25 BEST Apology Gifts for Boyfriend To Make Him Forgive You

Apologizing could be a simple thing to do, but it also could be a pretty complicated thing to do, especially if you have to do so to your boyfriend. Being the closest person to someone means that you will be the person who holds the most power to break their heart. Once you have done something that breaks their heart, you will need more than just a simple “I’m sorry.” If that’s you and you need some apologizing to do, you can consider getting apology gifts for boyfriend you love dearly.

A gift is a great way to show them what you are feeling. You might be used to getting him gifts on special days like birthdays or anniversaries to show him how much you love him. Do you know you can also do the same when you need to apologize for something?

There are 25 different items on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend that you can check out. Hopefully, you can get some inspiration on what apology gift would be perfect for your boyfriend

Do Apology Gifts Work?

Gifts do lessen the anger a little. However, if your goal is to be forgiven, a gift might or might not work. It is important to give the right things. You can check this list of apology gifts for boyfriend if you need some inspiration. Despite the gifts, your sincerity and effort are the two important things that will make a difference.

BEST Apology Gifts for Boyfriend

1. Cute & Funny Apology Card

Cute & Funny Apology Card

An apology is all about sincerity. That’s why an apology gift will not be perfect if it doesn’t come from a sincere heart. So, it is best to start this list of apology gifts for a boyfriend with a cute and funny apology card. The fun minimal illustration on the cover and your heartfelt handwritten message inside.

You can tuck it in his backpack or give this card along with other gifts, such as a lunch box you have prepared yourself. Things can’t get better than this!

2. Apology Card Matchbox

Apology Card Matchbox

If you want to go for something more unique, you can go for this apology card matchbox. Each one is illustrated by hand. The box itself is made from authentic used matchboxes. You can put your apology inside the box. Then, He can open the box and read your message.

This is an unusual version of an apology card and also a simple version of the card because you can’t write too many words in it—a great choice if you want to give something meaningful. We recommend making easy cartoon illustrations, such as a picture of a sun with a sad face that illustrates that you can’t shine if he hasn’t forgiven you.

3. I’m Sorry Teddy Bear & Keepsake Dish

I’m Sorry Teddy Bear & Keepsake Dish

An unexpected set of a Teddy Bear and a keepsake dish on this list of apology gifts for your boyfriend. On each item, you can put in your customized sorry notes. The Teddy bear comes with a little heart pin where you can put some short writing, something like “I’m Sorry” or “Forgive Me.” 

On the keepsake dish, you can say something with some length, explaining your mistakes and why you are sorry. it is made from clay with a glossy finish. As for the material, it is made from clay with a glossy finish. So, your boyfriend can display it in his cabinet to remember your efforts to apologize as a form of massive love for him.

4. Engraved Necklace

Engraved Necklace

This engraved necklace is an I’m sorry gift for him that he can actually wear on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend. It is made from 925 sterling silver with just a plain rectangular design, making it wearable for any occasion your boyfriend attends. The plate is enough to say a short I’m sorry message to your boyfriend.

While he’s wearing this necklace, he’ll always remember and appreciate how hard you tried to ask for an apology from him. You can have it in gold, white gold, or dark gray finish. Choose a dark gray finish if you have a boyfriend with a dashing personality.

5. Engraved Watch

Engraved Watch

While not all men out there wear necklaces, you can go for an engraved watch instead. If that’s the case, your boyfriend would make better use of a watch rather than a necklace. You can put in your personal letter to say sorry and let him know how much you treasure him on the back of the watch.

The watch is made from stainless steel in a classic mechanical hand watch design. Its gray-to-black appeal makes your boyfriend’s appearance more attractive, be it for a casual or formal look. It will come in a wooden box, making this I’m sorry gift look extra special. 

6. I’m Sorry Compass

I’m Sorry Compass

After reading your apology, he can use the compass when he goes on his next hiking trip. It also comes in handy, having a small size he can slip into his pocket easily.

7. I’m Sorry Mug

I’m Sorry Mug

The I’m Sorry mug is a useful, I’m sorry gift you need to consider getting from this list of apology gifts for boyfriend. A plain white ceramic mug that has a simple I’m sorry message, covering all you want to say sincerely to your partner. It could be the best apology gift that acts as a conversation starter. Some

problems in your relationship require talking and more than one apology to settle. Thus, you can use this I’m sorry gift to get him talking. You can also try to make coffee with this mug to warm up the tense you both have.

8. I’m Sorry Candle

I’m Sorry Candle

Getting into a fight is stressful, and this I’m Sorry candle will help him relax. After getting the problem settled and making sure he receives your apologies, this candle will be a great way for the both of you just to breathe.

It comes with so many scents you can choose from. Pick one that he loves to impress him after the fight. The glass jar comes with a label with a short I’m sorry message. The item on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend will help soothe all the stress after the fight. 

