25 Bushcraft Gifts for Adventure and Survival

Bushcraft is an art of survival, some people do it as a hobby or to prepare themselves in case one day they get stranded. But most do it as a form of healing because, with bushcraft, you can find a different atmosphere and feel achievement after learning a new skill. To do that, you should have adequate equipment to support your journey. Needs such as shelter to rest, equipment to make a fire to warm yourself, and many diverse needs that can support your survival are indispensable. You can give bushcraft gifts to people who have an adventurous spirit as a gift for an anniversary or other special occasion.

Bushcraft gifts may have an unusual shape for those who don’t like outdoor activities. However, the unusual shape is designed to be practical and comfortable during activities. For this reason, you have come to the right place this time because we have prepared various items on our list that you can make as bushcraft gifts. Each of them is unique and has an impact on your survival skills. Let’s see if one is right for you!

1. Personal Tent

Personal Tent

The shelter is one of the special needs for you when outdoor activities. This personal tent is a suitable choice for that, and you can make it as a bushcraft gift for your friend. Made of lightweight material, only 3.96 lbs in total weight so it’s easy for you to carry during your adventures. It has two poles that support the tent and has protection against heat and rain.

2. Large Waterproof Backpack

Large Waterproof Backpack

To go on an adventure, you usually bring a lot of equipment for your needs. You can have this backpack as a bushcraft gift that can carry a lot of that equipment. Made from a combination of waxed canvas and genuine leather, that makes it waterproof. So, your equipment doesn’t get wet when it rains. In addition, by purchasing this bag, you also get two additional pouches as a bonus that you can carry with you.

3. Wool Blanket

Wool Blanket

Staying in the open can be very cold if you don’t have the proper protection. You can have this wool blanket as a bushcraft gift that protects you from the cold. Made of real wool which ensures its warmth. Can be packed in a compact way that is compatible with your backpack.

4. Camp Spice Rack

Camp Spice Rack

Food is necessary for you to stay energized when doing outdoor activities. To fulfill that you can cook your supplies or whatever you can get in nature. And to make it delicious, you can add the spices from this camp spice rack, consisting of 10 glass storage for nine spices and olive oil. Has a belt loop and a velcro closure that is convenient to carry, which you can make as a bushcraft gift. 

5. Haversack Shoulder Bag

Haversack Shoulder Bag

Haversack may look simple. Don’t let the simplicity fool your eyes because it turns out that this item has a compact function to carry your equipment. It can accommodate luggage such as water bottles, food, flashlights, folding knives, and various other survival kits that must be carried. This item is very suitable to be used as a bushcraft gift for people who like outdoor activities.

6. Outdoor Compass

Outdoor Compass

Walking in the open like in the forest can be very confusing because you are not familiar and there are few signs to guide you. Don’t get lost while on an adventure by having this compass as a guide. Make this a very suitable bushcraft gift to complete the map you have. Made of bombproof and military quality material ensures the durability of this item.

7. Folding Shovel

Folding Shovel

Digging activity is quite often done when doing bushcraft. According to your needs, we provide this folding shovel which can be used as a bushcraft gift. Equipped with a pouch that makes it easy to carry around. In addition, it has an adjustable angle lock system that makes it convenient for you to use it.

8. Stormproof Matches

Stormproof Matches

Just starting a fire in the wild requires some skill. It becomes more challenging when the equipment you have has been wet from a storm or fallen into the water. You don’t have to worry because you can have stormproof matches that you can make as one of the bushcraft gifts. These matches can stay lit even after being exposed to water because they are coated with a special coating.

9. Scotch Eyed Auger

Scotch Eyed Auger

Pegs are one of your needs when camping outdoors. Now you can make your own using this Scotch eyed auger. With a diameter of 30 mm, you can also make various other simple tools such as hammers for your outdoor activities. You can use this item as a bushcraft gift that you can give to people who like an adventure.

10. Hunter’s Pan with Camo Bag

Hunter's Pan with Camo Bag

Outdoors cooking while on an adventure can be very inconvenient if you don’t have the right equipment. To make it easier, you can have this hunter’s pan which can be used as a bushcraft gift. Has a diameter of 21 cm, which is sufficient for your needs. In addition, this item is also compact because it can be folded and has a container that is easy to carry when you go on an adventure.

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11. Foraging Pouch for Belt

Foraging Pouch for Belt

When doing outdoor activities, sometimes you need a container that you can use to collect natural products such as fruit. For that purpose, we provide this foraging pouch for our item, which can be used as a bushcraft gift. You can wear it on your belt, and this item is foldable. So, it’s practical for your needs.

12. Personalized Enamel Mug

Personalized Enamel Mug

When you are tired while doing outdoor activities, enjoying a cup of coffee or chocolate must be very comfortable. Besides being able to recharge your energy, warm drinks can also reduce the feeling of cold while in nature. Drink in style using this personalized enamel mug which you can make as a bushcraft gift because you can custom the name engraved on the mug.

