25 Gifts for People with OCD To Help Them Feel More in Control

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a mental disorder characterized by unreasonable thoughts and obsessions that lead to compulsive behaviors. Some people associate them with ‘clean freaks and organizers’.

When considering presents for people with OCD, something that helps them feel more in control will be the best choice. Giving suitable and helpful gifts to people with OCD might help them improve their quality of life or just ease their minds so it doesn’t worsen. But how do you know which one will be the most suitable for them?

You are on the right page because we will help you choose! We’ve compiled 25 practical gifts for people with OCD you can choose from. You can start by figuring out their habits, then find the most suitable gifts below!

1. Digital Mood Tracker Planner

Digital Mood Tracker Planner

People with OCD might have to deal with unwanted thoughts that often lead to mood swings. Help them understand their emotional pattern with a digital mood tracker planner as a unique gift for people with OCD!

This tracker planner includes a pdf file with a comprehensive wellness planner to track everyday moods and emotions. It also works for other concerns such as food journal, sleep tracker, vitamins tracker, hydration tracker, 30 days challenge, and so on!

2. Houseware Drawer Organizer Tray

Houseware Drawer Organizer Tray

One common symptom of OCD is the obsession with organizing things. Help them ease their mind with this houseware drawer organizer tray! As gifts for people with OCD, this organizer helps keep everything tidy and organized so people with OCD won’t be stressed out with messy things in the drawer. It has six removable dividers for different stationery and the other supplies.

3. HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins

HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins

People with an organized obsession always want to have everything in perfect order. So, more equipment to help them organize things will make an appropriate present. The other organizing tool you can give as gifts for people with OCD is these HOOJO refrigerator organizer bins.

 It features 8 organizer bins with a medium capacity to keep things inside the fridge arranged orderly. Ideal for storing fruits, meat, canned food, salad dressing, packed food, and other items. Bye-bye, disorganized fridge!

4. Credit Card Hand Sanitizer

Credit Card Hand Sanitizer

This credit card hand sanitizer would be a practical gift for people with OCD obsessed with keeping their hands clean. It is the same size as a credit card and is convenient to carry without taking too much space. This hand sanitizer also has moisturizing properties to overcome dryness after sanitizing.

5. TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep our desks tidy from small accessories such as paper clips, small notes, keychains, phones, and other knick-knacks. It might be an unbearable situation for OCD people with an organized obsession.

Giving TESLYAR wood phone docking stations will be a helpful solution as it is an ideal gift for people with OCD. It has several compartments to store small things, including a phone, watch, and wallet. The docking station keeps the desk tidy, but everything is still handy.

6. Sheet paper soap

Sheet paper soap

People with OCD who excessively wash their hands will need an alternative when there’s no hand soap outside. This sheet of paper soap will be a handy gift for people with OCD. It’s made of disinfected soap paper and comes in a compact mini case containing 20 sheets each. Super easy to carry and convenient to use!

7. UV sanitizer cell phone

UV sanitizer cell phone

Storing the smartphone inside a UV sanitizer cell phone is probably the best way to kill bacteria latching on its surface. Moreover, this UV sanitizer is also a perfect gift for people with OCD obsessed with keeping things clean from germ contamination. UV light is known for its bacteria-killing properties. This tool only takes 5 minutes to do the deep cleaning, even without flipping the smartphone.

8. RAK Contour Gauge Duplicator

RAK Contour Gauge Duplicator

Many people enjoy doing DIYing, but those obsessed with perfection will always measure everything to be exact and precise. This RAK contour gauge duplicator will be an excellent gift for people with OCD because it offers extra precision during DIY activities. 

This tool can accurately copy shapes or duplicate object profiles with ease. It smoothly contours to almost any shape for a perfect cut, great for flooring, construction, and DIYing.

9. Wooden vintage pantry label

Wooden vintage pantry label

This wooden vintage pantry label will also be an amazing gift for people with OCD to keep their kitchen organized. Unlike the other tag, this wooden label is laser-engraved to keep it last longer. It uses double-sided tape to stick on or with provided string to wrap around. Perfect for an organization project inside a vintage-vibe kitchen.

10. Funny OCD Mug

Funny OCD Mug

If they have no problem with exposing their condition or can make a joke about it, this funny OCD mug will be a humorous gift for people with OCD. Part of the sentence says, “I Have CDO. It’s a bit like OCD except all the letters are in alphabetical order…” reflecting what people with OCD feel and cope with. The mug is available in several colors and styles to choose from.

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11. OCD Awareness Shirt

OCD Awareness Shirt

For those who want to spread the awareness of OCD, you can give an OCD awareness shirt as a gift. It has a unisex design, suitable for men and women with a range of colors and sizes variations to choose from. The fabric used for this shirt is the super-soft type with premium quality, great gifts for Christmas, anniversary, or any other special celebration.

12. Calming Moonstone Necklace

Calming Moonstone Necklace

This calming moonstone necklace is the type of calming gift for people with OCD. It’s a silver necklace with a moonstone known for its ability to provide relief for anxiety. This gemstone is usually used for calming and grounding. Very helpful gifts for people with OCD to get relief and calming support from the external environment.

13. Worry Healing Hut

Worry Healing Hut

People with OCD often have many fears and worries. Help them to set those negativities on fire with this worry healing hut. They can write their worries and nagging thoughts on the included paper, curl them up, tuck it inside the mini house, then put a lit match and burn the paper through the hole. The worry will disappear as the paper burns. It’s simple but meaningful gifts for people with OCD.

14. Head-to-toe Home Spa Set

Head-to-toe Home Spa Set

Whenever people with OCD feel difficulty with their thoughts, they need more pampering time, such as a relaxing self-spa. Give them this head-to-toe home spa set for a luxurious and relaxing home-spa experience. The package contains five all-natural spa products from a face mask, 2 scrubs, foot salts, and cream. It contains soothing lavender essential oil which is believed to add a calming effect.

