25 Winter Nails Alert: Styles So Cool, They’re Hot Right Now!

Some folks welcome winter by stepping up their nail game with the latest winter nails trends. The vibe usually revolves around blues, burgundies, or sparkly glitter polishes, embracing the chill with style and artistry. 

If you’re into holiday-themed nails or just itching to kick off your DIY nail art journey for the cold weather, you’re in the right place.

winter nails
Winter Nail Ideas

We’ve got a collection of snowflake nail designs, Christmas nail styles, and New Year’s Eve nails with sparkly gel options that will pamper you with a variety of winter nail ideas to try out below.

Classy Winter Nails

Elevate your winter style with classy winter nails of 2023! We have some of curated picks of holiday-themed nails you can try on your nails to infuse sophistication and subtle glamour of the season.

They feature nude, bold accents, and glittery polish for winter nails you will love to match with your personality.

1. Frosty Elegance Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Glamour)

The first time you lay eyes on this design, we’re sure you’ll be tempted to opt for it on your nails too.

This nail art highlights an icy blue nail polish for the tips, symbolizing the cool vibes of winter with a touch of metallic tones to add that extra shimmer. 

To amp up the nail game, you can request winter specials at your nail salon to add golden stars or snowflakes on top of the middle and index fingers, while the smallest stars are featured on the rest of the nails.

2. Icy Silver Sparkle

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Nail Art style)

If you’re into classy nail art with a glossy finish, this icy silver sparkle will make you fall in love instantly. It features glossy gel nail polish with a touch of silver glitter that elevates the look of your fingertips. 

Instead of going all-out glimmery, try decorating your ring and index fingers with moon-shaped designs made of golden acrylics and go for an abstract design on the other nails. Then, coat them again with glossy polish to maintain the shapes.

3. Golden Chic Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Bernice J. Lewis)

Embrace winter with style by decking out your nails in this golden chic nail design. It’s perfect to pair with your Christmas dress, thanks to the golden French tips that give your nails an elegant touch. 

For the overall look, you can go for a minimalist vibe by layering them with transparent glossy gel polish before adding a hint of gold.

Then, the accent nail will feature a white color adorned with star-shaped or golden snowflakes, giving it that signature winter season charm.

4. Glimmery Melt Snow

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Royal Quartz)

You probably already know that winter is all about snow. For that reason, you better add some snow-inspired decor to your nail art to welcome this season, just like this one.

The design has a minimalist feature with a glossy finish that makes it stand out. 

It also showcases some typical winter elements, like snowflakes and metallic details on the tips. And if you want to adopt the style for Christmas, you can ask to add a mini Christmas tree to your sweet fingernails.

5. Glitter Butterfly Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@benable.com)

Butterfly enthusiasts are sure to love these glitter butterfly nails as the winter nails of the season. They showcase the beautiful butterfly character with a blend of bright tones against a white background. 

Given their size, we recommend placing them on the thumbs. For the rest of the nails, create a mix between metallic purple and a glossy transparent finish with glittery accents to make your nail look far more appealing.

6. Elegant Winter Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Style Your Occasion)

White is the epitome of elegance and minimalism. No wonder many love this color to reveal their inner beauty. In case you’re a fan of white, we have exactly what you need to elevate your nails this winter. 

This elegant winter nail style looks simple yet enchanting, featuring a light white and gray blend.

You can add a playful touch by requesting your nail artist to add snowflake-like features and a stripes pattern, but just for the index finger. And there you have it!

7. Snowflake Dazzling Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@modish fashion and style)

Unlike our previous collection, which highlighted subtle white and light grey colors, these snowflake dazzling nails are eager to stand out with maroon and white hues. They boast a boldness symbolized by the red color that beautifully enhances the nails. 

However, we recommend adding some variation by creating a striped pattern on the ring finger with white nail polish, while leaving the pinky finger in total white.

Winter Nails Ideas

Transform your fingertips into a winter wonderland with our carefully picked of enchanting nail ideas here!

From evergreen Christmas nail styles to DIY nail art for cold weathers, we’ve got you covered. Some also feature white seasonal nail decals for those who love classy designs.

8. Cozy Knit Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Alex Martin)

Not all winter nail art enthusiasts are into the glossy finish. Some prefer the matte look because it appears neater and cleaner.

And for those folks, we’ve got exactly what they need right here. These cozy nails showcase peach to nude pink tones paired with white nail polish, giving them a catchy vibe. 

We’re also loving the patternation on the index, middle, and pinky fingers, adding not just colors but also textures to the nails. Throw in some sparkling silver glitter against the white tone on the middle finger for that extra pop.

9. Nude Stiletto Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@GlamGoss)

In case red seems a bit too bold to incorporate into your winter nail look, we suggest going for a nude pink instead, just like this design.

This nude stiletto nail style spoils you with its soft pink hue that gracefully covers the extended nails with a hint of a glossy finish. 

