Bagel Smart Tape Measure: A Small Yet Smart Device to Measure Any Surface

One of the most basic tools that all carpenters and builders must own is definitely a tape measure. For me, who deals with wood and building materials almost everyday, a tape measure is something that I use almost all the time.

After using manual and conventional tape measure for so many years, I finally found a new smart tape measure that offers cool technology innovations from Bagel.

As one of Kickstarter campaigns, I found that Bagel’s new smart tape measure received amazing pledges. So I guess I am not the only one who feels excited about this cool new tool after all. The campaign claims that this tool is The World’s Smartest Tape Measure.

It offers three measuring modes and it can be connected to its app that you can download on your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Once it’s connected, it can save your measurements, record voice memos, and you can instantly analyze your measurements.

Bagel Smart Tape Measure

After I received my Bagel’s smart measure tape a while back, I have to say that I am very happy with its performance and how it can help me with my work. It can also be used for other purposes, too.

You can measure other stuff using it, including the size of your body, furniture, even the most complicated items with unusual shapes as well. In short, it’s pretty much a multi-functional tape measure that works for everything!

Not to mention the fact that I love the  sleek and simple design, too.

Overview of Bagel Smart Tape Measure

As the name of the product suggests, it is a smart tape measure that features smart features, including the three measuring modes that I believe manual tape measure just can’t offer below.

The three measuring modes include the String Mode, Wheel Mode and Remote More, which I will be sharing mode details on those three modes with you a bit later. 

But in short, from all three modes, I think the wheel mode is very useful, especially since it is a new mode that no other tape measure can offer. I was able to measure a half-round sofa pretty easily, which saves time and effort, big time! 

Overview of Bagel Smart Tape Measure

Other cool and smart features include One Click Save, Voice Memo Recording and Mobile App Connectivity. One of the best things about the digital lifestyle is that I can have almost everything on my smartphone through mobile apps.

This Bagel smart tape measure also has a mobile app that I was able to download easily to my phone. Even better, the device itself can save up to 100 measurements, and you can save more on the mobile app. Pretty cool, right?

As I mentioned earlier, I love the sleek design of the tape. It looks like a manual tape measure but more sleek and simpler, and it is available in black with a touch of yellow accent. The casing is made of high-quality polycarbonate, and the string is made of Dyneema, so we can expect durability from this small device. 

With a weight of 4.2oz, it is very easy to grip. It has a length of 3.2”, a width of 3.1”, and a height of 1.2” so it’s very slim and easy to carry inside of your pocket. This Bagel smart tape measure has become a tool that I carry inside my cargo pants’ pocket, or inside my tool box. 

My Personal Experience with Bagel

I received my Bagel smart tape measure a few months back. The package includes the Bagel tape measure, a free silicon protector, a hand strap, and also a level tool.

I must say that they come in a complete package, pretty impressive.  

1. First Impressions

I was pretty happy with the complete package as it comes with accessories that come useful for me. However, I do think that the silicon protector looks pretty cheap. But since I don’t use it anyway, it’s not an issue for me whatsoever.

In terms of size and design, I would give it 9 out of 10. It does look like a high-tech measuring device or a cool tape measure with a digital display, making me feel like a cool tech builder guy.

2. How Bagel Works?

The Bagel smart tape measure is very easy to use. Just like other digital devices, it works with a lithium polymer battery that can last up to 24 hours. But during constant use, it can last up to 8 hours max.

You can charge it using any USB cable, but the package also comes with a micro USB cable as well.

How Bagel Works?

Aside from the easy to use measuring modes, it is also note-free, which means that you no longer need a pen and notepad to write down measurements. The voice memo recording can record the measurements and keep them stored on the app, and you can even download the data in CSV format as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

I also found the Bagel smart tape measure very useful when I had a project of making a rattan sofa set, which requires precise measurements of each part of the chairs and table.

Thanks to the patented sensors, I was able to use the Bagel to measure each part accurately, even down to one decimal place.

