Lumos Ultra: The Stylist and Smartest Bike Helmet Yet

For me personally, biking is a way of life. I can easily write a long essay on why I love biking so much. More than just a weekend exercise, I take biking as my daily transportation and it has been pleasing so far. I bike to work, to go shopping, or just to stroll around the city on weekends. Since I bike to work and often bike at night after office hours, I must choose the right bike to use everyday. However, although my bike has all the necessary accessories and bike safety gear to keep me safe on the road, especially at night, there is one thing that I must not forget, which is a good bike helmet.

When I say a good helmet, it means more than just a helmet with lights. I need a smart helmet with safety features that make me feel safe on the road at night, plus make biking a more exciting and relaxing activity, too.

Luckily, I finally found the one and only Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet that was recommended by a friend of mine at the office. I have been using it for quite a while now, and I have decided to share with you my honest review about the product. So, if you are an avid biker just like I do, you would want to read through.

My First Impression

At a first glance, the design of the helmet is the first thing that steals my attention. It’s pretty sleek and looks sturdy. I also love the color as I picked Titanium Grey because it matches any occasion and attire perfectly. But it actually comes in many color options including Emerald Green, Space Blue, or Onyx Black, and if you prefer a more colorful option, the Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet also comes in Bullish Red and Electric Lime. So, I think you will have no issues picking your favorite color since it has a wide range of color options to choose from.

Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet
Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet

The package box includes the Lumos helmet, USB-C Charging Cable, Silicone Bands, a Remote Lite, and four getting started cards. The packaging was pretty neat and the box was sealed when it arrived at my door. All of the items inside were still neatly stored in each slot, and the helmet is still fully protected, too.

The first thing I did upon unboxing the package was checking if all the items were complete, and also making sure each of them were working properly. Then I went straight to the integrated LED lights since it is the first thing I need to bike at night.

bike helmet
First Impression of Lumos Ultra

It has a front facing light plus two rear lights, which give me extra 360 degree visibility. Based on that, I am happy to say that the LED lights are very bright. It will not only make me look more noticeable by vehicles during heavy traffic, but it also gives me a peace of mind while I am on the road.

Personal Experience Using The Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet

Lumos Ultra comes in three sizes which are S (51 – 55 cm), M (54 – 61 cm), and L (61 – 65 cm). Mine is L and it fits me pretty well. Once I put on the helmet and ensure the buckle is set, I’m ready to go. The buckle can be easily adjusted and you just need an effortless pinch to release it.

However, based on my experience, I would suggest that you measure your head carefully before you make a purchase. In my opinion, it’s a pretty simple task since you can just use a measuring tape and place it around your head, just a little bit above your ears.

1. It’s Light

When I put the helmet on, it’s really light. For a smart helmet, this is one of the lightest products that I have ever used. As I used it to commute to work back and forth, it was very comfortable for me to wear for a long ride. Not to mention that it features 22 vents and inner pads that keep my head cool and help to keep sweat from building up during hot weather.

Smart Helmet
It’s a Smart Helmet

As for the batteries, after I charged the helmet for about two hours, I was able to bike for almost 2 hours, and half of it with the lights on. As I browse on the Internet, with 2 hours of charging, the helmet can last up to 4 – 10 hours based on usage. However, do bear in mind that the battery is non replaceable, which I think it becomes one of the downsides of the helmet.

2. Compatible with Android and iOS

Being a smart helmet, it comes with smart features and one of the features I love is the auto turn signals. I just need to install the Lumos companion app and link it to my smartphone. Yes, it is compatible with Android and iOS.

However, the gesture recognition feature is only applicable with Apple Watch for now, and it’s pretty smooth for me. Though it took me several days before I started to get used to the ‘gesture’ kind of thing. Let’s hope it can work with Android-based watches soon.

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Product Design and Build

Design is one of the main reasons for me when it comes to choosing a bike helmet. In my opinion and based on my experience, this Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet has all the right reasons for that. It comes in a sleek and modern design, plus elegant colors, too. It fits me perfectly since I chose the perfect size to make sure I can wear it with comfort wherever I go. After all, there is no sweat to measure your head size to avoid regret in the end, right?

Lumos Product Design
Lumos Product Design

It weighs only 0.82 lbs or around 370 grams, making it one of lightest smart helmets out there. However, you also have the option to upgrade the helmet and include it with MIPS (Multi-Impact Protection System), which is a system that will protect your brain from angled or rotational impacts.

Also, there is no worry to ride under the rain because this helmet can withstand any weather, thanks to its weatherproof and sealed construction. For a daily commuter like me, this helmet is sufficient, and probably that’s the reason why my friend suggested this helmet in the first place. I tested the helmet under the rain already, and I had no issues so far. The smart features were working properly under the rain.

bike helmet
Can Withstand Any Weather

In terms of materials, it includes EPS foam to absorb impact and also 4-piece of polycarbonate shell to put them all together. Pretty good for me. I also noticed that the commercial includes info on crash certifications. It was said to be certified to CPCC-C, EN1078 and AS2063 standards. Well, honestly I bought the non-MIPS version and I think it’s enough for me, at least for now. But I do feel like wanting to buy the one with MIPS feature later on. Because still, being on the road everyday with a bike, I need extra safety.