But before that, make sure to create dot hallmarks with white gel polish as an additional accent. Don’t forget to introduce black polish with distinctive winter symbols on the middle finger if you want your nails to pop!

10. Festive Winter Flair

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@TheFab20s)

Winter nail ideas are indeed dominated by rich and deep colors, such as evergreen and burgundy. But for those who prefer simplicity, muted colors like this grey right here are also popular!

You can get creative by opting for glossy nail polish, a grey shade, and golden edges. 

First, go for the glossy look and wait until it’s dry. Then, add the golden tips to create the pattern you desire. Now, fill the space with grey polish, and there you have a stunning festive winter flair!

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11. White Winter Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@momooze)

Another white winter nails right here!

Once you look at these beauties, you will be captured by their elegance, thanks to the white tone. We also think that the addition of silver glitter to the white nail polish make the nails look even brighter, infusing the sophistication to the fullest. 

If you want to elevate the appeal, you better add sparkling crystals near the lunula area. With these nails, you will rock winter or even Christmas like never before.

12. Grey Snowy Press

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@EtsyUK)

The most popular color combo for winter nail art is soft grey and white, just like this cool grey snowy press design.

The style gives off a winter wonderland vibe, highlighting snowflake patterns on the middle finger and a full white coat on the ring finger. 

You’ll notice the white one has knit textures that amp up the charm of the nail design. Meanwhile, the others are glossy grey, looking stunning and complementing the matte finishes.

13. Trendy Xmas Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@avocado)

These trendy Xmas nails will make other guests at your Christmas dinner party jealous. They have evergreen tones that look sophisticated with a glossy finish that adds to their everlasting charm. 

Meanwhile, the transparent nail polish looks beautiful on your thumb and index fingers, allowing you to paint snowflakes and other Xmas characters.

To make the look even more stunning, pair the nails with your favorite emerald ring and dress to welcome Christmas night.

Simple Winter Nails

Step into the coldest season of the year with seamlessly chic nails that speak volumes in simplicity.

Simple winter nails are the best bet for those who beg for understated elegance. In this list, we will explore some of the most stunning winter nail art tutorials that capture the cozy charm of winter.

14. Charming Cold Gel Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@WLS ⤑ Trends Ideas 2024)

Imagine you have these charming cold gel nails to rock winter this year!

They have a touch of transparent glossy nail polish that’s blended so well with a subtle glitter finish, capturing the essence of winter elegance. 

In case you want to highlight your healthy nails, we highly recommend infusing nude pink tone that lends a natural sheen without stealing the winter vibe show. We think that this design is a perfect icy-cool style for the ones who want a minimalist and stunning nail look for this winter.

15. Classy Brown Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@sheikh amir)

Have you ever wondered having an elegant nail design for winter by opting muted brown? If no, we have an amazing one that will stun you!

These nails are all about subtle charm, displaying muted brown nail polish with a pinkish undertone, making it stunning for all skin tone. 

To elevate the glas, we recommend sprinkling silvery glitter finish but not too much. You’ll agree with us when we say this style is the kind of nail look that will seamlessly match any outfit and occasion.

16. French Tip Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Nail Art style)

Opting for simple winter nails doesn’t mean your nails have to be bland.

You can still get creative with minimalist designs to make them more appealing. Hence, we recommend French tip nails that will add a touch of luxury to your nails with gold at the fingertips. 

For the nail bed, you can try a muted grey tone with sparkling silver glitter and a glossy finish that adds to their classiness. And voila!

17. Cocoa Touch Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest

In addition to the classic brown nails we talked about earlier, these cocoa-touch nails are the epitome of beauty for those who adore deep warm tones.

You can start by polishing the thumbnail, index finger, and pinky with the cocoa nail polish and top them off with a glossy finish for a classy look. 

Next, paint the tips of the middle finger and ring finger with the same polish but leave the nail bed only covered with transparent nail polish. And there you have it – stunning winter nails!

18. Black Frost Grace

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Style Your Occasion)

White winter nails are indeed common as they’re synonymous with the season’s color. But, how about black ones? That’s rare.

In case you’re a fan of the color black and still puzzled about how to incorporate it into winter nail art, you can try this black frost grace

The design exudes elegance by adopting black only for the fingertips, with only the pinky fully polished. Beyond that, the nail bed of the ring finger is adorned with black snowflakes. We recommend layering the nails with a glossy finish to give them an elegant appearance.

19. Stunning Dark Green Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Style Your Occasion)

There are times when we just want to keep it simple without sacrificing the festive essence of the season.

In case you wanna opt for such a style, we have stunning dark green nails that are simple without losing their beauty to stand out this winter. 

They display evergreen colors for the nail beds with a touch of sparkling gold to infuse the winter sparkle. To elevate the look, you better wear an emerald or gold ring and choose light-colored tops

Short Winter Nails

We think that these short winter nails are the stylish secret weapon for those who fancy simplicity. They have that less-is-more philosophy that give a punch of elegance and versatility in winter manicure designs. 