13. Birch Salve Balm

Birch Salve Balm

Adventure into the wild is usually done by walking and passing various unexpected obstacles. As a result, it can cause pain or bruise on the skin. Soothe it up with this natural birch salve balm that you can take with you during your adventures. Perfect as a bushcraft gift just in case you need it.

14. Flatpack Stove

Flatpack Stove

Making a bonfire is impractical for you to use for cooking during outdoor activities. To make it simple, you can have this flatpack stove that you can use as a bushcraft gift. With a sheet metal material that is fire-resistant and easy to fold, making it compact to carry during your adventures. Its sturdy shape is also easy for you to put your cooking utensils on.

15. Ferro Rod Fire Starter

Ferro Rod Fire Starter

Starting a fire with sticks and stones is very primitive and takes time. Be actively smarter using this Ferro rod because it is easy for you to use it to start a fire. So reliable that you can use it as a bushcraft gift because it doesn’t break or requires no fuel. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to carry it around.

16. Bushcraft Hatchet

Bushcraft Hatchet

To warm yourself at night in the open space, you need wood as fuel to make a bonfire. Use this hatchet as your equipment which can also be used as a bushcraft gift. Comes in a size that fits your hand making it convenient to cut the wood into smaller sizes. Easy to carry because it is also equipped with a leather sheath that can be attached to your equipment.

17. Bottle Hanger for Camping

Bottle Hanger for Camping

Heating water during outdoor activities can be easier by using this bottle hanger. Compatible with your bonfire tripod so you can keep your drink warm even when you’re resting. Can be used as a bushcraft gift suitable for outdoor activities, but make sure the person you give it to already has a bonfire tripod, okay?

18. Water Purification Tablet

Water Purification Tablet

Get your water supplies purified by using this purifier tablet. In strip packaging that you can easily take with you when going hiking or camping. Suitable as a bushcraft gift because it can complete your luggage. Noted: these tablets can get rid of micro-pathogens but must be used appropriately.

19. Stainless Steel Cup

Stainless Steel Cup

One of the items that you can use to cook water during outdoor activities is this stainless steel cup. Uses such as drinking coffee or cooking soup for personal use can be done in this cup. Simply hanging it above the fireplace can warm it easily. You can make it as a bushcraft gift that is suitable for people who like to do adventures.

20. Military Water Bottle

Military Water Bottle

Bring your water supply in a proper container using this military water bottle. Has a size of one liter and an aluminum material that can protect your water supplies safely. Equipped with a pocket sheath that makes it easy to carry, making this item is a perfect bushcraft gift for people who like outdoor activities.

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21. Bushcraft Neck Knife

Bushcraft Neck Knife

This bushcraft neck knife is a perfect present for a bushcraft gift. The reliable knife is practical for you because you can put it around your neck. Has an ergonomic handle that is useful for all situations, from cutting to carving. Equipped with a detachable sharpener so this knife can always be sharp and ready to use.

22. Folding Bow Saw

Folding Bow Saw

Cutting wood to make a fireplace or shelter is necessary when doing bushcraft. Without using the right equipment, it can be tough to do it. Have this folding bow saw, or use it as a bushcraft gift. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use. You don’t have to worry because it’s practical and you don’t have to touch the blade when using it.

23. Emergency Thermal Foil Blanket

Emergency Thermal Foil Blanket

Spending the night in the wild is at risk of developing hypothermia due to cold air that you can’t control. Just in case, have a thermal foil blanket that you can use if it’s unexpected that the ambient temperature drops drastically. Cover your body by using this product to maintain your body temperature and stay safe.

24. Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves

Bushcraft is full of strenuous activities because it is related to survival skills. To support all of those activities, we recommend you have tactical gloves to protect your hands. The material is thin and ventilated but still durable, making this glove very practical. A safe and steady hand means you’re ready to take on any activity.

25. Portable Hammock

Portable Hammock

Last but not least, the option of a bushcraft gift that you can have is this portable hammock. You can get a shelter simply just by hanging it on a tree trunk. It can be folded compactly for convenient carrying. This product is equipped with a mosquito net to protect you from insects and a rain fly that covers you from heavy rain.

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What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is an activity carried out by humans outdoors to survive in the natural environment. In practice, it involves the activities of eating (cooking, foraging, etc.), building a shelter, and making fireplaces. To facilitate these activities, you can be assisted with various adequate equipment such as a foldable camping stove, personal tent, and Ferro rod as listed on our list.

What do you get an outdoor guy for Christmas?

We provide a variety of bushcraft gifts that are suitable for guys to get on Christmas on our list. Among them, there is a bushcraft neck knife which is handy to carry. Or as another option, you can give a  personalized enamel mug with his name that makes it more special.

What do you get someone who is outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy people tend to have a preference for finding new atmospheres by going on adventures or going to nature. You can give them a bushcraft gift as a present for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions. We recommend this cool waterproof backpack and outdoor compass for them.

What should I get my outdoorsy sister?

For your outdoorsy sister, we recommend several bushcraft gifts that might be suitable for her. Like this Haversack, which she can use to carry various equipment during outdoor activities. In addition, the camp spice rack is also practical for her to carry when he wants to cook something. 

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