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3. Limitation While Using Bagel

The only limitation that I noticed about this device is the maximum reach. For example, the string mode is only limited to 3 meters only, while for Remote mode, it can be used for a distance of 0.3 to 5 meters only.

In my opinion, it would be great if the reach can be more than that.

Bagel Performance and Accuracy

In terms of accuracy in measurement, I have no issues so far. It can show measurement up to the decimal place and that’s enough for me, at least for now. However, since it’s a smart measuring tape, it also comes as a smart measuring gadget that offers three measuring modes that I must review in detail.

1. Measurement Modes

Based on my personal review on the three measuring modes, here is some detailed info and results that I can share with you.

String Mode

Bagel’s string mode allows you to measure length in a way that you measure it using a manual tape measure, but with a string! So, instead of manually checking the measurement on the tape, you will have it displayed on the small screen on the side of the tape.

The string is strong and flexible, and it can easily measure any kind of objects and surfaces. 

Measurement Modes

Wheel Mode

The wheel mode will help you measure curved surfaces or measure in a distance where you can only use one hand to do it. Simply roll it on the surface and you can get the measurement displayed on the small screen on the side in an instant.

Based on my own experience, I do love how smooth it rolls, even on the most difficult surface possible.

Remote Mode

The last mode is the remote mode. This mode allows you to measure the distance to areas that are too difficult for you to reach. You  can use it by pointing the ultrasonic sensor at any object that you wish to measure.

The tape will automatically activate the laser and point it to the target. 

2. Display and Its Readability

What’s a digital device without a digital display, right?

Well, this small and cool gadget does come with a small digital display that automatically displays the result of the reach measurement that you do precisely. Although the display is placed on the side of the device, you can see it clearly and the numbers are very readable, too.

App Integration and User Interface

Although the device already has 32MB of Internal storage capacity, I would really suggest that you download the Bagel mobile app while at it.

Storing all your measurements on the app will give you a peace of mind since you don’t have to worry about losing your data ever again. You can simply download the app for both iOS and Android devices. 

Smart Tape Measure
App Integration and User Interface

You can then connect the Bagel with your smartphone via 4.0 Bluetooth technology.

The app will allow you to view, edit and analyze your measurement data. And when you need to view your data on a PC, you can instantly convert the data into CSV format. In terms of user interface, it looks pretty sleek and it was easy for me to navigate.

Bagel Pros and Cons

Compared to the manual and traditional tape measure, this Bagel smart tape measure comes as a digital measuring solution for all of your measuring purposes. So, if you think that you have been using your old tape measure for too long now, maybe it is time to move to the next-generation tape measure, like this Bagel smart tape measure. 

After several months of using the device, here are the pros and cons that I can share with you.

1. Pros

  • Three measuring modes that can measure almost any surface
  • Compact and sleek design with digital display
  • Provide connectivity and able to save measurements to your phone via mobile app

2. Cons

  • Limited reach and distance 
  • The limited battery time during constant use

Bagel Smart Tape Measure with Similar Products

To compare the Bagel tape measure with manual tape measure will be unfair. However, there are actually some smart tape measures on the market, but most of them offer specific purposes such as body measuring tape only like the RENPHO Body Measuring Tape, or specific distance tape meter only like the KIVNIEHI Smart tape Measure. 

Smart Tape Measure
Bagel Smart Tape Measure with Similar Products

With Bagel smart tape measure, you can measure all of them using only one small measuring tape with advanced measuring technology that offers accuracy in measurement. With a price of $69-$79 each, I think it will still be worth the price.

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All in all, based on my honest review, I have to say that I love the Bagel tape measure as it offers more value in terms of being a supporting tool for my work. It offers multiple measuring modes and Bluetooth connectivity. In short, it’s a wonderful and multi-purpose measuring device for daily use. 

However, to be honest I believe that this device still has some outbacks and there are multiple rooms for improvements, too. If you are a worker who measures things that are still in reach, then I would recommend you to purchase this device.

Also, if you need a measuring tape for home use, you might want to have one of these at home, too. But for extra building use that requires extra efforts to measure, you might want to reconsider using the manual measuring tool, still. 

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