30 Funny Diabetic Gifts to Get Along with It

Diabetes is a type of disease caused by high blood sugar levels. With diabetes, your body can’t produce insulin or produce it improperly. As a result, the sugar you consume cannot react with insulin. So, there is a lot of sugar in your blood circulation, which can correlate with various diseases such as heart disease or kidney dysfunction in the long term. But don’t let this disease take the smile off your face. It doesn’t mean your life is over. You can stay happy with it and get along with it. One option is to have or give a funny diabetic gift and make fun of it.

In this list, we have several items that you can give as funny diabetic gifts. Some of them are simple and can be used every day. While some are unique and you may not think of them.

Wearable Funny Diabetic Gifts

T-shirts or other clothes are something you can wear every day. It is very suitable as a funny diabetic gift because it can easily be written with quotes or puns. In addition, by wearing it, you can also tell others that you have diabetes, but you get along with it.

1. Proud Owner T-Shirt

Proud Owner T-Shirt

I have diabetes, but I’m still proud. “Proud owner of useless pancreas”, that’s all you can tell anyone in this t-shirt. Using 100% cotton makes this shirt comfortable to wear anytime and anywhere. Suitable as funny diabetic gifts so that people who receive them remain proud of their lives.

2. Dia-Be-Tees Sweatshirt

Dia-Be-Tees Sweatshirt

Get this sweatshirt as a funny diabetic gift for them. Make fun of it by telling us insulin is no longer produced by the pancreas. Made from a cotton-polyester combination making it sturdy and warm to wear in cold weather. Available in eight color choices, suitable as a gift for anyone according to their taste.

3. Dead Pancreas Hoodie

Dead Pancreas Hoodie

Tragically, you can tell people with diabetes that their pancreas is dead. How not, because, of course, their pancreas is no longer producing insulin. But to make it a joke, you can give this cool hoodie as a funny diabetic gift. This product is unisex, very soft, and warm when worn.

4. Diabetic Mom’s T-Shirt

Diabetic Mom’s T-Shirt

You can give this t-shirt to a mother as a funny diabetic gift. As written on this shirt, a person who suffers from diabetes, her life is controlled by numbers. Always pay attention to blood sugar levels which are assessed using numbers. Or counting the days until the day finally comes for measuring blood sugar by means of a poke on her finger. Everything is ruled by numbers!

5. Freeloadin’ Pancreas

Freeloadin’ Pancreas

Who wants to live with a freeloader? We can guarantee that nobody wants it. Well, it’s the same with the pancreas, which is no longer functioning. Represented by this t-shirt that you can make as a funny diabetic gift. Made of 100% ring-spun cotton, which is slightly thicker but still soft and comfortable to use.

Mugs as Funny Diabetic Gifts

Funny diabetic gifts can also be given in the form of a mug. Writing something funny on it can give a smile to those who read it. Moreover, the person who receives it will remember you every time they use it.

6. Not Cool Pancreas

Not Cool Pancreas

Hey, not cool, pancreas! If you could, sure, you would say that to your pancreas. Give this mug as a funny diabetic gift for those who have diabetes. With this mug, they can voice their inner voice and make a joke about the disease they have.

7. Diabadass Mug

Diabadass Mug

As this mug says, don’t mess with diabadass. We know it’s just a pun, but you can still be a badass even if you have diabetes. That’s right, show people that diabetes doesn’t have a big impact on your life. Even with diabetes, you can continue to live and continue to be creative.

8. Chronic or Iconic Mug

Chronic or Iconic Mug

Diabetes won’t stop you from having a sexy body. Yep, your iconic ass won’t betray you like your pancreas. You can give this mug as a funny diabetic gift for your loved ones. Imagine them unwrapping this from a gift wrap. What kind of laughter would come to their faces?

9. Dear Diabetes Mug

Dear Diabetes Mug

Be a savage by telling your disease that they picked the wrong guy. Therefore, you can give this mug as a funny diabetic gift to represent your feelings. That you don’t want to be defeated by a disease called diabetes. Always use this mug to enjoy your favorite drink while showing how powerful you are against it.

10. My Pancreas Quotes Mug

My Pancreas Quotes Mug

Now we put it in reverse. If the pancreas can talk to you, then maybe what it’s saying is: “I ain’t doin’ it“. Present this mug as a funny diabetic gift as a joke for those who have diabetes. With this mug, you can show how much your illness has only had a small impact on you and you have gotten along with it.

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11. Donuts Mug

Donuts Mug

With diabetes, we know that you can no longer eat foods high in sugar content. Foods like donuts are strictly prohibited for you. Therefore, we decided to replace it with this donut mug. We will replace the sweet taste of donuts that you haven’t tasted in a long time with a mug as a funny diabetic gift. It doesn’t matter if you drink insulin in a donut mug, right?

Pouches as Funny Diabetic Gifts

When you have diabetes, you usually go everywhere with various equipment. Examples such as medicines and insulin injections must always be ready because your blood sugar can rise at any time. For that, you can put it in a pouch, so it’s easy to carry anywhere.

12. Diabetes Shit Pouch

Diabetes Shit Pouch

Can a pouch look pretty and funny at the same time? Of course, you can, like in this diabetes shit pouch. Can be used as a funny diabetic gift but still looks beautiful with floral ornaments. It is large enough with 10 * 7.5 * 2 inches which can be filled with your luggage.