From matte to glossy finishes, our following winter nail art tutorials will help you elevate your fingertips to the max this season!

20. Square Acrylic Nails

Kbeauty Addiction
Source: Pinterest (@WLS ⤑ Trends Ideas 2024)

Suppose you’re torn between a glossy or matte finish. In that case, square acrylic nails are the ultimate choice to fulfill those desires.

These nails showcase a gray color with a matte finish on the middle finger and sweet snowflake decorations as a winter signature. 

The rest of the nails are glossy, giving the look a flawless and classy vibe. To add an extra pop, sprinkle some silver glitter before applying the glossy nail polish.

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21. Pastel Tone Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@WLS ⤑ Trends Ideas 2024)

Pastel or muted colors never fail to amaze us when it comes to incorporating them into winter nail art.

They provide a subtle color vibe, perfect for those who want to look attractive without being too flashy. 

Besides playing with colors, you can explore textures for your nails. We recommend opting for knit patterns, snowflakes, or even infusing metallic shades like silver or gold to keep things from getting boring.

22. Glossy Snowflakes Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Fab Mood)

While previously you were given the option to adopt a matte finish in pastel colors, this time we have an alternative with muted tones and a glossy finish that is equally appealing. 

They even have a white snowflakes design that appears subtle against the muted pink color on the nail bed.

Instead of keeping them all pink, you can channel your creativity by polishing your ring fingernail with a navy blue color adorned with colorful sprinkles.

23. Cold Season Nail Design

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Chic Pursuit)

Icy blue or deep blue tones steal the spotlight as winter’s go-to nail colors.

Get in on the trend by rocking these shades on your nails with a glossy finish to amplify their elegance. 

However, don’t go all-in on the blues – leave room for a sweet accent on your ring finger or go for a chic white nail with a hint of blue infusion to spice up your look. This style isn’t just for short nails; it works wonders on longer ones too.

24. Opulent Ice Queen

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Wedding Planner)

Makeup has its trend with the makeup-no makeup look. Just like that, nail art also has a clean version that leaves the nails looking effortlessly natural.

This opulent ice queen design introduces a fresh twist to winter nail designs by blending a light sky blue shade with transparent, glossy nail polish. 

You can polish the index and pinky fingers with the blue tone, while the rest are left glossy. For these, consider adding snowflake characters with acrylics or stars to make the look more appealing.

25. Korean Cute Nails

winter nails
Source: Pinterest (@Majo M P )

Instead of sticking to the same color for all your winter nails, we recommend trying out these cute Korean nails that offer a mix of colors and designs you can easily replicate.

They feature various shades with different tones, such as deep blue, light grey, and even a glossy transparent one, all on the same hand. 

For the transparent nail, you can add some sparkling gold or star-shaped characters to keep that wintery vibe vividly displayed. Alternatively, sprinkle a glittery finish on the deep blue and grey ones for that extra touch of glam.

Final Thought

Celebrating and welcoming winter can be done in various ways, and one of them is letting your nails steal the spotlight. Allow them to be the canvas for your imagination and spirit during the season. 

Don’t be shy to explore different styles and designs; embrace the uniqueness of each nail art and let your fingertips narrate a story of the winter wonderland you bring to life through your nails.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What color do nails look good in winter?

Generally, winter nail designs often incorporate deep and rich hues, such as navy, evergreen, and burgundy.

These winter manicure colors complement the cold season cozy vibes.

You can also add a touch of metallics like gold and silver to offer elegant winter nail looks. We recommend infuse your festive nail art ideas with glittery gold or silver to embrace the season’s sophisticated feel.

What are winter manicure trends?

Winter manicure colors and trends still revolve around deep and rich hues.

People love to mix and match navy, burgundy, and evergreen tones with metallic accents for a touch of sophistication. 

Additionally, cozy winter nail trends often incorporate warm nail color palettes for a chic statement. We also suggest exploring textures, glossy and matte nail finishes to create elegant winter looks.

What is the trend in nails in 2023?

Nail designs in 2023 embrace a blend of creativity and classiness.

Those with minimalist nail designs gain more popularity as they use muted and warm nail color palettes.  

Nonetheless, festive nail art ideas also stand out in 2023 with metallic accents, geometric patterns, and intricate details. They also add sparkly gel nails to create a sense of luxury, adding gold and silver tones against the bold colors.

What are the top nail trends for winter 2023?

Cozy winter nail trends blend sophisticated designs, boasting bold accents and muted tones with glossy and matte nail finishes.

You will expect to see classic hues, like rich emerald and burgundy that are matched with classy metallic tones. 

Besides, delicate snowflake nail designs and icicle-inspired patterns also grab attention, displaying luxurious vibes in the seasonsl nail decals.

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