9. His Favorite Wine

His Favorite Wine

The best apology gift idea will always be getting something that he likes. If your boyfriend enjoys wine, you can get his favorite bottle of wine for him as an apology. To make your gift more special, you can do a simple DIY apology gift with it.

You can have the wine bottle personalized with a special label that says, “I’m sorry” to make it more special. Then perhaps, he will let you grab a wine with him together and talk heart-to-heart about what happened. This is a great way to let your boyfriend know how sorry you are.

10. Cookies Gift Basket

Cookies Gift Basket

Is your boyfriend a cookie fan? If yes, you definitely need to get this cookie gift basket. There are so many variations of gift baskets out there, but we can’t underestimate the power of his favorite food.

It will instantly lift up his mood and he will be ready to talk about the problem. In no time, you will get his apology. This gift basket will satisfy his cookie cravings for the whole week. Perhaps, you can include an apology card that says how you felt when you both fought. That’s why, hopefully, he will understand the matter.

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11. Snack Gift Basket

Snack Gift Basket

Out of all the gift baskets out there, this snack gift basket will always have its own way of impressing your boyfriend. It combines both sweet and salty snacks together. Your boyfriend won’t be able to resist all of the tasty snacks. Food always has a way in his heart, especially if he is passionate about exploring culinary. So, it will definitely help you send your most sincere apology to him. 

We recommend including a simple card where you can write down all you feel about the last argument you had with him. That way, it will make him understand about the circumstances and make amend with you.

12. I’m Sorry Wooden Sign

I’m Sorry Wooden Sign

Probably the most extra on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend, the I’m Sorry wooden sign is just a straightforward apology you can send to your boyfriend. It will probably be your last shot if he hasn’t accepted your apologies yet. It adds a humorous design for your boyfriend with a fun personality, bearing rolling eyes figure that is beautifully engraved.

This wooden sign would also be a great home decor piece for his room. The writing on it is not super serious, so that it can be a fun addition to his home.  

13. Gardener’s Tool Seat 

Gardener’s Tool Seat

This gardener’s tool seat will be the best apology gift for a husband or boyfriend who loves gardening. If you have been telling him to buy more things to expand his gardening tools collection, you can get this unique gardening seat for him.

It is the combination of a seat and a gardening tool holder which will be useful for him to spend his time with his hobby. It will probably make him happy and forget what you have done wrong and forgive you immediately. Instead of giving this set out of the blue, you can also include his favorite snacks or meals and put in a tiny apology card. So, it will be more sentimental.

14. Personalized Sock

Personalized Sock

This personalized sock is one of the most practical items on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend. You can personalize it with your own preferred word. In this case, you can put in the phrase “I’m Sorry” in the socks, or perhaps, “Will You Forgive Me?”. 

Though socks are not common as apology gifts, they are will be useful for them. He can wear the pair to work, hang out, or as an additional collection when all his socks are in the laundry.

15. Custom Paint By Number Kit

Custom Paint By Number Kit

This is a little diy apology gift that you can try to do from this list of apology gifts for boyfriend: custom paint by number kit. You can choose your favorite picture of him or the two of you together. If you are a little more of an artist yourself, you can make a picture that shows how sorry you are.

For example, the portrait of you both holding hands reminds your boyfriend how valuable this relationship is for you. Then, you can use the time while painting to figure out the right things to say to him. 

16. Create Your Own Real Viewer

Create Your Own Real Viewer

Another DIY apology gift on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend: create your own real viewer. This reel is made from an order in a set of seven pictures. You can curate a set of seven pictures that you can use to express your apologies to him.

It is going to be a unique and memorable way to say sorry. The real viewer also comes in several fun colors you can choose from. You can also reuse it for other occasions in the future, for instance, as a birthday gift.

17. Deli Cheese & Sausage Basket

Deli Cheese & Sausage Basket

One of the best gift basket options on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend that you need to consider getting. This cheese and sausage gift basket is really useful for you to have something to snack on while you and your boyfriend try to talk over the problems and clear them out.

Especially, if your boyfriend is a big fan of cheeses, you can always get this gift basket as an apology gift for him to enjoy all by himself. He will definitely be super happy! To make it more meaningful, you can give him an apology card and then attach it to the basket.

18. Make Your Own Fortune Cookie Set

Make Your Own Fortune Cookie Set

Fortune cookies are well known to feature a piece of paper where your fortune is written there. This time you can do your own DIY apology gift project by making your own fortune cookies. Then, you can write down all your apologies inside the fortune cookies and have him open up each one.

That way, he can understand the problems that make you two argue. Another unique item on this list of apology gifts for your boyfriend that helps you uniquely express your apology. 

