#21 Tooth & Toothbrush Unusual Earrings

Tooth & Toothbrush EarringsTooth & Toothbrush Earrings

Straddling the line between adorable and weird, this has got to be one of the cutest pair of earrings on the list. One is a toothbrush, complete with a layer of toothpaste on the top.

The other is a big happy tooth with a similar layer. Together, they ensure that you become the object of attention. 

#22 Dinosaur Bite Earrings 

Dinosaur Bite Earrings

Take a trip back into time and get back to the present with a baby dinosaur biting your ear lobe.

He probably didn’t want to remain behind in the Jurassic period. And the best way to hitch a ride to the present was on your ear. Aren’t these the most adorable little earrings? 

#23 Corn Earrings 

Corn Earrings

Just when you thought things could not get any better, you get a fresh pair of yummy corn on the cob!

Don’t keep the treat to yourself, wear it proud for all to see. The creativity and execution is simply matchless, making you want to nibble away like a little chipmunk. 

#24 Wizard Glasses unusual earrings

Wizard Glasses unusual earrings

Introduce a subtle hint of your Harry Porter obsession into your look with these cool earrings. They take the shape of his glasses, and come complete with the lightning bolt scar on top.

If you’re looking for the perfect piece to complete a cosplay outfit, you just found it. 

#25 Peeled Banana 

Peeled Banana Earrings

Miniature food jewelry pieces are some of the most unique and fun options if you want to stand out. This piece goes beyond the obvious thanks to the ‘peeled’ aspect.

The curvy peels and contrast between yellow cover and white flesh are impossible to miss. And so is the yummy originality of the concept.

#26 Gold Pineapple with Opal Stone 

Gold Pineapple with Opal Stone

These aren’t just your ordinary pineapples. Opal gemstones add a mystical appeal to the design, by virtue of their iridescence.

Dainty pieces such as these ones will grab and hold attention without the slightest effort. What a cool choice of gift for any lover of unique jewelry pieces! 

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#27 Jaw Bone Earrings 

Jaw Bone Earrings

Take your love for all things spooky with this pair of jawbone earrings. Because they use real bone, they look almost life-like.

Coupled with the remarkable craftsmanship which captures every detail, the design comes to life. No one would want to get stuck in a dark lift with you wearing these crazy earrings. 

#28 Edison Bulb Earrings 

Fashion Bar Women Colorful LED Light Bulb Earrings

Celebrate one of the greatest inventions of all time while making a style statement. The design strives to remain true to the vintage bulbs they take after.

Their rustic appeal is however enhanced by the use of cork and brass. As a result, these earrings are timelessly trendy and will forever be in style!

#29 Wood Ruler Earrings 

Wood Ruler Earrings

Looking for the ultimate metric to measure your style and flair? Look no further than these whimsical wood ruler earrings.

With these, you will make an indelible fashion mark that the world around you will live to remember. Strut your unique style wearing the most creative pieces yet. 

#30 Past Present and Future Earrings 

Past Present and Future Earrings

Capture every moment of time, past, future and present with these symbolic earrings. Three interlocking circles signify the passage of time in a most striking way.

From time to time, we all need a reminder to live in the present. And these earrings can provide the visual cue. 

#31 Easter Bunny Earrings 

Easter Bunny Earrings

Who doesn’t love bunnies? They are cute, cuddly and fuzzy, and have this innocent stare that simply melt your heart.

With these funny earrings, you get a constant view of both their front and back sides, which are equally delightful. You cannot help but smile at the booty especially. 

#32 Toilet Paper Earrings 

Toilet Paper Earrings - Unusual Earrings

Nothing could be more unusual than having a roll of toilet paper take the place of your earrings. This pair of bizarre novelty earrings will have everyone begging for a closer look and feel.

Those who give a crap will be excited to find that the toilet roll is actually made of tiny glass beads that look like pearls. 

#33 Tiny Sterling Bee Stud Earrings 

Tiny Sterling Bee Stud Earrings

Your earrings don’t have to be elaborate to make a statement. As these bumble bee pieces illustrate, they can be simple yet striking. They are intricately crafted to resemble real-life bees.

And they take us to a happy place and time in spring where bees buzz around the open fields looking for pretty flowers. 

#34 Rainbow Confetti Earrings 

Rainbow Confetti Earrings

Show off your vibrant side with these colorful rainbow confetti earrings. Consisting of tiny pieces of leather in all the colors of the rainbow, they are a visual feast.

When it comes to wearable works of art, none can compare to this unique creation. Enjoy the compliments. 

#35 Yoda, Chewbacca, Ewok and Jawa earrings 

Yoda, Chewbacca, Ewok and Jawa earrings

For all the Star Wars lovers in the house, this is your ultimate collection of unique fun earrings.

Showcasing both your love for the show and an outstanding sense of style, they are an extension of your personality. As a bonus, they hold tons of whimsical appeal. 

#36 Bohemian Pendant Unusual Earrings

Ownsig Women Bohemian Water Bottle Pendant Earrings

None of us thinking that these earrings are exist somewhere. Adopting bohemian style make these unique pieces stand out. The water bottle-inspired shape will utterly draw anyone attention who realize their unusual design. 

#37 Abstract Face Art Earrings

Unique abstract face Art earrings dangle statement long earrings

Wake your artsy soul up with these pair of earrings! Standing between crazy and creative ones, they will stunningly define your inner beauty statement. If you are truly a fan of art work, these pieces are made for you.  

#38 Astronaut Asymmetric Earrings

QIAN0813 Creative Cartoon Astronaut Stud Earrings

Who’s never dreamed about being an astronaut? A set of earrings with an astronaut feature will be ready to fly you to catch the stars. By wearing these unusual matches, you can freely showcase your child’s dream to everyone with pride.

What kind of earrings are popular nowadays? 

As the fashion world moves faster, people tend to buy unique, unusual, and crazy weird earrings. If you want to stand out with anti-mainstream accessories, you may want to buy a pair of earrings from our above list. From bohemian style, creepy design to celebrate Halloween, to artsy earrings, you can choose according to your preferences.

Unusual earrings come in every shape and form, letting you show off both your fun and spooky sides. And the best part is that you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to rock the look. Make every day special with these creative jewelry pieces.

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