20 Ways How To Celebrate A Birthday At Universal Studios

When it comes to birthday celebrations, what are the first things that come into your mind? Singing a happy birthday song, blowing a candle, and eating some cake? Well, that is not wrong. People can celebrate their birthday however they want including doing the basic rituals, especially when they are surrounded by families and loved ones. But doing something different for this year’s birthday can also give you more excitements, like going to a special place such as the Universal Studios, perhaps? Is you’re wondering what to do there, then you might want to find out more about how to celebrate a birthday at Universal Studios.

Ideas To Celebrate Birthday At Universal Studios

Since one of the most unique and exciting birthday activities is going and celebrating in a theme park, then Universal Studios is undoubtedly one of the most recommended places to be. There are countless things that you can do and enjoy in one of the most magical places on earth. So , without further ado, let’s check out the following list of recommendation on how to celebrate a birthday at Universal Studios, below.

1. Get a Birthday Pin Button

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Universal Studios provides celebratory buttons, including birthday buttons. Once you arrive at the park, you can head straight to the guest service and tell the staff that you are celebrating your birthday. They will hand you a birthday button that you can wear around the park. This button will act as a magic button and you can find the team members around the park greeting you with the warmest happy birthday you can get. However, if too much attention makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can always take it off and simply keep the button as a token instead.

2. Save Time by Getting Early Park Admission

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Early Park Admission, that was provided by The Universal Resort hotels, will allow you to get into the park an hour before it is officially open for public. This EPA will give you a huge benefit because you can enjoy the park before the crowd merges in. Aside from having the privilege to enjoy the best attraction without getting into the never-ending line, it will also give you a much better experience that you deserve on your birthday.

3. Take a Hogwarts Express Ride

Aren’t we all waiting for our letter from Hogwarts to arrive at our 11th birthday? We all experience disappointment when the letter has not yet arrived ten years later. But worry not. You can still get the experience by going to Universal Studios and taking the Hogwarts Express Ride. The train travels between King’s Cross Station in the London area of Universal Studios Florida and Hogsmeade™ Station in Universal’s Islands of Adventure. So, you will need a park-to-park ticket to take the ride. If it is not the best way to celebrate 21st birthday at universal studios, we don’t know what is.

4. Take a Walk at Hogsmeade

After we take the Hogwarts Express, of course, there is no better way to spend the rest of the day other than walking at Hogsmeade. You can act as if you are a native Hogwarts student spending their typical weekend. You can walk the extra miles by dressing up as Hogwarts students and make the experience even more real. Undoubtedly, that will make great social media content that will make your muggle friends jealous.

5. Have a Birthday Meal at Three Broomsticks

The Three Broomsticks is a well known inn and pub in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. While you are at the Hogsmeade, make sure you get yourself a birthday meal here. Aside from its attractive rustic interior, the Three Broomsticks actually offers various menus from breakfasts to the big feast. It is the perfect way you can have your birthday meal and celebrate the special day with your friends and family.

6. Have a Butterbeer Toast

A great celebration usually closes off with a toast. And while you are in the wizarding world, you should not miss the opportunity to taste the sweetness of butterbeer. Let’s be honest here, how many people are able to enjoy the butterbeer toast on their birthday, really? That’s why, this can be a great opportunity to make the most memorable birthday toast of your life.

7. Take Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

If you are feeling adventurous, especially after the great feast and butterbeers, you can go on a motorbike adventure. But not any motorbike, here you can fly deep into the wilds of the Forbidden Forest, beyond the grounds of Hogwarts castle. If you don’t have a driver’s license or you don’t know how to ride a bike, don’t worry because it is not a real motorcycle you will ride. It is actually a roller coaster with seaters that looks like Hagrid’s motorbike. The thrilling coaster will give you a beyond-the-ground experience.

8. Flight of The Hippogriff

And if a motorcycle ride is not magical enough for you, you can always take the Hippogriff ride. It is not as scary as Hagrid’s motorbike ride, but it is definitely more magical. This ride is less scary and therefore more safe for younger children. The Hippogriff will take you to dives around the pumpkin patch before swooping past Hagrid’s hut.

9. Take a VelociCoaster Ride

If you are not into Harry Potter that much and are more of a Jurassic Park fan, you can pump your adrenaline through daring maneuvers of the VelociCoaster ride. This attraction is worth visiting since it offers a full Jurassic World experience even since the time you step your foot on the queue. Spoiler alert: you might as well meet the raptors.

