25 Budget Sunroom Ideas To Build Cozy Shelter 

Sunrooms are a great way to extend the living space of your home. Sunrooms are designed to create a feeling of space, increase light and fresh air, and offer new cozy living spaces. Sunrooms can provide shelter from the elements while still allowing views through glass walls, curtains or other features. They are generally attached to people’s homes but can be free-standing structures as well. Many homeowners use the space as a dedicated outdoor living area during the warmer months and then convert it into a comfortably-heated room during colder ones. It is easy to create your own sunroom with budget sunroom ideas. 

Suppose you are planning to build your cozy sanctuary at a cheap price, you will definitely need budget sunroom ideas. These amazing ideas in the article below can help you get started if you’re looking for a budget friendly and innovative new room addition. From small and simple sunrooms to DIY and plastic sunrooms which will save your wallet, we are sure these ideas below will inspire you a lot.

DIY Budget Sunroom Ideas

DIY budget sunroom ideas are a great way to personalize and remodel your home without spending a lot of money. There are many things that can be done by yourself from simple changes in budget friendly sunroom furniture to big remodeling projects. If you want to add a sunroom to your home, consider the DIY budget sunroom ideas below.

1. Sunroom Porch With Swing Chair

Source: Pinterest (@jennakateathome.com)

Add an amazing room at your house where you can enjoy the backyard view comfortably. Decorate the sunroom porch into a garden feel for extra enjoyment. You can set a swing chair using a swing rope mounted on the ceiling to admire the outdoor view through the glass sunroom. Don’t forget to bring hanging indoor plants, giving you fresh air inside.

2. Classic Rustic Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@google.com)

Rustic themes are the best DIY sunroom ideas you should try. Since it brings nature and wood elements in the room, it goes well with the outdoor view. Simply use a greenery pillow case and bring some green plants for home decoration. In addition, you can also change the ceiling and floor into wood patterns in matching colors with the other budget friendly sunroom furniture.

3. DIY Sunroom with Dining Area

Since a sunroom offers the best natural view from inside, then why don’t you combine it with other purposes such as the dining area? This project will maximize the usage of sunroom with family and friends. You can put a small sofa with pillows attached to the wall, facing the window. Use the empty space in the middle for the dining area. Red rose decor will enhance the charm of this beautiful sunroom.

4. Bohemian Style Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@dishinwithdebs.wordpress.com)

If you love aesthetic sunrooms, then you should try bohemian style. Put the cream sofa and single bamboo chairs on each side of the room. Place some bohemian style pillows on the sofa to add more colors. Use the bamboo lamp cage to cover the light, giving a bohemian style in the ceiling. In addition, you may add some indoor plants for greenery accents.

5. Green Sunroom with Sliding Doors

Source: Pinterest (@designingcity.com)

Extend your home into an amazing indoor garden with this DIY sunroom idea. You should customize the glass sunroom to cover the patio area of your house. To save more space, consider a sunroom with sliding doors as well. Place some cheap but homey sunroom furniture such as sofa and coffee table inside.Don’t forget to place some greenery such as indoor palm trees in matching color with your sunroom frame. 

6. Modern Sunroom with Mini Bar

Source: Pinterest (@newatlas.com)

When it comes to creative and inexpensive sunrooms, you should consider this brilliant idea. Simply use the bright and airy room part in your house for the sunroom! This charming corner near the stairs will be a great space for DIY sunroom decoration as well. You should place some sunroom furniture such as chairs and a coffee table, along with LED ceiling light and indoor plants for greenery. To optimize the space, you can put a mini bar, enhancing the cozy vibe.

Simple Sunroom Ideas

Simple sunroom ideas are the easiest to implement and can help any home. Simple sunroom ideas can help you save energy, increase your home value, add an extension of your family area and more. All while providing an ultra-relaxing retreat where you can escape from the stressors of your daily lives.

7. All White Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@google.com)

Without too much color and decor, this simple white sunroom is relaxing to unwind while admiring nature views. The idea is to bring white elements for the whole room. You should paint the whole wall and ceiling in white. Make sure sunroom furniture such as sofa, pillows, and lamp shade also have similar white tones. Add a large indoor plant for a little bit of green inside.

8. Wooden Glass Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@ohua88.com)

The combination of wood and glass material brings a warm and homey feel in the sunroom. Make sure you have glass windows on each side of the room for a better outdoor view and natural light source. Use wooden pattern wallpaper to give wood accents in the whole room. For the sunroom furniture, you can use the wooden coffee table and wooden frame chairs with soft cushions to add extra comfort.