How About Its Safety Features?

As we probably know that Lumos has been launching smart helmets for many years now, I think this one comes with great tech features yet still affordable. In terms of technology, I feel that the integrated LED lights are very useful for better visibility, especially when I was biking at night. Plus, it also features integrated turn signals that improve safety when you are on the road. Personally, this is one feature that I am still trying to get used to until today.

bike helmet
Integrated LED Lights and Turn Signals

Although it can be triggered using a remote that can be mounted, I would say that those who have an Apple Watch will have more advantages since it will allow gesture control to turn on the turn signals.

Aside from the integrated LED lights and turn signals, this bike helmet also comes with the optional auto brake lights. Again, this one comes as an extra with additional cost. Personally, I do think this feature is a plus point for safety. It will increase safety on the road since you can alert other drivers, especially those behind you, whenever you stop, slow down, or turn.

bike helmet
Lumos Ultra Safety Features

I have to say that the basic package comes pretty complete yet affordable, and it also gives you the proper level of safety. With integrated LED lights and turn signals, plus the solid materials, this helmet comes as a great safety helmet, especially for daily commuters like me.

How To Use Lumos Ultra Smart Features?

As a smart cycling gear, this ride helmet is equipped with Lumos mobile app that helps you track your helmet performance while you are on the road with it. The app can help you track your battery life. That’s not all, because I found that the app can even do so much more than the basics. With a friendly user interface, the app also gives you the freedom to adjust and customize the flashing patterns of the LED lights, too. Moreover, the ability to sync with Strava and Apple Health will also benefit those who need to track their health daily.

360 Visibility Lumos Ultra
360 Visibility Lumos Ultra

Applicable with Android and iOS, I found that the app offers easy connectivity and you can easily install it on your phone. The app is very easy to use and personally I think the interface is very intuitive and smooth. You can customize and personalize the features of your helmet from the palm of your hand, easy and simple. Plus, the app will also pop notification when there is a firmware update.

As I mentioned, the app can be synced to your Strava and Apple Health account. But did I mention that the app can also track your rides? Yup, it tracks your ride the moment you turn on the helmet. And guess what? The data can also be uploaded to both your Strava and Apple Health account. How cool is that?

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Should You Buy or Recommend Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet?

My honest review comes to a point where there are more reasons to love this product rather than disliking it. Although it still has some downsides, I still think this bike helmet is something that’s worth having. All in all, it’s a sleek and smart bike helmet that will make you feel safe on the road. Plus, it will look good on you, too!

Based on the price, which I still think is relatively affordable, this product will make a good gift, too. My friend who recommended this helmet to me actually bought another piece for his wife as a gift, and his wife was pretty happy about it. So, this Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet is definitely a recommended gift for an avid biker.

1. Price and Availability

You can get the basic package of the helmet on Amazon for $119.95 and Walmart for $155.19. But it is also available on Lumos official website because sometimes it offers some attractive discounts. It offered a 10% discount when I wrote this review. You can also choose the MIPS-bundle package and it will cost you $189.95.

bike helmet
Lumos Ultra Package Box

In terms of price, compared to other similar products in the market, Lumos is slightly above others. Say Livall EVO21 for instance. It also offers more visibility and comes with a remote control to ensure comfort and safe riding. While it is on sale for $119 on Amazon, Lumos Ultra is slightly higher with $149.95. But honestly, in terms of features and looks, Lumos definitely wins the game.

2. What I Like The Most? (Pros)

  • Great smart features and easy connectivity.
  • Sleek and modern design with lots of color options.
  • Amazing Lumos companion app.

3. What I Don’t Like? (Cons)

  • The battery is not replaceable

Final Thoughts

Based on my personal experience, there are more reasons to love the product than to dislike it. Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet is a smart choice for bikers who require extra visibility and extra safety features while biking under any weather. Plus, I think it is also a great choice for bikers who put style on top, since it is super sleek and modern. Despite the fact that the battery is not replaceable, it is still OK since once it’s fully charged it can last up to 10 hours max.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the Lumos Ultra bike helmet improve rider safety compared to traditional helmets?

It offers smart safety features to make sure users are more discoverable by other drivers on the road, especially at night. It also comes with automatic features such as auto turn signals that users can activate using a mounted remote control or through gesture control using an iWatch.

How user-friendly is the Lumos Ultra helmet, and what is the learning curve for using its features?

It features user-friendly functions and most of the features can be controlled using the Lumos companion app that can be uploaded on iOS and Android smartphones.

How does the price of the Lumos Ultra compare to other bike helmets, and what value do its innovative features provide?

In terms of price, among other similar bike helmet products, the Lumos Ultra is still relatively competitive and affordable. With such a price users can enjoy the smart features that ensure their safety while on the road.

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