10. Drop Off the Volcano Slide

Dropping off a volcano is an example of how thrill and relaxation makes a perfect harmony. It offers adrenaline pumps while also relaxing experience at the same time. Truly an uncommon combination you never know you need. Don’t worry because we are not talking about real active volcanoes here, people. Instead, we refer to the water slide at Universal’s Volcano bay, which by the way, is a perfect spot to go if you are desperate for a quick tropical getaway.

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11. Have Fun at Super Silly Fun Land

So where can we get a unicorn plush toy that is so fluffy you could die? At Super Silly Fun Land, of course. If the fun of the land can make Gru bond with the girls, it must be super fun for normal non-grumpy people like us, right? You can get the experience of attending a seaside festival from Despicable Me at Universal Studios. Moreover, since it is your birthday, you are allowed to play the Super Silly Space Killer arcade game and get some merchandise as birthday gifts.

12. Immerse in the Simpsons World

By immerse her we mean, actually immerse in The Simpsons world. You can get a realistic experience through the Krustyland since this ride features virtual reality as addition to the ride. You can smash and blast through the park with your favorite The Simpsons characters and get back with a unique experience no other rides can ever give.

13. Experience Hawaiian Traditional Dance Dinner Show

We all want at least once in our lifetime to go on a tropical vacation. However, due to some circumstances, not all of us have the opportunity to just drop our daily job and go to an island. But at Universal Studios, you can get the tropical island experience by watching a Hawaiian traditional dance all while you are having your birthday party. It will definitely become a great activity to do when you are celebrating birthday at Universal Studios.

14. Watch the Universal Studios Nighttime Show

Celebrate your birthday with lights, water, and music. The combination of all three will make your special day not just like any celebration. It’s going to be memorable and remembered forever. You will be able to see your favorite movies featured in the show. And on top of that, there are also fireworks, lots of fireworks to cherish your special day.

15. Explore the CityWalk

We get it, not everyone wants something huge and extreme. Sometimes we just want to celebrate our birthday in a casual way. Well, you can also do that in Universal Studios. The Universal CityWalk is an entertainment complex where you can find the best restaurants to have your birthday dinner. You can then leisurely stroll the area while talking to your loved ones all in a casual but also special way at the same time.

16. Karaoke at Rising Star

And while you are at the CityWalk, you can as well stop by and take the stage at Rising Star. It is a karaoke bar where you can grab some drinks and sing your heart out with the help of backup singers. Yes, it is not just a karaoke, it is a special one. You will be surprised by your own performance and go home with your heart filled with joy.

17. Grab a Voodoo Doughnut

Before we scare you away, it is not real voodoo as in witchcraft. However, they offer more than 50 types of doughnuts that are sinfully delicious. It will possess you like real voodoo. It can be a fun yet humble way to celebrate your birthday at Universal Studios. Simply light a small candle and blow it right after you make your wish, or cast a spell if you prefer.

18. Get some Sweet Treats at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Get some Sweet Treats at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Too much sweets may leave you feeling guilty, but it is your birthday. You are allowed to have the guilty pleasure and get as many sweet treats as you want. In ToothsomeChocolate Emporium, you can get various sweets from gourmet chocolates, artisanal milkshakes, to ice cream sundaes. However, if you don’t have a sweet tooth yourself, you can still enjoy savory dishes because it is a full service restaurant offering dishes like steak and seafood.

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19. Collect Rock ‘n Roll Goods at the Hard Rock Cafe

Collect Rock ‘n Roll Goods at the Hard Rock Cafe

Okay, we can find Hard Rock Cafe pretty much everywhere. But the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios Orlando happens to be the biggest Hard Rock Cafe in the world. It is spacious and has the most musical memorabilia than the other sites. It is so big that it can even host a concert for up to 3 thousand audiences. And since it is your birthday, you can also have your birthday dinner here since they also offer casual dining featuring burgers and sandwiches.

20. Stay at Universal Orlando Resort Hotel

Stay at Universal Orlando Resort Hotel

Finally, after a long day of celebration, you can take a rest at one of various Universal Resort hotels. They are all amazing and each hotel offers different benefits such as unlimited rides and VIP access that will allow you to skip the lines on your favorite attraction. If you are planning to visit multiple attraction sites, then staying at one of these hotels will give you so much convenience and makes you feel even more special on your birthday.

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