15. Words of Inspiration Soap Bar

Words of Inspiration Soap Bar

Whenever people with OCD have difficulty dealing with themselves, a more encouraging environment will help them to heal and restore their minds. A little encouraging gift such as the words of inspiration soap bar might be a great help for those who need positive words. This soap bar features inspiring words such as Peace, Courage, and Imagine. Each soap has a different botanical scent to add a calming effect. 

16. Mindful Moment Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Mindful Moment Magnetic Sand Hourglass

OCD people might often have some random thought that comes and goes. When the random thoughts become too overwhelming, help them ease the mind with a magnetic sand hourglass. Watching the mesmerizing sand formations take shape inside the hourglass helps ease and quieten the mind. This can be placed on the desk as an interactive table-top decoration.

17. Cloudy Day toilet paper storage

Cloudy day toilet paper storage

The spare toilet paper can be organized and turned into a decorative piece simultaneously with this cloudy day toilet paper storage. They are definitely useful gifts for people with OCD who are obsessed with organizing objects. The holder turns spare toilet paper into a downy cloud that floats on the bathroom wall. One storage can hold up to 8 rolls of toilet paper. Perfect as an organizer as well as wall décor.

18. Cutting Board with Removable Tray

Cutting Board with Removable Tray

A messy kitchen is a big no-no for a person with OCD who has an obsession with cleanliness. Help them keep everything clean with this cutting board with a removable tray. The tray keeps the ingredients off the cutting board without making the kitchen messy. Another useful feature, three of the trays have embossed measure marks for .5, 1, and 1.5 cups, which is great for precise portions while prepping ingredients. 

19. Travel Insert Handbag

Travel Insert Handbag

A normal handbag might not be satisfying for people with OCD. Therefore, you should consider giving them a travel insert handbag that will allow them to keep everything tidy and organized. This travel insert handbag from Gustave has 13 small to large compartments with 2 zipper pouches to store important things. Suitable for documents, makeup, and travel essentials, this organizer will be perfect a gift for people with OCD.

20. Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

An OCD person’s obsession with germs and bacteria can worsen if their bedroom turns smelly. Give an air purifier with a HEPA filter as gifts for people with OCD to keep their bedroom and house filled with fresh air. The HEPA filter helps clear the air from allergens, particles, pet dander, dust, mold spores, and odor, leaving a purified fresh air inside.

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21. Portable Toothbrush Case and Sanitizer

Portable Toothbrush Case and Sanitizer

For people with OCD, even small things such as a toothbrush should be sterilized to ensure it’s free from bacteria. Those people will need this portable toothbrush case and sanitizer. It does the job of a toothbrush case while keeping it safe from germ contamination. The UV filter eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria such as E. coli and staphylococcus from toothbrushes. Perfect for a normal cleaning routine or gifts for people with OCD.

22. Modern Grocery Coupon Organizer

Modern Grocery Coupon Organizer

Help them to keep grocery coupons organized with this modern grocery coupon organizer. This coupon organizer features a dual Velcro strap to be attached to any shopping cart and holds coupons tight. Super convenient to carry while doing grocery. It also has 24 dividers with stickers and pen holders. Amazing gifts for people with OCD who need to organize multiple grocery coupons.

23. Amamia Brush Holder

Amamia Brush Holder

Women can have many beauty brushes, but putting them together into a normal brush holder might not satisfy those who have OCD. This brush holder from Amamia will be great gift for them. Each holder features 9 flower-shaped buds with a stable base to keep it steady. You can put one brush in each bud for a super tidy brush arrangement.

24. Crunchy Snow Stress Ball

Crunchy Snow Stress Ball

An OCD person might be vulnerable to stress. Help them manage the stress with a crunchy snow stress ball. This stress ball is a perfect gift for people with OCD and everyone else to relieve their stress by squeezing the ball. As you squeeze, you will hear and feel crunching through freshly fallen snow, which generates a stress-melting effect. A unique and useful ball for releasing stress at home.

25. Tea Drops Variety Pack

Tea Drops Variety Pack

A moment of serenity such as afternoon tea time is the perfect session to relax and re-think. People with OCD should have more relaxing moments, and giving this tea drops variety pack gets them to that moment faster. This tea drops variety pack contains eight dissolvable tea morsels molded into shapes such as heart, flower, and cube. It makes the tea time simpler, just pour a cup of boiling water, add the Tea Drop, and stir – no need to steep.

Latest Post:

What to gift a person who has OCD?

For people with OCD who have an obsession with organizing things, a simple but useful organizer such as a TESLYAR wood phone docking station and a brush holder from Amamia can be the best fit. You can also give people with OCD-level cleanliness obsession a UV sanitizer cell phone or portable toothbrush case and sanitizer.

How do you help someone who is struggling with OCD?

Knowing what to do with someone who has OCD will be the best support to help those constantly struggling with OCD. If they are open about it, you can listen to what they need and what kind of help you can offer. Never judge them and their story because that will make them less likely to share their feelings.

Is OCD caused by trauma?

Talking about the real cause of OCD is still arguable, and there is no exact answer. Yes, it can be caused by trauma, but the other possibilities such as genetics, brain abnormality, and the environment also play a role. If someone experiences a traumatic or stressful event, it can increase the risk of getting OCD.

What can make OCD worse?

For people with OCD, stressful events, trauma, and abuse can worsen the symptoms. Fortunately, the OCD symptoms can be controlled effectively by keeping a healthy lifestyle, avoiding too much stress, and being open to family or close friends who understand OCD. Getting treatment from a professional is also another good option to prevent OCD from getting worse.

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