13. Diabetes Crap Pouch

Funny Diabetic Gifts

This pouch is one of the funny diabetic gifts we offer you on this list. Carry your diabetes supplies in this organized pouch for easy portability. Having diabetes is crap, but carrying your stuff handy is a choice. Having a quality polyester material makes this pouch more durable.

14. Insulin Junkie

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Being an addict may not be right, but being an insulin junkie is another matter. Of course, getting diabetes is not the right thing, but it has happened. Get along with it more accustomed by making fun of it. It can be done by giving this insulin junkie pouch as a funny diabetic gift that you can use to carry various items in it.

15. Diabetesaurus

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Impossible if you don’t know dinosaurs. If these creatures are still alive, maybe right now they are rare creatures, just like you, a diabetesaurus. You can use this pouch as a funny diabetic gift to give on an anniversary or other special occasion. With this product, of course, you can carry your goods safely and easily.

16. Shite Diabetes

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Being convicted of diabetes sucks. Everywhere, you have to bring all your shite together. Yep, carry your things in this shite pouch while being disappointed at the same time because you don’t control your diet. You can make them as funny diabetic gifts for those who have diabetes.

17. Lazy Pancreas

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Yo, there can be no more funny pouch than this lazy pancreas pouch. With the pancreas ornament all over its body, you can use this pouch as a funny diabetic gift. Yes, your pancreas is lazy because it no longer produces insulin, but don’t be lazy to bring your medicines, okay?

18. Run-on Coffee & Insulin

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Make a clear statement that not only coffee, but you also keep running on insulin. Great for funny diabetic gifts that you can give to people with diabetes. The bright pink and purple color combination makes it the perfect form as a clear statement. Because it is catchy enough for other people to keep their eyes on this pouch.

Other Funny Diabetic Gifts

If the items above still don’t interest you, we still have several items for you to choose from below. We hope that by giving funny diabetic gifts, they can keep their smile on, that diabetes is not the end. We can still do various things and get along with it.

19. Guts Pancreas Plush Toy

Guts Pancreas Plush Toy

Maybe this will surprise you. Now you can get a toy that symbolizes your damaged pancreas. You can make this pancreas plush as a funny diabetic gift to commemorate the condition of your pancreas. Has a soft and comfy material that is very huggable while remembering that you have to love your pancreas in its current state.

20. Diabetes Pin for Bag Accessory

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Be proud of your diabetes condition with this pin as an accessory. A funny diabetic gift that you can wear in your bag or as a form of your solidarity with other people with diabetes. Has four different types of pins and you can wear them varied every day.

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21. Diabetic Print Wall Art

Funny Diabetic Gifts

You can also have decorations with fun tones that are still artistic to look at. One of them is this printable wall art that you can make as a funny diabetic gift. You can also use this product as a warning for people who see it as not to become a prick because you deal with enough of them.

22. Diaversary Wall Art

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Diabetes does not always have to be marked by sadness. We can also celebrate it with this happy diaversary card as this funny diabetic gift. You can request any number of celebrations. Celebrating it can be a symbol that you have gotten along with your illness and remain strong until now.

23. Diabetic Bath Rug

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Do you have a close or loved one who already has diabetes but doesn’t control their diet? You can give this bath rug as a funny diabetic gift for them. Have an ornament with an x-ray photo of a pair of legs that are already in bad condition and amputated as a form of satire from you to remind them.

24. Diabetic Pillow

Diabetic Pillow

Have you ever heard that cows can produce rainbows? Yes, it is as impossible as people with diabetes to produce insulin. But getting a pillow as a funny diabetic gift is not impossible. With this pillow, you can make it a fun decoration or as a friend when you relax at home.

Funny Diabetic Gifts

Can’t eat chocolate cookies anymore? So we just give you a cookie in the form of a blanket. You can give this cookie blanket as a funny diabetic gift for those who can no longer taste cookies. Made of quality ultra-soft flannel fabric, making it comfortable to use. You also don’t need to worry because this blanket is easy to clean and safe using the washing machine.

26. Macaron Plush

Macaron Plush

Macaron is a tiny snack but can be dangerous if consumed by people who have diabetes. Another plush that you can use as a funny diabetic gift to make fun of them because they can no longer eat macarons. We hope they can imagine the sweetness they’ve long forgotten by giving this macaron plush.

27. Ice Cream Bandage

Ice Cream Bandage

Did you know that you can treat the wounds of people with diabetes using ice cream? Of course, not real ice cream, but using this ice cream bandage. You can make it a funny diabetic gift to make fun of them by telling them that now they can get ice cream when they get hurt.

28. Candy Cane Plush

Funny Diabetic Gifts

On Christmas eve, maybe a candy cane is the sweet thing that you are looking forward to eating. Unfortunately, you can no longer eat sweet foods because you have diabetes. To make fun of it, you can mourn your diabetes while hugging this candy cane plush which you can make as a funny diabetic gift.

29. Bubble Tea Plush

29. Bubble Tea Plush

Drinks that are currently popular are pearl/boba milk tea. Of course, those of you who have diabetes already know that you shouldn’t try it, right? Let us describe for you it is made from sweet tea with added milk and tapioca pearl. We hope you have a picture of how much sugar is in it. Therefore, you only need to have a bubble milk tea plush as a funny diabetic gift.

30. Shouldn’t Put That Tin Container

Shouldn’t Put That Tin Container

We have a unique product for you to make as a funny diabetic gift. Look at this tin container! With regretful people ornamented with the words “I shouldn’t have put that in my mouth” on it makes it very funny. You can change the contents from breath mints to insulin pills to give to those who have diabetes.

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