9. Greeny Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@stylemotivation.com)

Bring the greeny vibes inside your sunroom with this simple idea. This concept allows you to bring green hues for your sunroom furniture and decor. Pick some single sofa chairs in different green tones with a round coffee table at the center. Adorn each corner of the room with large green plants, adding more greenery inside. This idea will create a seamless feel between the sunroom and outdoor view.

10. Antique Style Sunroom with Working Area

Source: Pinterest (@lauriecarronarchitect.wordpress.c…)

In case you love cozy and antique style, then this idea is suitable for you. First, you should customize the whole sunroom doors and windows frame with wood, giving an old school feel. Use leather sofas and chairs to enhance the antique vibe for this simple but beautiful sunroom. You also can place a classic rug on the floor. Some greenery on each corner will complete this final result.

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11. Classic Black and Gray Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@designingidea.com)

When you are not sure about combining some colors for your sunroom, you can go with simple neutral tones such as black and gray. Decorate the wall with light gray wooden and brick pattern wallpaper to add more texture in this plain room. Moreover, put some simple sunroom furniture such as sofas, tables, and flower pot decor in black and gray theme.

12. Farmhouse Style Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@Ciara Siobhan)

A simple but cozy sunroom atmosphere, this idea will create your dream shelter. Turn the old porch into a plastic sunroom for extra comfort inside. Place a set of light gray sofa and table which will match in any floor and wall color. Bring some bright colors into the room with a yellow throw blanket, pillows, and flowers. You also can put a desk lamp next to the sofa.    

13. Angel Blessings Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@cotedetexas.blogspot.com)

Make a special shelter where you can feel relaxed and calm with this idea. Inspired by the beauty of angels, this idea will turn the whole room into white. Use white sofas and tables to give a clean and sleek feel. You can hang an angel figurine to make a statement that this is an ideal place for them. Put some green vines inside the basket for greenery decor. 

Small Sunroom Ideas

A small sunroom creates a space where you can just relax and unwind in a space. A small and inexpensive sunroom lets you enjoy the beauty of your backyard while still retaining its functionality as a home office or living room. In addition, small sunroom ideas below offer many benefits that could help you save money and even increase your property value.

14. Minimalist Small Sunroom

Source: Pinterest (@chatfieldcourt.com)

Minimalist style will be an ideal choice for a small sunroom. You should make sure  the whole area will get natural sunlight so you don’t need too many electric lamps. Simply put a cream three-seater sofa with a coffee table set inside the room. In addition, choose white and blue pillows for the sofa in matching tones with the flowers and vase for extra decor. 

15. Chic Yellow Small Sunroom

Chic Yellow Small Sunroom
Source: Pinterest (@gambrick.com)

In case you only live with your partner and need a special small sunroom, then you should consider this idea. This beautiful sunroom only has 2 adorable yellow single sofa chairs, making a private room for couples. Place a tribal rug and pillows for more texture in this room. The coffee tables and indoor plants will give a homey atmosphere. 

16. Oak White Sunroom

Oak White Sunroom
Source: Pinterest (@thebloominghydrangea.com)

For those who have limited space for a simple plastic sunroom, this wonderful idea may be suitable for you. Simply add bamboo chairs since its slim design won’t make this room feel cramped. Add chair cushions for extra comfort while sitting and admiring the backyard view. Don’t forget to put an indoor plant with steel legs to give green elements and save more space.

17. Homey Sunroom with Fireplace

Homey Sunroom with Fireplace

Combining the purpose of sunroom and family room, this idea gives a homey feel for the whole family. This idea allows you to turn a limited space into a functional public area for more people. Place some single sofa and chairs facing the window, so everyone can get the best outdoor view. Put the round table in the center of the room. Add a fireplace to bring warmth and comfort after dark.

18. Floral Sunroom with Fairy Lights

Floral Sunroom with Fairy Lights
Source: Pinterest (@itsybitsandpieces.com)

Turn your small sunroom into a charming sanctuary with this brilliant idea. You need 3 single sofa chairs with a round coffee table facing the outside view. Place colorful pillows in white, blue, and green on each of the sofa chairs. For ceiling decoration, use fairy lights and a globe bamboo cage with flower vines. You may also put some flowers in the vase to give more appeal.

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19. White and Light Gray Sunroom for Spacious Look

White and Light Gray Sunroom for Spacious Look

The best way to make your small sunroom look more spacious is by using bright neutral tones such as white and light gray. Put some light gray sofa attached to the wall and facing the window, making an extra space for people to enter and exit the room. Add some gray and white soft pillows on the sofas in matching colors with the wall paint of the room.