19. Irish Stout Brewing Beer Kit

Irish Stout Brewing Beer Kit

If he enjoys drinking beer, you can try getting this Irish stout brewing beer kit. You can make your own handmade beer and make it as an I’m sorry gift for your husband or boyfriend. It is a more personal and special gift to get since you make it with your heart.

This beer also comes in a unique flavor profile that every beer lover will find interesting. You can stick a sticker with your own brand that says “I’m sorry” or “Mind forgiving me?” to surprise him.

20. Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Basket

The best gift baskets out there if you have a foodie boyfriend. Food is just the best apology gift you get for him if he doesn’t have any specific thing he likes or wants. This gift basket of cookies, crackers, chocolates, cheeses, sausages, tea, and many more. A whole range of some of the best food to eat.

If he enjoys eating these delicious treats, you can consider getting this gourmet gift basket. Food just has its way of moving people’s hearts, including your boyfriend’s. A gift basket choice on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend that you should not miss out on. You can include an apology card to complete this heart-warming set. Tell him how you feel to make him understand the situation. 

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21. Whiskey Making Kit

Whiskey Making Kit

The last DIY apology gift choice on this list of apology gifts for boyfriend. This whiskey making kit will allow you to make your own whiskey flavor. If he likes whiskey, you can consider getting this for him.

Showing your most sincere apology through your own blend of whiskey flavor would be an interesting and challenging way to apologize. Well, DIY could also stand for “drink it yourself.” This is why this kit will be perfect for a husband or boyfriend who enjoys exploring and trying unique whiskey flavors.

22. Apology Keychain

Apology Keychain

We have enough of the DIY apology gift and are going to a simpler gifts option to continue this apology gifts for boyfriend list. We will go with an apology keychain. It is a simple metal keychain with a written letter on it.

Unfortunately, you can’t personalize this and have your own apologies written. However, this keychain basically covers most of the things that you want to say to him. You can also have this keychain with chocolate or coffee to start a conversation to warm up an intense situation.

23. Act Of Kindness Book Coupon

Act Of Kindness Book Coupon

If you have a boyfriend or husband whose love language is an act of service, this will be a great way to apologize to him. You can give him this act of kindness with a book coupon. You can have it empty and allow him to fill it on his own.

As a way to make up for what you did wrong, you give him the freedom to ask you to do anything that he wants. You can also include snacks to start this “fun apology game” with him. Or simply to accompany a heart-warming conversation to solve your problem.

24. Please Forgive Me Journal

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If the problem is a little complicated and you have quite many things to explain, you can consider getting this Please Forgive Me journal. You can explain the things that you need and say sorry by writing them down in this journal.

It will be especially helpful if you are not really good at explaining with words. You write everything down with the hope that he will understand and forgive you after reading it. 

25. Apology T-Shirt

Apology T-Shirt

To end this list of apology gifts for boyfriend, we need to include this apology t-shirt. It is simple, straightforward, and practical. This is why it will not be burdensome for your boyfriend to receive it. It comes in many different colors and is made of good quality material that is comfortable to wear. 

Instead of giving your partner this tee out of the blue, we have a better idea! It will be best to wear it while grabbing drinks (could be liquor or any beverage he likes) and snacks, then you knock on his door. We are pretty sure he can’t help but smile, seeing how serious you want to ask for an apology from him.

Final Thought

Even though an apology doesn’t always have to include a gift, you can give apology gifts for your boyfriend as an alternative if your problems have dragged on. This gesture will melt the tense atmosphere and hopefully, your boyfriend can see the pure intention you show to make amends with him.

You can gift him his favorite food and drink, items related to his hobby, or simply items like a funny apology card if he’s a humorous person.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best gift to apologize?

The best apology gift will be something that is simple or something that the receiver really wants or likes. For example, from this list of apology gifts for boyfriend, you can go with a cute and funny apology card. It is super simple and straightforward. If you want something that shows a little effort, you can go with something like creating your own real viewer. Lastly, you can never go wrong by getting him his favorite snack gift basket

What can you do to show your boyfriend you are sorry?

First, you need to know clearly what you actually did wrong. Then, you need to ask for forgiveness sincerely. You will need to prepare yourself for having to do it several times. Also, it might be beneficial for you to check this list of apology gifts for boyfriend beforehand for some gift references to get for your boyfriend.

Don’t try to blame, threaten, or force him to forgive you. Despite being forgiven or not, it is important to be committed to changing to be a better person, especially regarding the problem. By then, your boyfriend could see that you actually mean what you say. 

How do you apologize to your boyfriend in a romantic way?

You can start by sending him a sweet I’m sorry text. Then, you can show up at his place and bring him his favorite food. Then, you can do many kinds of things for him. Keep doing it until your boyfriend decides to open up his heart and forgive you. 

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