20. Traditional Style Sunroom

Traditional Style Sunroom
Source: Pinterest (@architectureartdesigns.com)

Perhaps you love vintage style, you can try to apply this idea in your small sunroom. Use earth tones for the sunroom furniture and decor to give a vintage and traditional feel. Place some light brown sofa chairs with pillows attached to the wall. You can place a traditional rug with some planters on the floor, making this room more lively. For an artistic wall decor, simply put an abstract painting on the wall.

21.  Simple and Homey Sunroom

 Simple and Homey Sunroom
Source: Pinterest (@apartmenttherapy.com)

If you like to spend your time in your sunroom while reading your favorite books everyday, then we believe that you want to do it inside this simple and super homey sunroom, right? This is an idea that won’t break your pocket but still give the satisfaction of having a comfy and homey sunroom at home. You just need to have simple furniture and decor items, which include a simple wooden sofa, two bamboo chairs, a small wooden table, and a simple striped rug. Simple and pretty, isn’t it?

22. Small Industrial Style Sunroom

Small Industrial Style Sunroom
Source: Pinterest (@backsplash.com)

If you have a limited space for a sunroom, don’t let it stop you from being creative in terms of finding the best design for the room. The best way to decorate a small sunroom is by choosing small furniture and decor items to make sure you don’t take up too much space that might block the sunlight from coming into the room. Small wooden chairs and tables will do the job. Another idea to design a small sunroom is also to custom-made your furniture, which will make sure you have enough space to move around. 

23. Minimalist Bohemian Sunroom

Minimalist Bohemian Sunroom
Source: Pinterest (@backsplash.com)

For those of you who have a super small sunroom, worry not, because we also have the best design idea for you. This one is specifically made for a super tiny sunroom, and it includes small foldable wooden furniture to make sure you have a comfy place to sit, and also to hang out with your family and friends inside the room. To make the room look attractive, add a boho style decoration on the ceiling with some light balls that will make you feel like staying a bit longer there. Super gorgeous!   

24. Earth-toned Sunroom

Earth-toned Sunroom
Source: Pinterest (@blog.mykukun.com)

This next sunroom design idea will make you feel like you are inside your grandma’s house. The earth-tone color will create a warm feeling, which will also make you enjoy your time inside the sunroom. Since you only need several items to decorate the room, we can assure you that you won’t need to dig your pocket too deep. Just prepare two brown chairs, a table, a desk lamp, and also a simple earth tone colored rug, and you are all set. After all, less stuff means more access for the sun to bring the shine in, right?

25. Cozy Sunroom with a Hammock

Cozy Sunroom with a Hammock
Source: Pinterest (@homestratosphere.com)

Relaxing inside the sunroom will be more enjoyable if you have a hammock plus some fluffy pillows that come with it. This idea is definitely one of the most recommended ideas for those who consider a sunroom as a place to relax their mind and soul everyday. They can spend their time on a hammock by reading their favorite books or by listening to their favorite music. Last but not least, they can do it all while enjoying the warmth of the sun. 

Latest Post:

Are sunrooms expensive?

It depends on the type of sunroom that you want. Without insulation, a typical three-season sunroom will cost between $15,000 and $40,000 according to bhg.com. For a four-season sunroom with plumbing, insulation, and HVAC, budget between $25,000 and $80,000, depending on your preferences and the sunroom furniture. For more inexpensive sunroom ideas, you can read in the article below.

How can I make my sunroom look nice?

Choose a specific theme or concept you want for the sunroom. For a contemporary sunroom, for instance, pick elegant furniture made of modern components like painted aluminum and blonde wood. Limit the color scheme to simple cream, gray, and black hues with a few discrete flashes of color.

What is the best flooring for sunroom?

Concrete is the best flooring material for a sunroom. Designers and decorators are increasingly choosing concrete flooring because it may be given an industrial-chic appearance. It’s not just a long-lasting and low-maintenance option for flooring, but also one of the cheapest ones. Concrete can help you save money on heating expenses in the winter since it absorbs heat.

How do you heat a sunroom in cold winter?

Installing a ceiling fan in your sunroom is the appropriate answer since it moves the warm air that convection has driven upward around the space. You can utilize the warm air that would otherwise collect above you by altering the thermostat’s settings. Additionally, you are ensured a comfortable temperature all year long if you complete insulation of the walls and ceiling.

How much value does a sunroom add to a home?

According to a value analysis for Homeguides, homeowners nationwide recover, on average, 47% of the cost of adding sunrooms to their houses. Having an average cost of roughly $73,000 and yielding a value of $34,000 upon resale.

Can you put carpet in sunroom?

Yes you can. If you want to give your sunroom a warm and inviting atmosphere, carpet is a terrific choice. For a sunroom that won’t get much use or that isn’t connected to a high-traffic area, like the living room or backyard, carpet is ideal.

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